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Duty, or Duties, is one of the systems of the game. It's meant to make characters part of the effort of rebuilding and maintaining society.

How to check duties

While connected with your MUD client, you can check the available duties with the duty command. The output will be something like this:

Fs duties.png

From left to right:

  • Name: Name of the duty
  • Roll: what skill is needed for the roll (and how much you have)
  • DC: the difficulty of the roll (the minimum your roll needs to be to count as a success)
  • Team: the number of characters working on the duty
  • Effects: how the game world is in regards to that duty. Useful for player judges.

Note that every duty can increase in level, to become more "civilized" or advanced. This can only happen with a judged scene, special scenes that give extra rewards to participating players. The duties in need of these have a red line stating so.

Why pick a duty

Duties are in place so characters have a more reliable source of income and experience outside of combat. Any player can apply for a duty, at the cost of 20% of their maximum patrol (by default, it'll drop from 60 to 48).

It's possible for a single duty roll to bring a character from level 20 to 22, or even higher. The cred amount can be anything from 100k to 1 million, depending on the duty and your current cred energy (a small system to reduce the cred gains of 24/7 combat farmers).

Duty rolls can also give the character a boss vial credit, making it easier and cheaper to level up past select levels (30, 35, 40, etc).

Professional duty

Players can also opt to become professionals. This greatly reduces the total patrol and also increases the time between patrol regen to around 50 minutes. The upside is that every roleplay tick can trigger a duty push for free, netting huge amounts of freecred and experience. This is very useful for characters that want to completely avoid combat while still having an option to receive similar rewards.