Dark Elf Female

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Dark Elf Female

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: Rending Claws Height: ? ? :Mass
Tail: Erotic Dance Breasts: ? ? :Breast Size
Groin: Vitality Clits: ? ? :Clit Length
Head: Disarming Smile Cocks: ? ? :Cock Length
Legs: Feline Agility, Snap Kick Balls: ? ? :Ball Size
Skin: - Cunts: ? ? :Cunt Length
Torso: Lactaid Gender: Female SayVerb: ?
Flags: ? Supports: Supports Arm Divider Supports Chubby
Forms: ?
Description: The Dark Elf Female's

RA Salvatore is, if we have anything to say about it, spinning in his grave.
(Yes, the two have different powers. Deal with it.)


Woodfield - Fengrove Caves