Fox Taur

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Fox Taur

Arms: Clever Paws
Tail: Quadrupedal Stance
Groin: Cock Slap
Head: Bleeding Bite
Legs: Tooth and Nail
Skin: Furry Hide
Torso: Solid Frame

More fox than your body has room for!


The Fox Taur is size 8 and fully male. His body is covered in a dense russet pelt that coats his entire body, drawing in all available light. His head is angular and vulpine, with a sleek muzzle that bears the two characteristic black streak marks near the tip. A wet black nose gathers scents now and again, and if black lips should part, a long tongue and sharp dagger-like teeth are revealed. Two black-furred triangular ears can be seen atop his head, twitching slightly and gathering sounds. His body is toned and fit, lean in musculature but definitely svelte. There's some strength there, a wiry sort of power that doesn't advertise itself openly. The red fur that otherwise covers his body gives way to a shocking white over his chest and belly, creating a striking contrast. His arms are long and elegant, with agile fingertips that are capped with tiny, blunted claws. His fur turns from russet to a deep onyx black from elbows to fingertips, creating the effect of 'gloves' of a sort. Where the upper body ends, the lower body of a feral fox begins. Your fluffy red-furred flanks and haunches are supported by a quartet of legs. They are long and elegant, with all four paws planted firmly on the ground. His forelegs are strong and sturdy, with paws meant for swiping and grasping. His hindlegs are sturdier than the fore, furred haunches leading down to digitigrade limbs meant for assisting in fleet, powerful strides, the four paws trod the ground where he walks. Behind him sways a luxuriant red tail, capped with a dash of white.