Monotreme Activator

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It makes one lay eggs instead of live birth. Don't ask, don't tell.

  • It is possible to have up to 10 eggs at once. To do this, you will need to either be very patient, or abuse Husky Pills.
  • Every time a child is added to the stack, your pregnancy timer goes all the way up to the current maximum. Be careful while carrying those eggs!
  • Once the pregnancy ends, you will start popping out eggs, which are functionally identical to children. The same rules of production apply: You can have 1-3 eggs for each pregnancy, Litter Inducer and Talakai bonuses both apply.
  • By using a second activator when pregnant with eggs, you are told how many eggs you've got going, without using up the activator.
    • When using the +prove father command one egg will never show as the first egg is counted as egg 0. So for this command your eggs are numbered 0-9.