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What are Power Upgrades? How do you get them? How do you use them? What do they do? Here you will learn all of this and more, so let's begin.

What is a Power Upgrade

Power Upgrades, just called Upgrades in game, are enhancements to mutant powers. They give enhancements to powers above and beyond what the power itself gives. As an example of Enhanced Damage, both the primary and secondary give a damagebuff of a power that do some damage. For example, the power Lunge has a damage of 12, if you used Enhanced Damage on it, it would have a damage of 15 instead! Look at the power Forced Milking to see a power that Condensed Flurry would improve. This was just a small step in the world of upgrades for mutant powers, because not only the effects themselves can be buffed, they are so much more possibility's that we can archive.

What are all the things a Power Upgrade can do

In addition to improving the stats on a power, such as giving it better charge, more damage, or increasing its magnitudes, Power Upgrades can make a power change its AoE, increasing or decreasing it, add new effects, such as new statuses, and even give it damage stances you can change through. When looking at an upgrade, be sure to read carefully to make sure you are applying it to a power it can enhance.

What powers can a Power Upgrade enhance

You can place any upgrade into any power, but for most, there needs to be a matching status. As an example, applying MaxHP Status Enhancement to a power that doesn't have the MaxHP status on it, such as Honey Gift it wouldn't do anything. Other Power Upgrades, such as the Self Addition ones, can only be applied to powers with particular targets, in this case, only powers that target self only. Rapid Mending can only be applied to a power that heals. So, how do you go about getting Power Upgrades?

Acquiring Power Upgrades

First of all, most basic upgrades can be bought from the Upgrade Dojo located in New Dawn. If you type Upgrade Dojo you will be teleported there, where you can type list to see all that can be bought. Another way is to turn in vials. Also at the Upgrade Dojo, you can type turnin to see how to do this and with the command list upgrades you can see all the upgrades that are available at the Dojo. When turning in vials to get Power Upgrades, you may get an improved upgrade, which will be discussed blow. Up to 100 vials of any one type can be traded in, and the maximum potential of the improvement of the upgrade is determined by the rank and level of the weakest mob who could have made the vial. The final way you may get power upgrades is by doing anything while a feral. Combat, Puzzles, Social Actions, RPing, most any activity in the game done by a feral has a 5% chance to give the feral a random upgrade with a random level of improvement. But what are these improvements?

Power Upgrade Improvements

A power upgrade can have a rating on it, and this rating gives it better enhancements to give to a power. As an example, if you have an Enhanced Damage upgrade with a rating of 25, it will be 5% better than one that has no rating. This means instead of increasing the damage of a power by 25%, it will increase the damage by 26.25% There is no cap on how improved an upgrade can be, but the higher the rating, the less effective an even higher rating becomes, at a rate equal to the square root of the rating. Keep in mind, this improvement applies to both beneficial and detrimental aspects of a power upgrade. You can also improve a Power Upgrade using Mako, Tokens or Boss Vials by typing upgrade (power name)=(upgrade name) while not having that upgrade in your inventory and having that upgrade on the power. Example, if I have a rating 10 Enhanced Damage on Lunge, I can type upgrade Lunge=Enhanced Damage to improve that upgrade, giving it additional rating. There is another possibility to upgrade your power by using your infection vials, but for this you have to use the command +NISD upgrade (power)=(upgrade)=(infection)=(quantity) and it will use the value of the selected infection. Now that we know what they are, let's look at how to use power upgrades.

Using Power Upgrades

Using a power upgrade is exceptionally simple, once you have mastered a power and upgraded it to have upgrade slots, simply type upgrade (power name)=(power upgrade) to slot it. If I wanted to put an Enhanced Damage into Lunge, then I'd type upgrade Lunge=Enhanced Damage. If you change your mind later, you can replace any upgrade with a different upgrade, but once used you can never get an upgrade back. If you replace an upgrade, the one you are replacing will be lost forever. Keep in mind, you cannot use two of the same power upgrade, though if you get one with a better rating, if you apply that to a power, then it will replace the lower rating one.