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The size this page refers to is the height of an infection, which goes from 1 to 99.

Soft cap

A soft cap means that you will need two points for every one you receive. The natural soft cap, without any perks or dedications, is 10. A size 12 feral would leave you with size 11, a size 14 feral would make you 12, and so on.

  • A practical example: A feral water dragon is size 20. Getting fully infected by one, assuming you have no perks that relate to this size, will leave you with size 15.
  • Another example: If you happened across a feral that is naturally size 30 (naturally as in, it's not a giant version), the maximum size you would attain from infections would be 20.

Hard cap

A hard cap is a definitive ceiling, you simply cannot go above it. The natural hard cap, without any perks, is 20.

  • A practical example: A feral Abomination is size 30. If you took either the Large Tendencies or Overblown perk, you will not grow past size 20, period. With the Big Boned perk, you can be just as big as it is.
  • Another example, now assuming you have no perks: A feral that is naturally size 60 could only infect you up to size 20. With the Big Boned perk, and only it, you would end up as a size 35 mutant (10+(50/2)).


  • Big Boned - Removes the hard cap. If taken alone, soft cap rules will still apply. See the second example under Hard Cap.
  • Large Tendencies - Removes the soft cap.
  • Overblown - Makes every point of growth above size 5 to count as 2. For instance, a size 6 infection would leave you size 7, a size 7 infection would leave you size 9. Does not alter either soft or hard caps.