Unshielded Prototype

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Unshielded Prototype stats
Description The very bleeding edge of nanite-based weapons tech, bringing shock and awe to new extremes! It's just a pity that that's because the shielding isn't near as cutting edge, so you'd best brace yourself when it charges. You.
Cred Cost 75000 Ingredients Mako Battery X 1
Salvage Common Mechanical X 30
Common Electronic X 30
Common Energy X 30
Crafting Skills Electronic of at least 30
Mechanical of at least 30
Energy of at least 30
Item Stats Charge of 750
Cooldown of 12000
Damage of 35
Damage Type of Positive
Energy of 35
Loadout of 30
Proficiency of Marksmanship
Secondary Damage of 10
Secondary Damage Type of Energy
Secondary Status of Vampiric/100/5/3
Secondary Target of Self NoAoE
Secondary Type of Betraying
Target of Single Enemy
Type of Damage
Upkeep of 10

Unshielded Prototype/Extra Notes Edit notes