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Command for interacting with your Nanite Infection Strain Database. Can be called as either nisd or +nisd.

Display a summary of the infection vials you currently have stored.
nisd #search here
nisd #search masterable
nisd #search <filter>
nisd #search <number>
List the vials you have that correspond to infections from ferals in your current location, contain infections you can master, that you have at least <number> of, or that contain infection names matching the regex filter <filter>, respectively.
nisd #setMasteryneeded <number> 
Set the necessary number of vials to be considered masterable.
nisd/store <inventory position>=<number>
nisd/store <inventory position one>-<inventory position two>=<number>
Transfer a quantity of infection vials from your inventory to your NISD. The first form transfers one type of infection vial, the second transfers all the vials between two inventory positions. The inventory numbers are obtained from the inventory command.
nisd/extract <infection name>=<quantity> 
Transfer a number of vials of the specified infection from your NISD back to your inventory.
nisd/consume <infection name>=<quantity> 
Extract the specified vials from your NISD and consume them to adopt that infection.
nisd/consume Masterable 
Consume the set number of vials necessary for mastering an infection on all acceptable infections.
nisd/transfer <infection name>=<person>=<quantity> 
Transfer the specified vials to another player.
nisd upgrade <power name>=<upgrade name>=<infection name>=<quantity> 
Upgrade the rating on a power upgrade (up to 25%) on an existing upgrade.
nisd distill <infection name> 
Create a boss vial from 200 standard vials.