Mechanical Drone

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Mechanical Drone stats
Description Oh now this is complicated. Why trust biology when you can make a battle companion with your own bare hands, talons, or what have you?
Cred Cost 10000 Ingredients None
Salvage Common Mechanical X 2
Common Electronic X 2
Common Energy X 2
Uncommon Electronic X 1
Crafting Skills Mechanical of at least 15
Energy of at least 10
Electronic of at least 30
Item Stats Charge of 2000
Cooldown of 50000
Damage of 0
Damage Type of Healing
Energy of 20
Loadout of 20
100% chance of SummonMechanicalDrone at magnitude Minion for 50 rounds.
Target of Self
Type of Summon
Upgrade Cost of 40
Upkeep of 10
Concepted 'Generic' Design by Glein

Powers and upgrades as of their July 6th redesign:

Combat Skills:


Rest has been upgraded with Energy -8 Edit notes