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This guide is very old.

You may want to check the 2017 Newbie guide instead!


Hello there, and welcome to the world of Flexible Survival! If you’ve clicked on this page, you’re probably in search of an answer to a burning question, or perhaps you’re interested in this strange game. It’s even possible that you’re a veteran player who needs a bit of help understanding a certain topic! This guide will cover many topics in large amounts of details to help serve all those who may set their eyes upon this page. If it ever so happens that you’re still left confused even after reading this guide, please ask one of our players or perhaps suggest an edit to the guide itself! We pride ourselves in our friendly environment and staffers.

The World of Flexible Survival

For those new to this MUCK, you may have a few questions as to just what Flexible Survival (FS) is. Imagine the world after a devastating incident, millions dead with some, arguably, left with a fate worse than death itself. New nanite technology, developed by the RSX and Zephyr corporations, was released into the area of Fairhaven, California (along with other locations) unexpectedly, wreaking havoc and causing chaos on a massive scale. Once infected by these nanomachines, such as by swapping of bodily fluids, people began to change into strange creatures! Some were lost to the infection, becoming nothing more than slaves to their new animal instincts. However, perhaps you were a lucky one that managed to keep their mind in-tact! We fight on and try to repair our broken world as best we can, overcoming tremendous adversities and maybe a little sex on the side… This world is very much an adult one and satisfies a near limitless number of those burning fetishes in your mind, maybe even a few you didn’t know you had.

What can you do in FS?

The MUCK has three major gameplay elements, which include:

  • Roleplay
  • Combat
  • Crafting

A good amount of people on FS find that roleplaying is their primary draw to this MUCK. There are many opportunities for one to explore many subjects that range from casual social conversations, kinky sex, and perhaps an action adventure! No matter what sort of roleplayer you are, there’s sure to be someone to meet your needs. Combat is based on an Active Turn Based system that allows for deep customization and role building to satisfy those stat optimizers out there. You’ll collect money, experience, and new forms on your adventures, along with materials for the crafting system. Make cool, customized weapons, items, and armor that can even be used in RP! Want to make a sawn-off shotgun? Sure! A bat with a bunch of spikes on it? Why not?

Joining the game

Those familiar with MUDs and games like it most likely have a client of choice, but perhaps you’re new to the world of text-based games. This section will help those of all types jump right into our world.

The link above shall direct you to our lovely web interface. From here, you can create an account and a character and many other actions such as chatting, doing missions, shopping, inventory management, and much more! It’s always nice to keep it open in a tab, as some players find certain tasks to be easier on the website than on the client. The website also contains an embedded client, but it’s HIGHLY suggested to download a client of your own, as the webclient is prone to crashing and contains a bunch of annoying ‘features’.

  • Check out [Mudlet] for a full featured client with (nearly) infinite extensibility.

Character Creation

There are two main methods that allow one to make a character. One is the web interface, and other being character generation on a client (AKA Direct connect). Both methods should be rather simple to follow, some arguing that the web interface being the easiest, but the choices involved may stump a few players! If the instructions on client character generation are causing you some trouble, don’t hesitate to use the newbie channel to reach out for help. This can be done by typing something like “newbie I could use some help in character generation,” and someone should help you shortly.

Perks and Flaws

See the category for further details.

Perks are nifty little things that may affect your character in all sorts of ways. These can change how your character reacts to infections (and even prevent it entirely), how your sexual organs grow (or do not), and many other cool things. During character generation, you are given twenty free points to play with. After that task, you’ll have even more points, but they will have an XP cost attached to them. If there’s a perk you found that didn’t live up to your expectations, you’re allowed to nuke two perks for free with the +mako/perknuke command. +jnote will show you a list of your perks to use in conjunction with the nuke command.

To buy a perk, there are two methods available. One is by using the web interface, clicking the character tab, and then perks. This is probably the most convenient method for purchasing perks, as all the descriptions pop-up as well. On a client, you may type 'list perks' to display all the perks available to you ('list perks all' shows all perks in the game). If you wish to know more about a perk, use the '+rpinfo perknamehere' command. Once you've found a perk you wish to acquire, type 'buy perk namehere'.

There are a few perks that will cost you zero points and are only available upon character generation. Virgin, Born Male, and Born Female fills this category. Once you start playing, you may find that all three are quite subject to change.

Many perks change how your character may become infected, if at all. Without choosing any of these perks, you will be subject to random mutations in battle. Some prefer this, while others would not. Advanced Inoculation is a popular choice, as it prevents mutations from happening in battles. This makes it a bit more difficult to collect mutant powers, as you’ll need to carry a heavy nanite collector in order to collect vials and mutate yourself. Ultimate Infection Resistance will prevent mutations of ANY TYPE, making gathering mutant powers quite impossible. On the other hand, weak immune system provides the opposite effect. New players are suggested to stick with Advanced Inoculation or nothing at all.

Some perks are simply there for roleplaying purposes. For example, Udder Delight will give those with breasts udders instead! Perfect for those who are fond of bovines. Longevity is a perfect example of a pure roleplaying perk that has no mechanical effects. Breeding is a very popular activity in FS, so perhaps something like Matriarch to reduce the pregnancy time could capture your interest. Oviposition lovers should head straight for the Lay Master perk! Prepackaged skips the boring process of being a simple human. If you select this perk, you’ll have a command unlocked just for you. Type ‘prepackage’ once you’re in the game and a list of forms to choose from will pop-up on your screen. Have fun!

There are some very handy perks most people will find quite useful. Always Be Prepared is a wonderful perk that increases your loadout by twenty. Those even slightly interested in combat can find a use for this perk, as it allows you to carry more items into battle. Flight is another useful perk that lets you depart to the overworld anytime you want without having to worry about finding a departure point, which may get you out of trouble quickly.

Flaws can heavily change the way your character plays, so it’s important to read their descriptions carefully! All Natural is a tough flaw to use for those unfamiliar with the game and its concepts, as you must sacrifice your ability to gather mutant powers and rely entirely on crafted equipment. Feral Mode simplifies the combat by selecting roles for you, but your ability to use equipment is SEVERELY hindered. Please be careful when selecting flaws.


There are currently three factions to choose from: Zephyr,RSX, and the Prometheans. Each has their own philosophy and way to go about things. Zephyr is a typical giant corporation focused on profit and scientific advancement and is partially responsible for the development of the nanites. Up next are the more government focused RSX, focused upon curing the problem and rebuilding our currently broken world. Prometheans find the nanite apocalypse to be a rebirth of the world in a way and wish for people to find peace in their mutations while also helping with the rebuilding efforts. Choosing one or the other will not restrict you, but roleplaying your character according to your faction is certainly welcome! This choice simply decides where you start off in this world.

First Steps

Now that you’re out of character generation, you’re ready to enter our world! If you decided to use the web interface to create your character, it’s time to boot up your client and connect. When you’re first dropped in, you’ll find yourself in a triage area of the faction you chose. Here is a great list of commands for those new to text based games. For now, here are some basics.

  • Directions: n, s, e, w, up, and down.
  • look <object or person>
  • talk <npc>

These commands should get you started, but please review the guide above to become familiar with the game’s basic commands! In your faction starting area, there should be an NPC nearby that will give you a basic tutorial for equipping gear along with giving you basic starting items. If would be of your best interest to listen closely! Once you receive these items, type +gear to pull up your inventory. Find the number of the item you wish to equip and then type +acc #. Easy as pie.

The layout for your starting building may seem a bit daunting at first. The ‘map’ command shall show you a basic map of your surroundings to help out a bit. The lovely auto-mapper shall provide a lovely map of various buildings (including the faction buildings). If you started in RSX or Zephyr, you’ve spawned in the triage. After taking the tutorials and starting gear, proceed north and then up to find yourself in the lobby. Zephyr lobby is generally quite active during the day. If you started at RSX, the lobby will have an NPC you may speak with to fly over to Fairhaven (Where both the Zephyr and Promethean factions are). The lobby for these factions also serves as a depart point, which means you may use the ‘depart’ command to access the overworld. You may move around like you would on foot, but it serves as a quick mode of transportation from place to place and doesn’t hold any danger of being attacked.

Now that you have a handle on the controls, check out our fantastic helpfiles. Type “help” and a large list of files should pop-up on your screen. Say you want to access the basic commands file. Simply type “help basic commands” and it’ll come up.


Now, you’ve probably seen various people talking on random channels, filling your screen with loads of text. That’s quite normal, as our player base loves chatting to each other. Why not introduce yourself? Here’s a basic rundown of chatting and the channels.

  • OOC (Out of character)- This chat is local to the room you’re in. Use it to speak to others in the same room if you’re just chatting rather than roleplaying, as it’s an Out of Character action. To use this channel, type “ooc Hello there!” If you want to use an emote, try typing “ooc :waves to everyone,” which shall show up as “<OOC> Yourname waves to everyone.”
  • Public- The most populated global channel. Always great for a lovely chat. Works the same as OOC, but use “public Hello there!” to speak in the public channel. The golden letters next to most people’s names are their titles, which shall be explained later. Emotes also work in public chat.
  • Newbie- Please, USE THIS CHANNEL! It’s a wonderful way to get your burning questions answered. Works the same as public, but use “newbie Hello, I have a question.” Our players should hopefully respond to your question rather quickly.
  • Page- Page is a way to communicate with players privately, much like a tell in other multiplayer games. To page someone, type “page nameofplayer=Hello there!” To page multiple people at once, try “page player1 player2=Hey there, guys!” Emotes also work like in any other channel.

What now?

Now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to actually start playing this crazy furry sex MUCK! The main two things available to you are combat and roleplaying. Combat, which shall be explained within this guide, allows you to acquire forms, money, experience, powers, salvage, and various other things that may be of interest of you. Perhaps the combat system simply doesn’t interest you, and that’s perfectly fine! If you’re curious about roleplaying in FS, check out the appropriate section in this guide.


Those transferring over from the single player will notice quite a large difference in the combat systems in the multiplayer version. The single player game used turn-based combat based on D20 modifiers, where this one uses a ATB (Active Time Battle) system. While active implies you’ll be racing against the clock, it’s still quite turn based, but with a different style. There are a certain number of ticks per round in combat. If you’re fast enough, you’ll end up able to attack more than once in a round! But for now, let’s focus on the basics before worrying about stuff like that.

Combat Basics

Before we start off, be sure you’ve equipped your starter items found from the NPC at your starting point! If you don’t remember, type +gear, and then +acc the corresponding numbers. Now that you’re ready, it’s time to patrol the streets. If you started in RSX or Zephyr, venture over to the lobby and head outside. For Prometheans, it’s suggested you head to the crossroads, depart, and head over to the Zephyr building, as it’s quite dangerous to venture out in one particular block of New Dawn. If you have trouble finding this, please refer to the auto-mapper if you ever need help finding your way. By typing ‘terminal’ (At the cost of 5% of your mako battery which shall recharge over time) or going to a terminal location (upstairs Zephyr for example) and typing ‘look terminal’ will show you a list of areas available for your level and what monsters lay in wait. If you keep walking back and forth on the streets, eventually you’ll get ambushed! This is where the fun truly begins. Here are some basic commands and hints.

  • To attack something, try typing something like ‘use ABILITY on 1’ or ‘use ABILITY on MONSTER’
  • To use something on yourself, try typing ‘use ABILITY on me’. This is great for healing abilities and such.
  • Rest will help you regain some of your energy and health. If you don’t have enough energy for an attack, you simply can’t do it.
  • When one ability goes on cooldown, attack with another! Consider hitting hard with the slow weapons and then striking with the fast ones.
  • If you think the battle is impossible, you have two choices. You may either ‘flee’ or ‘submit’. Fleeing is a gamble and may not work every time, but it could save you from defeat. Submit is giving up and a defeat message shall play. The chance of mutation shall be quite high without a mutation prevention perk.

As the battle progresses, you’ll no doubt get hit a few times. Unless you took a perk that prevents battle infections (Like Advanced Inoculation), you stand a chance at getting mutated each time you’re hit in a random area upon your body (Arms, ass, groin, head, legs, skin, torso). When this happens, you might also land yourself a cool new mutant power to play with! If a blue gryphon ends up infecting your torso, you’ll get the lovely Lactaid mutant power, which is fantastic for healing yourself and is HIGHLY suggested to take for characters planning on having breasts (Those with male genitalia should perhaps aim for the Deep Healing power from raccoon guys also found around the city). Every character should have at least one way to heal themselves at all times, even during party play.

You may be asking, “How do I keep these powers if I keep mutating?” Simple! There is a way to ‘master’ these powers, allowing you to keep using it forever despite changing forms. Quite handy, and you’ll be doing it a lot. How to do so shall be explained later in this guide.

If you’ve won the battle, you might get a victory message depending upon the mutation of your groin. Enjoy it! You earned it after all. Keep in mind that if you have female parts and end up having intercourse with a male during these scenes, pregnancy could result. If you lost, you’ll end up in your faction’s triage with no health or energy after typing 'respawn'. For a hero point, you may revive on the spot with the 'hero revive' command. Win or lose, you’ll regain your lost health and energy by simply standing around anywhere. You can also use your moves outside of combat, such as healing powers and rest. If you won, you’ll also notice you’ve gained some XP and freecred. Both will help you upon your journey of becoming more powerful.

Mutant Powers and Leveling

Click here for a handy level cost guide and see what nifty abilities you’ll be getting. Each victory shall gain you XP and freecred, both quite useful for leveling, mastering powers, making gear, and various other things. Through your many battles, eventually you may see a message claiming you have enough XP to level up! What does leveling up give you?

  • Increased HP and energy regeneration.
  • Item and power scaling (The higher your level, the more powerful your powers and items are)
  • Every couple of levels or so (See this guide), you’ll receive another slot to master a new mutant power, an epic power slot, or a role slot.
  • Ability to master higher level mutations.

Leveling up gives great benefits, but before you do that, make sure you master all the mutant powers you possibly can! By mastering powers, you’ll keep them no matter which mutation you currently have. Not only this, but you can apply upgrades to these powers. Here’s how you level up yourself and your powers:

  • Head to a training area. Two of the most popular ones are the RSX and Zephyr lobby.
  • Type ‘train’
  • Many options will pop-up. Be sure to master you mutant powers and upgrade them BEFORE leveling up.

If you chose to become an All Natural, you’ll find the mastering of mutant powers to be impossible. Feral mode players may master their powers, but the actual upgrades themselves will be selected at random.


At level eight, you earn your very first active role slot. Combat roles change the way your character plays by giving them a ‘role’ with various buffs and other combat changing effects. The damage role for example simply makes you do more damage (along with other things). Each role is a set of three different skills. If you select a second role that has overlapping skills, the duplicate skills shall increase by one point to a maximum of three. By planning these out, you’ll be able to customize a build of your very own. To access roles and equip them, first type ‘help roles’. This page will bring up all the available commands for roles. When looking at and selecting roles, it’s suggested to use the web interface by going to the character tab and selecting roles.

Creating a build is the primary purpose of these roles. Let’s pretend you wish to be a tank. Having high durability should certainly be on the top of your list! Selecting roles can be quite complicated, so it’s suggested to sit down and plan them out before picking at random. The builds wiki page should help those in need of inspiration for various builds.

Difficulty settings, partying, and dailies

On the second floor of either Zephyr or RSX are two people you can talk to in order to adjust your difficulty settings. One increases the amount of monsters that may appear during battle while the other will increase the strength of the monsters. These can be more easily set using the buttons on the right side of the web interface. The higher you put these settings, the more XP and money you will get! As you can imagine, putting these settings up too high can make things quite difficult.

Your chances at surviving these battles shall increase if you party with other players. To find a party or organize one, use the wonderful LFG channel! Here are some important party commands:

  • LFG- This is the official Looking For Group channel used to organize combat parties.
  • pinvite PLAYER – Used to invite another player to your party. Can be done anywhere. If someone is not in the same room as you, they’ll teleport to your location and join the party.
  • pjoin PLAYER – Used to join another player’s party.
  • plist – View all open parties.
  • partymentor # - Sets the entire party to a desired level. Initially, every player is set to two levels under the highest level party member’s level (unless you are the same or one less). If your level has been altered, you’ll receive less experience. Setting the partymentor to YOUR level will make sure you receive full XP. This command is also useful for venturing in lower level areas. For solo play, use the ‘mentor’ command.
  • auto on – This turns on automatic combat. This is almost always essential for party play. Unless told otherwise, please have your auto combat on.

Another great thing to do with parties is to pick up a daily quest. These can be found on the second level of either Zephyr or RSX in the eastern room. Type ‘daily’ and you’ll obtain an area to clear out. Typing ‘daily restart’ will pick another location that’s available to your level. Simply go to that area and then start killing things! The higher you put your difficulty settings, the more reward tokens you will get. To get the best rewards, partying is certainly helpful. You’ll also get a salvage roll for helping another player with their daily.


Those who aren’t feral will find going beyond level thirty a bit difficult without a boss vial. You need to drink a boss vial within five levels (up or down) of yourself in order to progress in level. There are two ways to do this: Buy it from another player/shop or fight a Prime Specimen. Fighting a prime will yield a boss vial, lots of experience, a badge, and possibly a reward token! These fights are quite dangerous, so you may wish to gather a party on the LFG channel. Everyone in the party also gets a boss vial.

  • You’ll need twelve regular vials of an infection (Less if you have points in Legends profession).
    • To gather infection vials, you need a nanite collector of some sort. By having the advanced inoculation perk, you’re granted a bonus to your nanite collection which allows you to collect infection vials with a Basic Nanite Collector. For everyone else, you’ll have to have a more powerful one. The Improved Nanite Collector recipe may be used on a basic nanite collector or a powerful one may be bought for mako in the elite store. You must equip a nanite collector for it to function.
    • When collecting vials, you will probably collect vials of the same infection but different level. This will cause multiple different stacks. To remedy this, you can use the nanite sorter found on the second floor of either RSX or Zephyr and going north.
  • Buy a PSP (Prime Specimen Primer) from the Reward Token shop for four tokens.
  • Visit the area where you farmed the vials and use the PSP. It will eat your vials you selected and then cost a bit of freecred. There is likely a PSAS (Prime Specimen Attracting Station) in the area that should allow you to summon a prime. If not, consider a different area. Type +haz to check if a PSAS is in the area.
    • Before you use the PSP and starting the battle, be sure to set the partymentor to two levels above the maximum for the area. To find this information, type +haz. For example, if an area is 25-30, type ‘partymentor 32’.
  • The prime will spawn shortly after. Prepare for battle! I hope you brought a party.

Crafting and Gear

For more detailed information, please visit the Gear and Crafting guides. Note that item levels are no longer relevant and XP isn’t required for crafting. Distills have also been removed from the game. Crafting allows you to cook up all sorts of interesting items and weapons. The best part is that they can be almost anything you want by simply renaming it! For example, say you created a light melee weapon. You could change the name to ‘Crowbar’ and it will be a crowbar, useable in both combat and roleplay. To craft, you’ll need a few things:

  • Freecred
  • Salvage
    • Can be obtained a few ways. Beating up a mutant gives a chance of yielding salvage. Roleplaying near a salvage source will also yield salvage. Salvage may be bought on the salvage exchange or directly from other players as well.
  • Crafting skill
    • After reaching level ten, you may train up your crafting skills for XP and freecred up to level sixty. This may be done from a training area or the web interface.
  • Builder nanites
    • Every battle has a chance at yielding builder nanites. This can be improved in both rate and volume by getting a better nanite collector.
  • Recipe
    • Allows you to make all new things! These can be obtained from stores, quests, drops from bosses, or other players. Modifiers can be added to make the item function in different ways.

In order to craft, you may either use the web interface or visit a crafting station found at the northern room of the second level of either Zephyr or RSX. It’s highly suggested to use the wonderful web interface to do your crafting as it can be done anywhere and much more easily! To view the various commands used with crafting, please view the Crafting guide and type ‘help crafting’. On the web interface is also a test crafting option, which allows you to play with every recipe and modification in the game. After you’ve gotten a few recipes, modifications, and materials, try crafting something that interests you. A heavy weapon for example, you could add the heavy mod. It will increases the costs a bit and the loadout and upkeep values of the weapon.

Most pieces of equipment have both a loadout and upkeep value. These may be increased with mods (which usually make the item more powerful) or decreased. Your loadout can be increased by various items like the Nano Space Enfolder, some dedications, and perks while resources are increased for XP in a training area. Resources are also known as upkeep. Each time you train this, you get one point of upkeep/resources. If you equip enough items and go over your resources, you'll find some of your equipment won't function properly. It’s important to note that every time you level up, your gear shall scale along with you!


Roleplaying is one of the most major draws for Flexible Survival. Perhaps you’ve never roleplayed before, or maybe you have and just need help using the various commands associated with RP. Either way, this guide is just for you! First off, what exactly is roleplaying? RPing is the act of making a character and then acting with it as if it were a living, breathing person interacting with other characters. Think of it as putting on a play where you may enact things as simple as a regular conversation or your wildest sexual fantasies. But how do you start?

Creating a person

You’ve created a character, but have you created an actual person? In real life, people have personalities, a background, a physical description, and many other things! Here are a few things you should consider when creating a roleplaying character.

  • What is the background for your character? Where did he or she come from? What sort of things happened in their past? How did they get into our world? What did they do upon P-Day?
  • Does this character have any interesting skills or practiced some sort of profession? For example, what if your character was a doctor of some sort? A soldier? Or perhaps they were just an everyday man that just happened to get caught in the nanite whirlwind.
  • What’s the general personality for your character? Perhaps they are shy and nervous? Brash? Boisterous? Motherly? Friendly and helpful? Or maybe your character is quite feral and has succumb to their natural animalistic urges. The choice is yours.
  • Fears, quirks, unique traits, or flaws can lead to all sorts of fun. Having these things are certainly optional, but you may find that they make your character stand out from the crowd and may generate some very interesting scenes.
  • What does your character look like? Are they tall? Short? What kind of body build do they have? What does their voice sound like and how do they talk? What color are their eyes and hair? What clothes do they wear, if any at all?
  • Finally, you should consider what your main objectives are with this character. Sex? Action? Casual? A little bit of everything? Maybe you’d enjoy being a submissive pet to another player, or perhaps the dominant master? More on the social side, maybe you’d like to help others by being a friendly doctor or protect others. Playing the everyday man may also bring about some strange situations. Play what you believe will be the most fun!

WI Flags

Flags are nifty little things that are common in MUDs/MUCKs. They show what sort of things you might or might not be interested in and are very helpful to other players to have a handy reference to best serve your desires. To view the flags of other people in a room, type ‘wi’ and a list of flags will soon pop-up for your viewing pleasure. If you have similar flags or see flags you might be interested in (Has there ever been a match better than a dominant and submissive?), perhaps you’ll have found a good match!

By typing ‘wi #help’ a list of commands shall become available to you. Typing ‘wi #flags’ will bring up a list of flags while ‘wi #whatis FLAG’ will show an explanation as to what the flag means. Once you’ve found the flags that fit your interests, type ‘wi #help detail’. These commands will allow you to setup your own flags for others to view. Another, and perhaps easier, method is to type ‘charedit’, ‘n’ for next, and then ‘9’.

It is also interesting to note that you can set your own custom text to show beside your flags with ‘wi #custom <your text>’. This is useful in case you'd like to extend on a flag or state something more direct about your preferences. Since this custom text is not a flag, players cannot ‘wi #find’ you by typing it.


Descriptions are bits of text that help other players have an idea of what your character looks like. These aren’t technically required, but they are very much appreciated by others. There are two types of descriptions, them being short and long. The short descriptions are also known as glance descriptions and show up for people when they enter the room. They can also be seen by using the ‘glance’ command. These are typically about one sentence long and describe what a character looks like from a quick glance. A long description must be viewed by using ‘look PLAYER’, which shall tell the player you looked at them. Long descriptions are usually about a paragraph long and are a more detailed view on their character.

There are a few ways to setup a description. One is using the web interface (a bit buggy and not recommended) and the other is using the ‘charedit’ command. To edit your long description using this command, type ‘2’ to start editing. If you wish to edit your short description instead, type ‘N’ to go to the next page and then type ‘8’. Here are a few things to consider when creating your description.

  • Your short description should be about a sentence long. A good thing to put in is usually a general blurb about what your character is wearing, what color their fur might be, etc. General expression or demeanor is great too.
  • When creating a long description, type as much as you desire and feel is necessary to paint the vision of your character to others. Usually, these are about four sentences at minimum. Remember, this is meant for people simply taking a long look at you, so putting your life story in your description would be quite strange! Here are a few suggested things to put in this description.
    • General physical attributes. How tall is your character? What is the color of their skin/fur/scales/feathers? What is their general body build? Do they have any other physical attributes of note such as a scar?
    • What sort of clothes does your character wear, assuming they wear clothes at all! Perhaps they wear a simple jeans and a shirt, or maybe a lovely dress? A lab coat? Camouflage uniform?
    • What is their general demeanor? A nervous, shy, and timid person would likely not be looking directly forward, chest-out, with a proud looking expression. Ferals might be on all fours (If you wish. Being feral doesn’t always mean you are a quadruped), and angry people might have a scowl on their face, arms crossed and reserved.
    • Some characters wear interesting items that may reveal a few things about your character. For example, pets may wear a collar with tags that display their name along with the name of their master(s). That bulge in your pocket could be a lot of things…
  • Long descriptions, along with poses, support line breaks. %r creates a line break and using %r %r will create a nice space between paragraphs.
  • Colors may also be used in descriptions. If you want to catch someone’s attention, try something like ^green^This object seems interesting^normal^. As a side note, these do not work in poses.
  • String parsing allows one to create dynamic descriptions that can do things like change your description automatically depending on who looks at you, what form you’re in, and all kinds of things. This requires a small understanding of programming theory (Knowing what an If statement is for example). For more information, please visit the String Parsing page. This knowledge may also be used for creating new forms for submission.

Knowledge skills

Knowledge skills, also known as Professions, are quite similar to combat roles. However, most of them do not provide any combat effect and are used for roleplaying. If you’ve played a tabletop game before, it’s almost assured you’ve used something similar, like trying to bluff a guard with various social skills. Each profession comes with a couple of knowledge skills/proficiencies and every player may get six professions.

There are two ways to buy professions, the web interface and directly using a client. To purchase professions on the web, press the character tab and then click skills. For a client, type ‘list profession’ to bring up a list, +rpinfo profession/skill to view extended info, and ‘buy profession’ to purchase one. It’s recommended to use the web interface for quick access to all the professions. The first two professions are always free, but each one after will cost 50 XP + 10 more for each additional profession. Remember, these decisions are permanent unless you wish to spend mako (+mako/Profreset), so please plan these out! Please note, using +mako/Profreset will reset ALL of your knowledge skills and professions down to zero.

With each purchase of a profession, you get a few skills (usually around three to four). Let’s say you buy two professions that have the computer skill in them. The first profession shall grant your computer level 1 and then second will raise it to computer level 2. The maximum any skill may reach is level 4. It would be wise to pick skills that match your character! For example, a soldier would most likely have high stats in both survival and various athletic and combat skills. Please note that the names for professions aren’t exactly considered IC (In character). These skills may be used in various RP when applicable and are commonly called upon in judged scenes by using the +roll SKILL command or adding an appropriate bonus to a regular dice roll.

So what do these points mean? What does having a 4 in computer give? For the first initial three points in a skill, you get ten points towards the proficiency. Computer 3? This translates out to computer 30! For level 4, you gain an additional six for a max of 36 points from professions. So with all your professions picked out and points automatically allocated to the appropriate proficiencies, what's next? If you head over to the web client and open up the training menu, you'll see that you can sink money, XP, and reward tokens to increase your skills even FURTHER, including the ones you didn't sink your initial professions in. While on your journey, your character shall become more knowledgeable and stronger as you put more points into the proficiencies. Be weary, as increasing a proficiency will increase the costs for other proficiencies as well, so plan well.


When you feel your character is ready to roleplay, it’s time to get out there and roleplay! Please note, don’t view the above guides as heavy guidelines and a shopping list, but instead some things to consider when making a character to roleplay with. No matter who you are, the ultimate objective of roleplaying and this game is to have FUN! But before you jump in, it’s important to recognize a few basic commands. Here are a few to consider, which are also found by using ‘help roleplay-commands’.

  • OOC - This stands for Out of Character and is used to chat within a single room to other people. Messages in this channel are used to talk with other PLAYERS and not their character. Use this to discuss things about the RP, have a friendly chat, ask questions, etc. Please note that in a public scene, heavy use of the OOC channel may annoy other players.
  • Pose – A pose is used with the ‘pose TEXT’ command. In place of pose, other similar commands like ‘:’, ‘;’, ‘emote’, and ‘/me’ may be used. It’s important to note that some clients do not like the ‘/me’ command. A pose will display your name and then your text after it. If a man named John types ‘pose throws a chair across the room’ it will show up to everyone as “John throws a chair across the room.” The same will happen with a colon (:throws a chair across the room.), but a space will not be provided with a semi-colon. This is useful for showing possession. For example, typing ‘;’s hand reaches into the sky’ will show up as “John’s hand reaches into the sky.”
  • spoof – Spoofs are similar to a pose, but they DO NOT show your name at the start. This is accomplished by using the ‘spoof TEXT’ command or ‘|’, ‘\\, and ‘@emit’. Here’s an example of how to use a spoof. By typing ‘spoof A ball rolls across the floor’ it will show up as “A ball rolls across the floor” to everyone without showing your name. Whether to use a spoof or pose is entirely dependent upon the situation and your own writing style, so pick which fits your pose the best! If you wish to see a player’s name before a spoof, try using the ‘spoof #show’ command.
  • Whisper – Whispers are similar to pages, but they are considered In Character. If you wish to tell a character something without anyone else hearing, try ‘whisper PLAYER=MESSAGE’. Like pages, using a colon or semicolon can be used to add a pose.
  • POT – The ‘POT’ command will show the last ten poses that have happened in a room. Using ‘POT #’ will show an increased amount of poses to a maximum of twenty. This is helpful for getting the general gist of a scene before jumping in or trying to recall a few details.

General posing

On average, most poses are about three to five lines. However, don’t think of your poses as needing to hit some sort of minimum. Your pose should be as long as you need it to be, whether that be one line or twenty! Just remember, the more detail and stuff you put into your poses, the more things people may react to, picture in their mind, and understand. Here are a few basic parts of a general pose. Remember, these are just guidelines and not absolute. It’s highly recommended to find a way that complements your very own writing style.

  • The major action(s) – This is the main purpose of your pose. Your character has done something of note and may be reacted to by another character. Major certainly implies big, but it can be something as simple as waving to someone, touching them on the shoulder, or even just talking. It doesn’t even need to directly target another player, but be used to draw interest. If your character is just sitting on a sofa and suddenly starts grunting in pain, it’s highly likely other players will grow quite concerned!
  • Minor actions – These are smaller actions that enhance the detail and image of your pose. General details such as body movement, facial expressions, and other actions add meat and life to your poses. How did your character sound while talking? Maybe they sounded a bit nervous or angry. When walking into a room, what is your character’s mood? Things like how they were walking, the expression on their face, their body language, smell, disposition, etc. can say a lot about your character!
  • Dialogue – Dialogue is also not mandatory in poses, but it’s certainly a meaningful way to communicate with others. Dialogue doesn’t always have to be spoken words either. A piercing gaze may say a thousand words to its target after all. As these are character interactions, they may also be considered major actions.

So let’s say John wants to make a pose of him entering the Zephyr lobby. Here’s an example.

“John enters the lobby and waves to everyone while saying “Hi!”

That’s certainly an acceptable pose, but more detail could be added to help players visualize your character. Here’s an extended example.

“The outside doors slowly crack open with an audible squeak, finally opening fully to let in a warm summer draft. In the doorframe stands a strange looking skunk beast, his clothes ragged and back hunched slightly. He steps into the room with slow, careful strides, the smell of sex and musk radiating off his person. Despite the dirty appearance, the skunk wears an inviting smile upon his face as he waves to the nearby person in the room. “Hello,” John shouts, rapidly approaching a new potential friend.”

This pose adds a bit more detail and life than the previous. Either one is acceptable, but the second one may help players visualize your character’s actions (This is a text game after all) and allow them to understand your character better. And remember: Find a style that suits YOU.


Roleplaying is generally free-form without much restriction, but please remember that behind these characters is a player with desires of their own. There are a few things that should one should consider before roleplaying to avoid frustrating other players.

  • Godmodding/Powerposing – This is VERY frowned upon by many members of pretty much any RP community. Godmodding, also known as powerposing, is doing something to another character that they aren’t able to contest or do not approve of. For example, “John picks up Bob and slams him down upon his knee, breaking his spine!” If the player behind Bob did not approve of this action being done to his character (He wasn’t able to contest it since John suddenly just picked him up and assumed Bob wouldn’t react), he would have a right to be quite upset with you. However, this doesn’t mean you can never do anything to another player. Try asking, and maybe the player will let you do something to their character or they might suggest a dice roll of some sort.
  • OOC Information – If you’re given information about something Out of Character, it’s probably likely that your character wouldn’t know it. Using OOC information IC can make things very confusing. Let’s say the player behind John told Bob’s player that his character has a fear of rats. If Bob’s character suddenly asked, “Hey John, why do you have a fear of rats?” That would simply not be logically possible for him to know unless the character told him as such. Instead, Bob could transform into a rat at some point and find out that way!
  • Doing the impossible – While the nanites have probably given you a boost to your abilities, you aren’t a perfect being capable of doing any task. When performing actions, you should consider the logical limits of your character, the nanites, and the theme of the game itself. For example, it’s highly improbable a sex-crazed feral could program a hacking device, reprogram an enemy robot’s AI, and then turn it to their side.
  • The Players – Remember there are players behind the characters you’re interacting with that have their own desires as well! Every player has a right to have fun in their own way, but don’t force your style of fun on others if they do not desire it. Similar to powerposing, if a PLAYER tells you to stop or don’t do something, DON’T DO IT.
  • Multiposing – When posing, you should give everyone ample time to respond to your pose before firing off another one. Posing multiple times in a row and not letting players react may frustrate some people.

Where to start roleplaying

You’ve gotten the commands down, your character is ready, and you’re itching to start roleplaying! But where do you start? You can’t exactly roleplay with yourself, so you’ll need another person to interact with. There are several ways you can find a partner for roleplaying.

  • One of the most popular spots for roleplaying is the Zephyr lobby. There are typically at least five to six people in there at all times. Don’t be shy, try posing in and introduce yourself!
  • The pickup channel is a way of finding a scene with other people on the channel. To turn it on, type ‘pickup #on’ and try asking for a scene of sort. Be sure to say what type of scene you desire, such as sexual (What kind of sexual roleplay) or anything.
  • Asking another player that has a character that interests you is another suitable option. Try paging them and asking if they wish to do a scene with you.

Judged Scenes

If you’ve ever played a tabletop game that uses a GM/DM, you’ll find that judged scenes are quite similar in many ways. In a nutshell, these scenes are run by a judge, AKA the Dungeon/Game Master, and have a specific goal and/or theme. Typically, the players will need to solve a problem or interact with NPCs (controlled by the judge). Players will typically need to use their skills, such as their knowledge skills and mutant powers, teamwork, and their wits.

These scenes can be just about anything, from a normal social discussion to action, exploration, and horror! They are generally announced via the Rp channel (only to be used to announce judged scenes) and should have tags that represent the theme of the scene. If they interest you, please consider joining.

Now that you’re in a judged scene, what should you do? Well, you roleplay as you usually do of course! As the scene progresses, you may find a problem that can be solved by using your variety of skills and mutant powers. Ask the judge if it’s okay and they might approve and ask you to make a roll of some sort. Let’s say a feral was attacking your party. There are multiple ways to handle this. One would be to scare them off before the fight even begins with a mighty, intimidating roar! The judge may ask you to roll your intimidation skill, which can be done with ‘+roll intimidation’. If it meets the required amount of points, the feral might be scared off thanks to your quick thinking.

Forms and Dedications

It’s quite likely that there’s a form or specific type of form that heavily catches your interest. There are a variety of different ways you may obtain form which include combat, vials, and allowing yourself to be transformed by another player. Unless you have a perk that hinders infection, getting hit in combat may infect a random part of your body. Drinking a vial, assuming it’s close enough to your level, will also mutate a part of your body. If you ask over public, it’s possible that another player could give you an infection you desire.

Mastering a form adds it to your form list (accessed with the ‘list forms’ command) for all the characters on your account, not just the infected character. Upon mastering a form, it also gives you a good amount of freecred for you troubles. In order to master a form, you must first infect your body fully with an infection. If you want to master Skunk Beast, you must get infected fully and then receive and ADDITIONAL infection from the very same mutant. This can be done by getting hit in combat or drinking a vial.

Keeping a form

If you are a roleplayer, it’s probable you wish to keep a specific form. There are a few ways to do this. One is by buying a form fixative, an item that shall give you temporary transformation (but not sexual) immunity. These last for five hundred combat rounds or a very long time outside of combat. To see how long you have left, type ‘effects’. Buying a sexual fixative will make sure your sexual bits are kept exactly the same.

Another free solution is to make a form native to your body. Available in various shops are the Targeted Nativizer (Body part), theNanite Schema Nativizer(Entire body), and the Discount Naitivizer (random). Once you have your desired native form, your body will attempt to resist any mutations coming its way, which may make it difficult to collect new forms. You can also shift to your native form at any time for a small mako battery charge cost. Beware, without items like a native suppressor or the Native Resistance Adjuster, you may find it hard to master forms. It’s possible that drinking a boss vial may not grant you mastery. If you’re willing to spend some mako however, there are more powerful options available through dedications.


Dedications may provide many typed of benefits from mechanical, convenience, and/or roleplaying. Each dedication has its own theme and background and it’s certainly encouraged to play by it (but not exactly always required). These dedications require a varying amount of mako and some are either privately owned or require a quest to dedicate to. Here are some of the most popular dedications.

  • Recursion – This is sometimes known as Nanite Adept lite, and rightfully so. After finishing the quest found in the library’s ward (Staying in a form for 12 hours), you’ll gain access to the recursion dedication spot in the next room. The dedication itself is free, but using it is not. Recursing a form allows you to shift back to it anytime you wish for a small mako battery charge cost (which refills slightly every day). If you have mastered a form, you may type ‘recurse FORM’ and it shall ask if you want to spend five mako to complete the action. Once recursed, it’s yours forever and only a mako battery charge is required to shift back. You’re allowed to recurse many different forms and if you recurse ten forms, you may get Nanite Adept for free.
  • Nanite Adept –For fifty mako, you may become a Nanite Adept. This dedication allows you to shift to ANY form you’ve mastered for a small energy cost. If you’re willing to spend more mako, there are items in the elite shop that can expand your powers to allow genital shifting, precise body part shifting, size shifting, and more.
  • Tanuki – Sex! This dedication for fifty mako allows you to change your genital sizes to anything you desire. This also allows you to shift into the Tanuki form or human any time you wish.

There are many MANY more dedications to explore, but the three above are the most popular when it comes to preserving forms. It’s also possible to swap back between multiple dedications by using 25 patrol points (or one hero point if you have a training respecializer). Some dedications have items, such as the Nanite Focus Device for additional mako that allow you to use the dedication’s powers even when you aren’t currently dedicated to it.

Social actions

For more detailed information, please view the Social Actions guide.

Recently introduced are two new cities known as Eurkea City and Clairmont. They both have different themes and are entirely safe to walk around in, so it’s encouraged to step in and explore regardless of your level. To reach Eureka city, talk to the Eureka pilot found at the Zephyr lobby. To reach Clairmont, go to the New Dawn crossroads and speak with the pilot there. In each of these cities are social actions that provide XP, freecred, and influence. What social actions, or jobs, you’re able to perform depend on your knowledge skills like sports for example. The higher the skill, the higher the chance for success! This is a wonderful way to receive money and XP without having to fight things.

Once you’ve found yourself in a city, it might be best to bring up the auto-mapper found on the web interface. By hovering over the squares, various jobs will appear. Try going to these locations if you think your skills match the job. If it says there’s a job available, type ‘sa list’ to bring up a list of jobs you may perform. Once you see a job, type ‘sa JOB’ and you’ll roll to see how much you receive. This will take a few patrol points from you. On occasion, you may receive a Mastermind puzzle to solve. The objective is to guess the correct combinations of numbers for an increased reward. Type ‘sapuzzle ####’ to try a guess. The number on the left represents the correct number in the right place while the number on the right tells you how many numbers are correct but aren’t in the right position. One a number is correct and on the right position, it won’t show up for the right number.

Now that you’ve earned enough job XP, you may advance your job level! This allows you to take higher level jobs that net you extra rewards. In order to advance a job, type ‘sa train’ to bring up the training menu. After that, type in the job you wish to advance, pay the fee, and that’s all there is to it! Going back to your job location and bringing up the list should show you a brand new job for you to take.