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Clairmont is a rebuilding project set up from a joint effort of all three factions. The Prometheans were seeking a place free from the decadence of Zephyr, RSX was looking for a new source of munitions and tools, and Zephyr couldn't really stay away from the chance of a new market - or allow RSX to achieve economic independence from them.

With some smart moves made by a mysterious fox, each faction decided to send volunteers to this new bubble, exploring and then rebuilding it. Volunteering is key, since this new city does not share the relative prosperity of places like Fairhaven or Woodfield, where food and other necessities are provided to agents, freeing them up for more noble tasks. Here, people have to deal with food shortage, black-outs and harsh jobs - like mining in the depths.

The theme set for the city is Rebuilding, Survival, Cooperation, Simulation, RP and Horror. The city has no unique forms, dedications or jobs. People who join the city are there only to RP and have fun. Also, the area has certain statuses that will trigger if its resource amounts fall too low - that is, food shortages and the like will actually harm your character.

The city utilizes the job system, so people can gain XP and other resources without relying on combat. Combat areas are dug after judges RP them out; the same goes for public areas designed during such scenes. Private areas are mako-buyable as usual, although extreme requests may need the community's approval.

- The city's rules involve the request of clothes, even if just a skirt, and prohibit public sex. Hooking up with someone and leading them into your apartment is fine, but just rutting in the public pub can lead to exile.

- Rape in a judged, closed scene is allowed, if included in the scene's tags.

- Messages like Horny or Heat are suppressed. The bubble is a bit different from Fairhaven, with people having more self-control. Horniness is still available, and you can RP it out normally.

- As with everywhere else, all player involved are considered of the same "level". The difference is based on the powers owned, and skills and roles known. Higher levels have the upper hand for this reason, but good RP and narrative skills can match that easily (no god-modding, of course).

- Ferals are smarter than your standard Fairhaven's infectees. Most of them group up, and act like the classic post-apocalyptic thugs. This means that they'll likely prefer to kidnap women and imprison them in breeding chambers rather than just raping them on the spot until shot by the local defenders. For this reason, as well as the weaker influence of this bubble on breeding instincts, victory/defeat messages will likely be suppressed while in the area. Some ferals group up in communities and even attempt farming. They are still limited by the higher influence of their form over their mind.

- Mindless killing of ferals is disapproved, since it would cause tension with the more peaceful communities of ferals. Killing in self-defence is allowed, as well as fulfilling certain supernatural needs. In such cases, there is a list of hostile groups that may be hunted more freely and in a discreet way.

- The city will have regular meetings to keep people updated and submit new ideas. For the normal choice, each faction will have a representative, while the community will choose a mayor. When issues come to a formal vote, the mayor's vote will count as two.

- Canon rules, like how nanites work, are applied. Certain details may not be true in the Clairmont's bubble due to slight differences. If in doubt when preparing a scene, you can leave a page or a mail to Auxilium for a reply.

Judge Tips

- Judges are the focus of the whole Clairmont project. A team of dedicated judges will be formed, instructed by details and will stay in touch with the wiz in charge of the city. They will work to give out a regular RP experience to the players.

- Judges will be able to RP exploring scenes which can lead to new areas added to the grid. The requirement for it will be the scene logged and posted on the wiki.

- Judges are welcomed to run 'disaster' over the community, if they have the focus and the drive. The city stats can be arranged accordingly if needed.

- Judges can request the change of certain rooms if the scene was run that way. The idea is to shaping the city with the players actions, afterall.