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A filled table form of Category:Professions, with hyperlinks. Combat proficiencies are in bold.

Player Tetrikitty put together a useful Flash app to help find proficiencies you are interested in, at:

Player Zixis put together a Google docs spreadsheet for helping plan out your professions, at:

Profession Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 Skill 5 Skill 6
Agent Design Fortitude Running Strength Management
Anonymous Member Computer Underworld Intimidation Deceit
Arcane Historian Legends History Theology
Arcane Researcher Research Theology Comprehension
Armor Pilot Brawling Armor Evasion
Artist Design Empathy Survival
Athlete Running Strength Acrobatics Climbing
Banker Economics Management Empathy
Baseball Player Running Melee Marksmanship
Big Damn Hero Survival Security Xeno
Biotech Engineer Medicine Installation Underworld Empathy
Blackmailer Intimidation Deceit Empathy Negotiation
Blood Pit Contender Intimidation Underworld Strength Acrobatics
Bouncer Brawling Intimidation Fortitude Strength
Boxing Champ Brawling Willpower Evasion
Campus Security Comprehension Security Intimidation Empathy Management
Castaway Survival Climbing Strength Acrobatics
Chaplain Management Legends Medicine Willpower
Church Archivist Theology Stealth Evasion
Contractor Installation Design Economics Negotiation
Cultist Underworld Theology Survival Willpower Negotiation
Detective Stealth Perception Empathy
Diplomat History Empathy Negotiation Management
Distillery Expert Underworld Research Installation Design
Doctor Medicine Comprehension Research Empathy
Dogged Reporter Computer History Empathy Deceit
Doomsday Prepper Computer Economics Survival Security Willpower
Engineer Installation Research Design Strength Comprehension
Executive Management Economics Intimidation Negotiation
Fence Economics History Deceit Underworld
Field Archaeologist Legends Research Strength Climbing Acrobatics Running
Field Doctor Medicine Survival Comprehension Strength Running
Fortune Teller Theology Empathy Deceit Intimidation
Geneticist Medicine Xeno Research Comprehension History
Historian Legends History Comprehension
Inquisitioner Theology Negotiation Intimidation
Internet Hacker Computer Research Security Installation Deceit
Law Enforcer Management Intimidation Empathy Willpower Negotiation
Lawyer Empathy Management Deceit Underworld
Locksmith Security Management Installation Design
Magnificent Bastard Security Underworld Design Negotiation Willpower
Manipulator Deceit Security Stealth Evasion
Meatball Surgeon Underworld First Aid Empathy Deceit
Media Marketer Deceit Negotiation Economics Management
Military Officer Intimidation Management Running Strength Negotiation
Minuteman Marksmanship Perception Willpower
Modern Day Warrior Melee Marksmanship Armor Evasion
Mutant Therapist Sexual Empathy Willpower
Nanomagic Designer Computer Research Design Comprehension Willpower
Nanosurgeon Medicine Research Computer Comprehension
Operative Computer Running Acrobatics Comprehension
Patent Clerk Design Negotiation Empathy Management
Porn Star Sexual Empathy Fortitude
Prostitute Sexual Negotiation Deceit
Quarterback Armor Fortitude Strength
Roboticist Xeno Computer Management Installation Design
Roleplayer Xeno Legends Empathy Deceit Willpower
SCA Member Melee Armor History
Scientist Computer Installation Comprehension Research Xeno
Scout Xeno Survival Running Climbing Strength
Service Stud Sexual Strength Survival Fortitude
Sexual Therapist Sexual First Aid Empathy
Shaman Theology Medicine Acrobatics Negotiation Empathy
Smuggler Economics Underworld Management Deceit Intimidation
Soldier Running Strength Climbing Survival Management
Sports Coach Running Acrobatics Intimidation Economics Negotiation
Storyteller Empathy Deceit Legends History Theology
Stunt Double Evasion Fortitude Acrobatics
Swashbuckler Perception Melee Climbing Acrobatics
Teacher Comprehension Empathy Negotiation Research Willpower
Technician Design Computer Installation Research Security
Thug Intimidation Management Underworld Deceit Strength
Tomb Raider Security Legends Survival Acrobatics Climbing
Trained Nurse Medicine Empathy Management Willpower Comprehension
Treasure Hunter Design Survival History Legends Acrobatics
Wasteland Scout Stealth Perception Survival
Wild Beast Brawling Intimidation Survival
Wilderness Ranger Survival Perception Armor
Xeno Biologist Xeno Comprehension Research Medicine
Xeno Psychologist Xeno Intimidation Empathy Medicine Comprehension