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Consume stats
Type AoE DoT Target Medium Enemy AoE
Description Bring upon those who would dare wrong you a torment unending! Wreck their feeble minds. Cause even their best efforts to do little but help restore you!
Cooldown 6500 Charge time 800
Energy 25 Accuracy 75%
Damage 5 Psychic at level 0
100% chance of PsychicDamage at magnitude 8 for 3 rounds.
100% chance of AttackDebuff at magnitude 1.5 for 3 rounds.
Training Upgrades
Secondary Effects
Secondary Damage 10 Healing at level 0
Secondary Type Healing, Buff, Triggered Effect Secondary Target Self, NoAoE
Secondary Statuses
100% chance of ConsumedFeelings

Consume/Extra Notes Edit notes

Mutant powers Based on this power: