Multiplayer Updates/August 2012

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  • Craft bounties should no longer generate beyond 10,000,000 freecred. Or so large that the value underflows to become negative.
  • Quick battles on the web no longer show the play-by-play in the bottom.
  • Distillations now apply to the base item, rather than taking mods into effect.
  • Recipe: Scent Masker added to elite store for 5 mako.
  • People who are riding or being ridden (teehee) should no longer see all that join/depart spam.
  • Woofield's overworld map has been tweaked and adjusted.
  • The Nanite Carnal Equalizer now works on your ball count.
  • 'search web' command added. This lets you initiate a 'web quick battle' but without all the messy interface and such. You are notified of what kind of event happens and when it ends you will be told if you won or lost.


  • 'hero regen', 'hero recover', and 'hero resist' all now give a stronger effect.
    • Similarly, the heroic abilities in the web interface have been buffed:
      • Recover and Durability now give an hpbuffer.
      • Recover also gives 15% of your HP as an instant effect.
      • Accuracy gives a brief +attack status.
  • Expert Navigator coded.
  • You may now occasionally find caches of salvage while wandering around in dangerous areas.
  • You should now be able to simply walk past fights you aren't a part of.
  • Help files on body parts and sexual stats updated.


  • New status: Scout. Points of Scout make random fights less likely, but improve the effectiveness of the search command.
  • Putting more mods than what's shown on a bounty makes it ineligible for turnins.
  • There is now a two-second delay in someone arriving and it displaying on your client. This is to prevent you from seeing someone enter and then exit immediately. Hooray, less spam!
    • There is an option in 'editplayer' to turn off ALL arrive/depart spam.
  • 'rplog history' now shows the last 20 poses in a room.
  • 'pot' is now an alias for 'rploghistory'
  • 'rploghistory #' will show the last # poses (up to 20).
  • You can also reference any rplog command with +rplog/(subcommand).
  • Enemies with 'mook' and 'underling' ranks now deal less damage.


  • AI should no longer use powers that are on cooldown. The 'Always' setting is now more usable.
  • Monster templates (horny, diseased, etc) can now be more complicated.
    • Bully! This also means the 'bully' template has been implemented.
  • Times of day as used by string parsing are now more accurate.
  • There is now a 'quick buy' button to pick up one of an item in the web interface.


  • '+re #lock' and '+re #unlock' can now work from outside a room, meaning rented rooms are now entirely secure for chests, etc.
  • The AI page is now more clear about which powers you are deciding to use or not use.
  • Nuku softly churrls, "Made it possible for exits to have talk script. You may worry."


  • The 'latex' flag has been added for use on creatures.
  • Triage, Pounce and Expansiveness are not considered 'buffs' anymore, so they won't be used as pre-buffs in web combat. This is due a whole turn lost to their duration since the ATB starts at 0.
    • You can still use them at full duration by placing them as first power in the AI's commands, better with the renew condition.
  • When targeting something in-game, it will now have a > next to its name to keep you reminded.
  • Perks have now been sorted into combat, crafting, RP, and sexual categories. 'list perks #help' for information on how to list specific categories.
  • Coyote gained some powers and lost some powers. He's now your one-stop spot for Scent of Blood!
    • Oh, and he stocked his boss vial in the elite store. It's like he wants a lot of Coyotes out there for some reason. I'm sure it's nothing.


  • HPBuffers now protect against returned damage.
  • Two new census options: '+census recipe' and '+census modifier'.
  • Patrol events that yield more points now say how many points you gained.
  • New status added, (healing|critical|energy|physical)damagechange, will have a (magnitude)% chance to convert ALL a players damage type to the chosen type. Note: Healing, Lingering Kindness and Support synergize to reduce the chance by 20% per rank based on the lowest rank of those three (only affects turning heals into damage).
    • This means that if you have the 'healingdamagechance' debuff, there's a (magnitude) percent chance that you'll accidentally heal the enemy with that Sharpshooter.
    • Or if you're afflicted with criticaldamagechance, that Chock Milk could secretly be poisonous.
  • The layout for training on the web interface has been overhauled.
  • Boss Infection Vial: Mall Rat added to the elite store for 10 mako.


  • You now receive a notice in the MUD when you progress your web mission by fighting in the same area.
  • Singular merit coded. When in possession of this merit, all mutations tend to spread across your whole body, leaving you a single strain.
  • You can now turn off the auction channel on connect, just like the public channel. The option has been added to 'editplayer'.
  • The Connected perk no longer gives the 10% discount on stores that do not haggle (such as the token stores).
  • 'credspend' command added; it allows you to spend creds for RP reasons.
  • 'rplogview' command added to view your own RP log in progress in-game.
  • +xp now shows how many votes you've received this refresh.
  • +groin now reflects if you have an unusual amount of balls.
  • The 'level down' feature of All Natural players has been turned off. Items will no longer drop level 4 distills down to 3 (as the extra point is not useful for All Natural players) when you use them while under the effects of the merit.
  • Web combats now say how many turns they took.
  • Players with botmode on now always succeed on a search, and no longer fail if there are valid enemies for them to fight in their level range.
  • You can no longer turn off botmode in the middle of a fight.


  • Inventory code for viewing items has been updated to be a little prettier and easier to read.
  • Craft modifiers that add "Status Mag" now do so additionally, instead of multiplicatively. This means that if you use heavy (+30%), improved (+10%), and Overwhelming (+40%), the net result is now +80%, not +100.2%.


  • When a battle begins, you will automatically target one of the enemies. This should make you quit flailing like a Muppet quite as often.
  • Boss Infection Vial: Random added to the elite store for 5 mako.
  • Knife Fighter role added. Damage, Technical, and Bleeding.
  • The undelete (+gear/recover) command now only goes back 2 days, instead of 7. It was using too much space. :(


  • Those using group chat via the web interface may notice it looks a little nicer now.
  • Damage over time effects (such as Flamethrower) and health recovery (Lactaid, the regen from Nurse, and even the health regained through vampiric effects such as Drain Vitae) now generate aggro/hate.
  • Lots of other aggro tweaks:
  • The 'goto' command in talk scripting now supports string parsing.
  • Trying to use equipment that has no use function (such as almost all gear) will now try to equip it.
  • You should no longer see long decimals when dealing with health or energy regeneration, or with credits gained from dropping items.
  • Devour Whole finally has a description.
  • The mako battery cost to the Tail Divider has been removed, while the freecred cost changed to 20k (up from 10k).
  • Monotreme Canceller now for sale in the token shop for 5 tokens.
  • Reduced Fertility merit added.
  • Nanite Reliant recipe mod added to Jack's Hardware.
    • The mechanic can now be applied to just about everything, as well.
  • The balls of the world have united, and overthrown the two-testes testocracy!
    • Monsters can now have any number of testicles, which can be added or removed just like any other bits by infections.
    • There's now an option to specify balls in the monster editor.
    • More balls = higher impregnation chance.
  • Arm Divider added to mako store for 50 mako.
    • Right now, nothing supports it. Patience!
  • +retire once again requires you to use the command, come back in 24 hours, then use the command again to *really* delete a character.


  • Room exits optimized; they are now shown alphabetically and should cause less server load. Everyone wins!
  • Crafting bounties adjusted to take into account new prices.
  • When gaining a level, any spare charge is spent on patrol points before the free recharge. Less waste for everyone!
  • The High Precision Nanite Scope now binds to the user on use, so you cannot pass it around like a needle.
    • The 10% surcharge when it masters a form has been reinstated; it hadn't worked since the move away from Total badges.
  • Untraining innate powers should work more smoothly now.
  • Non-passive items were giving double the aggro they were meant to give. This has been fixed.
  • "Technical" status effect added. 10 mag = 1 point of the skill.
    • Oh, and both Technical and All Natural finally work on all items. Hooray!


  • The 'salvage' command now gives shorter output, with fewer lines of extraneous information taken from your sheet.
  • +xp now shows the properly level-scaled amounts of RP XP you have earned this period.
  • Web crafting was taken out back and tinkered with, and should now run faster.
  • The Talakai form now supports the Tail Divider.
  • Crafting now makes a number of internal conversions when figuring out salvage costs. The net effect is that discounts will now apply even if an item cost, say, 1 uncommon salvage.
    • Web crafting disabled for a little bit due to possible bugs with this update.
      • There we go. Web crafting re-enabled.
  • Liberty Leopard vial finally removed from token shop. She was getting a little too independent.


  • The 'test' command now also tells you how *many* items you are making with a specific recipe.
  • Powers that do not care about the local nanite levels (such as Small Claws) will now have a "N. Immune" note in their +rpinfo to reflect this.
  • System Fault coded and placed on Giant Robot.
    • Careful, this just made the robots a lot tougher.


  • Solid Frame and Conductive were buffed, as they were underbudget as compared to Skitter.
  • Damage from the Bleeding combat skill no longer gets double-benefit from damagebuff or attack statuses, but also no longer contends with any resistances.
  • Tactician and Opportunity combat skills now apply to Bleeding damage.
  • Cooldowns on the Blood Extractor, Liquid Courage, and Vuvuzela have all been increased from 12,000 to 16,000.
  • The mako pools on the web site now show completed projects.
  • The active effects from modifiers can now be stacked, as long as different items are being used. Passives are still limited to just one.
  • The elite requisitions store prices are no longer affected by skills.


  • The Mastermind combat skill has been toned down to 40/80/120%, down from 120/140/160%
  • Mechanical Drone damage significantly reduced.
  • Pack Leader pets should automatically have the massive energy boost of Pack Leadership on summon.
  • Crafted pets (drones and other non-child/roopets)now get a synergistic bonus from the lowest of your Technical or Mastermind skills, to the tune of 1.5/3/5 points of Attack.
  • Slight change to the list perks command, 'list perks all #' will show all perks under # cost, whether or not you can afford them, if you want just those you can afford, 'list perks #' will show all under # cost that you can afford.
  • Handing in an item bounty via the web now gives you a notice.
  • If you possess the Terminal Download mako item, +haz will now tell you if you've mastered the forms in the area.
  • Extraneous 'Retirement JP' and 'Registered Characters' stats removed from +register.


  • You can now change the target of the pregnancy quest in Zephyr's basement, at the cost of only getting half the timeframe to use the elite requisition shop.
  • You can now hand in crafting bounties via the web.
  • The RP logging feature now gracefully fails if you try to handle more than 24 hours at a time.


  • Anglers beware: You might just catch a Feesh!
  • AI will stop trying to use items you do not have the energy to activate.
  • New zap command, zapsize, it unlocks for judges at judge level 4.


  • The 'droprange' command now gives a little more feedback and requires a little more thought before it destroys everything you feed it.
  • From now on, any dropped items can be recovered with +gear/recover. It will cost you twice what you got for dropping the item/stack to recover them. They will be purged after 7 days if you have more than 20 stacks of dropped items.
  • +group/temp command removed, integrated into option 10 in 'g #control'.
  • +mako/jobnuke is no longer free; it wasn't intended to be left free for quite so long.
  • Nuku carols, "MAJOR UPDATE: Distill system redesigned. The distill shop on the page is now the primary source of distills. Your maximum in distill creation can now be raised by dropping items with distill points(The XP you were earning before). Distillation creators are also dropped, but are not destroyed in the process, simply milked for their distill points and returned to your inventory, unharmed and ready for action. Distillation Creators no longer cost anything to use."
    • The Nanite Condensed distill is now 200k DP.
    • Maximum DP raised on expensive-to-upgrade items.
    • Having a Distillation Creator gives you a 10% discount when making distills.
    • You must have at least some DP when making distills.
    • You may buy DP directly from the distill shop if you are running short.
  • Nanite Sponges have been removed from the mako store for being silly.
  • +pj #loot should stop having wildly overinflated salvage numbers.


  • Minions, mooks, and underlings (such as Kangaroo pets or children) no longer suffer energy penalties.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "New THING! Temporary group upgrades. +group/temp to add/remove them. They have a lingering cost per hour to keep them active (both xp and creds) but let you go beyond the existing 50 level limit."
  • The Tanuki message that you gained energy from a failed sexual shift no longer appears when you are not in combat (say, when you are web-grinding).
  • Faction modifiers, namely Potent/Directed/Temporal and Amplifying/Cool/Protective have been put into two sets of slots, (the first three are in the 'Faction Specialty' modifier slot, and the latter three are in 'Faction Status').
    • This shouldn't affect anybody directly, since a player can't have access to more than one of crafting alliance's recipes at a time.
  • Mention of 'specialized xp' removed from +pj rewards given out by judges.


  • The color of <OOC> messages has been changed to stand out a little more.
  • All Natural now applies its bonus to loadout-modifying distills.
  • Web salvage missions no longer have the random room descriptions in their battles.
  • Web salvage missions now let you know how long before you can take another after completing the one you're on.
  • Panoply now has a proper +rpinfo.
  • You can now occasionally find salvage in web battles, much like the freecred events.
    • There are badges for finding these!
  • You can also now occasionally find more patrol points in web patrols! Find time to find time while you're out there.
  • Rooms with NPC stores in them now advertise this in their descriptions.
  • The built-in RP logger function gives cleaner output now.
  • Collector items are now +50 to their designated salvage type, and -25% to others.


  • [year], [month], [day], [hour], and [minute] added to string parsing.
    • [area] also added; returns the name of the area you are in.
  • Minimum flee chance raised, to aid in cowardice.
  • New group commands added. +group/invite +group/join +group/cancel and +group/list
  • Slots can now be applied to modifiers, preventing you from using multiple similar modifiers to items


  • Web patrols may find a reasonably large pile of credits instead of a battle.
  • The powers from the Reconstructor now maintain their upgrades when you lose and regain the abilities for any reason.
  • New badges added to the RP lotto.
  • Template:Charpage created to facilitate creating character pages. See Example Character for an example.


  • Recipes for the (non-electrified) Chainsaw and Portable Flamethrower have been added to Jack's Hardware.
  • The rate at which items gain distill XP has again been increased.
  • Monster templates tweaked to take effect more reliably, and a new template (Diseased) added to the mix.
  • When attempting to use the 'auto upgrade' option, you will now be told how short you are on materials/creds, rather than just told you are too broke.


  • Monsters can now be 'horny' as well as starving. Please keep all jokes to yourself, this is a serious MUD.
  • Fenrir Sensory Training is now functional.
  • Nuku carols, "New COMPLETELY SECRET item coded."
    • No, I don't know, either.
  • Web-based Crafting is now more accurate, and should only show actually relevant mods.
    • Oh, and it now supports up to 8 mods. Good luck finding 8 mods you can combine at once, but hey.


  • Judges can now see your naughty bits, no matter how well you hide them.
  • New mob type: Starving. Someone let us know what it does, yeah?
  • Damaged softly churrs, "New judge reward option added, +pj #buff. Awards 4 buffs (accuracy, damagebuff, defense and energybreak) that scale with the judge's judge level."
    • The duration on the +pj #buff buffs is normally 100 rounds but is doubled for judges rank 8+
  • Player judges of level 6 or higher can now use +pj #env <nanite|water|heat|cold>=<number> change up the environment in a room.
  • Mobs now give more or less salvage, depending on their relative level to you.
  • The terminal now gives the relative ranks of critters in an area.
  • Bad Nanites can now be purchased in the parking lot of the Church of Promethea. They'll fuck you up so hard, you'll turn feral.
  • String parsing now supports [if level of [player]]. It uses the mentored level in the calculation.
  • Daily cred energy is going to try and stabilize a bit, resetting closer to midnight.


  • The various salvage boosting gear (such as the Cooler) now raise their own type of salvage by 100%, while lowering all others by 30%. This should make them considerably more effective.
  • Items can only be renamed to things that are actual words. No color coding or silly extended ASCII nonsense.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "New power target type coded, Dispersing. Works like spread, but backwards. at 1 target it does 0 and the more targets hit (max 8, +1 with controlled burst 2+) the more it does!"
  • XP from enemies higher than your level increased. The benefit is +20% XP (capping at +50%) per level above you. Go do something recklesss!
  • Craft bounties got a little larger again, in their never-ending quest to be bounteous.
  • Web battles now stream, instead of running combat data in batches. Should be faster and more reliable now.


  • Someone found the HTML wax. Web combats should move faster and more reliably now.


  • Ferals can now be outfitted with their own sets of powers, skills, whatever. This may or may not become a thing, but it's a bit more flexibility than they had before.
  • Sports has been doubled in effectiveness. It now raises out of combat HP/EN regeneration by 10/20/40%, up from 5/10/20%.