Portable Flamethrower

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Portable Flamethrower stats
Description What's better than covering your enemies in a thick, viscous goo? Covering them in thick, viscous goo that's also on fire, of course!
Cred Cost 35000 Ingredients Nanite Power Brick X 1
Salvage Common Electronic X 5
Common Mechanical X 5
Common Energy X 5
Crafting Skills Energy of at least 20
Item Stats Accuracy of 120%
Charge of 600
Cooldown of 6000
Damage of 5
Damage Type of Heat
Energy of 22
Loadout of 30
Penetration of 4
100% chance of HeatDamage at magnitude 7.5 for 5 rounds.
Status Mag of +20%
Target of Minor AoE Enemy
Type of DoT
Upkeep of 10

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