Demonology 101

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Demonology 101

Quest Giver: Nermine
Starting Location: Smith Haven Mall Sewers
Event Area: Mysterious Shop
Requirements: Demon Tooth, Demon Seed x3
Creator: Stripes

Flag Restrictions

Flags: Guy, Girl, Hermaphrodite

How to Train Your Demon Brute

Acquiring a Demon

  1. The player will need a Demon Tooth dropped by Demon Brutes found in the sewers of the Smith Haven Mall.
  2. Talking with Nermine in the Mysterious Shop will reveal that three Demon Seeds will be needed for the ritual.
  3. Once Nermine has all the items, the player is given the option to proceed or call it off. Declining cancels the quest. It cannot be resumed.
  4. The player must provide their blood to call the demon then must fight and defeat the Demon Brute. Losing results in a Game Over.

The Demon Brute will be trapped in the tooth, allowing the player to summon Brutus as a Pet

Cleansing the Demon

North of the Beach Plaza, the player may enter a church. If the player enters the confessional while Brutus is an active pet, they may ask about cleansing him of his demonic nature. The priestess will agree to perform the ritual if the player supplies her with 8 Water Bottles to replace the holy water that would be used. Cleansing Brutus makes him a much more amicable fellow and also allows for the possibility of having sex with defeated Demon Brutes.

Changing your Demon's Equipment

  1. Talk to Lilith in the Burned-Out Chapel found in the Red Light District.
  2. Lilith can change Brutus into a hermaphrodite, but Succubus Breast Milk is needed.
  3. There's only one source of Succubus Breast Milk: A pregnant Succubus. Have sex with Lilith.
  4. After a day or two passes, Lilith's breasts will either be heavily pregnant or have recently given birth, allowing the player to acquire the milk needed for the ritual.
  5. The player may choose to perform the ritual again while Lilith is still leaking to turn Brutus into a fully female Demon. This can also be done later, but the player will need to have another child with Lilith.