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Social actions are a relatively new feature introduced to allow player to collect XP and freecred using their knowledge skills rather than combat or RP. By visiting these cities, one may safely wander the streets without fear of being attacked, making it perfect for players of all levels. In various buildings within these cities, there are jobs one may perform, if they have the correct knowledge skills to accommodate said job. When the job is performed, you get a dice roll. The higher your skill, the higher chance you have to succeed and possibly critically succeed! You'll be rewarded with XP, cred, and influence aplenty.

Jobs List

Currently, there are jobs to be done in the following areas; This is not a complete list!

Performing Social Actions

Before starting, it's assumed that the player has at least one knowledge skill. These are obtained by purchasing Professions, which give three skills a piece. For more info, type help professions within your client.

To reach Eureka City, venture to the Zephyr lobby and type talk Eureka and accept a ride to the city. Clairmont may be reached by reaching New Dawn. Either way, you'll be dropped off in the starting area of the city. Now you only need a job that suits you! Jobs are dependent on your skills, so you should choose one that fits your highest skills for the best rewards.

Once you've found a job, head out to the location and type sa list. This shall bring up all the jobs in that area you're able to perform. Now that you know the job name, type sa <job name> and you'll automatically perform your job at the cost of patrol points with ease! You'll find a rather large amount of XP and freecred as your reward.

Leveling Jobs

Every time you perform a job, you receive some job XP along with regular XP. Eventually, you'll be able to level that job up, which shall allow you to take higher level jobs with greater rewards. A message will pop-up mentioning if you have enough job XP to level up, but it can be easy to miss at times. If you believe you have enough XP, type sa train and a list of jobs shall be displayed. If one says you have enough XP, go ahead and type the job name in to level up! Each job can be leveled up to a maximum of your skill level.

Social Puzzle - Mastermind

When performing a job, it's rare that one may receive a little puzzle akin to the game Mastermind. If this puzzle is completed, you'll receive a very large amount of rewards for your troubles. The objective of the game is to try and deduce the hidden combination of numbers. To guess a combination, type sapuzzle <four digit combination>. After your guess, there may or may not be two numbers on both side. The number on the left represents how many correct numbers are in the correct spot. The right number represents how many numbers are correct, but in the wrong spot. If a correct number is in the correct spot, it shall not appear on the right number.


Each job performance shall yield a certain amount of influence that can be used in two main ways: Gathering salvage and research. Additional information can be found with help influence Entering a hostile area and typing inf list will show how much people have influenced in an area. At the bottom, it shall also show how much influence you have. By using inf spend #, you can spend your influence to compete against others. Over time, you'll automatically receive salvage dependent on the area.

Influence may also be used on research topics. +research <topic> will bring up an option to allow you to spend your hard earned influence.

Additionally, the Social Networker merit will yield influence by the act of roleplaying.


The list of jobs is available in a social action area with the command 'sa train'

The skills related to each job can be determined by finding jobs that you are able to perform. Here is a summary table:

Job Skills
Architect Design
Artisan Design
Banker Comprehension
Bartender Empathy
Bodyguard Intimidation
Bureaucrat Management
Cat Life Climbing, Fortitude, Perception, Stealth, Sexual + Physical Endowments
Cow Girl Physical Endowments
Diplomat Negotiation
Doctor Medicine
Engineer Installation
Farmer None
Guard Management
Hunter Survival
Inventor Research
Lawyer Management
Librarian History
Loan Shark Intimidation
Miner Strength
Nanomagic Researcher Computer
Psychologist Medicine
Roboticist Computer
Scientist Research
Scout Survival
Security Officer Security
Shopkeeper Economics
Soldier Strength, Strength + Marksmanship
Storyteller Legends
Street Lord Underworld
Supernatural Researcher Theology
Teacher Comprehension
Technician Computer
Thief Underworld
Trader Economics
Worker Installation