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Fairhaven, in the state of California, is the point of first release of the Promethean Nanites, and also the headquarters of Zephyr, who with RSX created the Promethean Nanites in the first place. Fairhaven, along with Woodfield, is the primary location of the Flexible Survival game. More information to come!


A map of Fairhaven and its surrounding areas is available


Major Areas

Clicking on the small maps will lead to a larger version.

  • Seelie Sweets: Located just southwest of Zephyr, this is the outlet store of Seelie Sweets Candy run by Cassy(!) It seems to have a few delicious forms hidden behind it's counter! If you find something suspicious about the back alley then maybe you should look around the store for a quest of sorts. If you can't find anything try coming back at a higher level. Possibly 12?


  • Old Truck: Straight south of Zephyr lies an old truck in disarray. There are rumors of a Mall Rat that is looking to get the old thing working again. Say that might just open up a route to the old Farm + Nuku Barn and maybe even this Kings Stables people are talking about. They say theres a boss there going by the name of . This map needs to be updated as it doesn't have the Kings Stables attached yet.


  • Highway Once the busiest travel route of the entire city; now little more than a wasteland of asphalt. Still traveling down this long road leads to many places perfect for exploration and adventure.
  • Mall: Located north of Zephyr, the mall used to be where you could find everything you needed, and watch the mall rats wander around. Actually, not much has changed about that since the virus came out.

As well, the sewers located underneath the mall haven't changed much, what with the 'gators swimming around in there. This location is a dedication point for Mall Rat and the Mall Rats (Crafting Alliance) Careful as you only get to pick one crafting alliance out of the three. Rod(!) lounges at the entrance of the Mall, welcoming all who wish to, you know, chill. If you ask for his 'list', he will show you his wares. You might also want to occasionally check with him for a few quests! Part of the map for this area is on the Sewers map it needs to be updated.

  • Museum: Located far to the southeast of Zephyr, the Living Museum was named because there were many animatronic interactions for the children. While in the research wing, archaeologists study the remains of the past.

Now, however, the animatronics are the remains of the past and the bones have walked into life. Located deep within the Burial Mound is the Anubis Servant dedication point.


  • Night Club: A dance club that popped up once things had settled down from the initial outbreak of the virus. There seems to be a dominant lizard girl who doesn't like it when people take the stage on their own, she likes beating people down before doing the nasty with them. If you aren't careful you may end up like her, or maybe you want to be like her?


  • Beach Bum: So the Beach Bum isn't really a location, ya got me! Course he could give you a ride to the Ocean Shore! He is located to the west of Zephyr.
  • Parking Garage: Parking in the city was hard, so many garages were built to house the cars! Once the virus hit, this one collapsed and pretty much became a haunt for the Skunk Beasts. Located on the east side of 2500 Eastwood Street, between 2nd and 3rd avenues.
  • Private Gardens
  • Promethean Lands
  • Wet Bitch
  • Sewers (Fairhaven)
  • Fairhaven Park: Now merely the western part of the park, this once relaxing area with a stage and lily pond has become overgrown with Parasitic Plants. Honey Bears chase after giant Honey Bees for their honey and its even possible to find a unicorn here now if you are lucky. Tiashat seems to be looking for people to help out with a problem over at the Hidden Camp. Something sems to be going on over at Bozeman...
  • Xanadu Gardens: Originally the eastern part of Fairhaven Park with it's own forest and creek, this place has for some reason been walled off and has changed drastically. The forest and creek are still there once you get past its fountain, but the rest of the place is now filled with drug producing plants and fungi that are barely related to their counterparts from preP-day. The mutants that roam this area seem to have grown plantlike and drug related or even fungal. The mutants and the gardens themselves are both dangerous and intoxicating. The fountain happens to be a fishing hole if you ever feel like fishing up pond scum, goldfish, or crawfish.
  • State Highway 50: The State Highway runs from the southwest of Fairhaven all the way to the Highway entrance on the East side of Fairhaven where it becomes The Highway. for now it is just another way for mutants to get across town. Maybe more will be added to it in the future?

Group Headquarters

Non-Combat Zones

Work In Progress

This page is currently being reworked so that the city will be divided up into 5 pages. This being the page for safe zones and links to the four additional unsafe quadrants or pages of the city.

  • Important Locations
    • Old Truck: Questline connects to the Nuku Farm. I need to fill this out more later.
  • NW Quadrant Safe Zones:
    • Secluded Home: Here lies Obsidian's abode. This female Shadow Dragon needs very little conversation before she is ready to get down and dirty with you. Of course if that's not enough she may take you to go see Violet!
    • Gryphon Nest: Only Obsidian can find Violet's nest up here, but be prepared! If you venture forth to this spot odds are you are going to enjoy a threesome! Violet is a hermaphrodite Blue Gryphon and obsidian's main lover!
    • New Dawn: HQ for the Promethean faction. (Needs more info still)
    • K/S Solutions Complex: K/S Solutions Complex: The modus operandi of K/S Solutions is to take contracts that the big 3 don't see fit to help with, at the discretion of Kilsa or Shirai. The building itself is in the style of a pre-P-day professional institute, and the code of conduct is expected to be upheld as such - so no sex on the premises.
    • The Red Court: The Red Court is an exceptionally well described zone, privately owned by a group created in 2010, yet open to the public. Please take a look at anything in yellow text for even more detail. Though the place rents out rooms they have all been rented out already.
    • Daughter Dealership/Renovated Dealership: Formerly a car dealership, Balina has changed it to keep up with the times and now contracts her daughters out as bodyguards with various specialties. Nephthys can be found in the back keeping an eye on the place, parthenogenesis enablers can be bought here, and a Huge Vat rests on the side unused and useless since the latest advances in technology.
    • Harem Hive Club: This club looks to have a members only private section, but what is open to the public is quite enough. The club has a strong gold and black theme, strobe lights on the ceiling, a thick fog covering the floor, and a stage with four chromed dance poles, they also quite notably have beds instead of the booths normally found at clubs. Each with their own side table and a beehive table lamp. The only rule seems to be "An ye harm none, do what ye will" and there are a pair of bouncers in dashing tuxedos who will enforce that rule.
    • Ela's Book Store: Ela's book store is still under renovation. Still its a single room full of books leaning towards the occult in the back. The radio doesn't seem to work too well though.
    • UnderGround Heroes HQ: An underground base with only the lobby accessible to the public. Its quite reminiscent of a hospital lobby except for the shelf full of plushies that a sign suggests are the approved members of the group. On the walls are a few rules that it would be kind of you to follow.
    • Wet Bitch: The Wet Bitch is a popular motel for those in need of a room. It may not be much to look at, but it is quite popular and you never know you might find someone who interests you as you head on over to your room! Check +re #status if you want to rent a room yourself.
    • Fifth Street Station is a historic building in Fairhaven, once the main railroad terminal for city. The grandiose stone monument-of-a-structure is now under ownership of the group The Eye of the Storm, and has become their main headquarters as they work to renovate it. It is hoped to once more become a place that sees all walks of life and offer services to a rebuilding city.
    • Kori's Residence: The door is locked. Best to keep going unless you can get Kori's attention.
    • Lyli's Emporium: A former car park turned into a bustling center of trade here in Fairhaven. Players can sell their stuff here, a private room is available for 60% battery charge, and there is a VIP room only available to the owners.
    • Lifted Tail Studios: Though this place has seen better days the theatre has been worked on to fit the needs of the current day. Some of the chairs have been removed to add pillows and comforters for lounging, a wall or two have been removed, and the ticket booth now also sells costumes and... "props" that can be used on stage.
    • Sports Store: A sports store turned into someone's private lair, possibly a lizard girl by the smell of it. It seems that someone by the name of Alli left a message for someone named Taggart here. The only other interesting thing here is a trampoline that looks like it was being used as a bed.
    • The Trick or Treat Motel: Abandoned during most of the year, this place comes alive around Halloween as some of the holiday loving ferals or agents, who can really say, decorate the place for their favorite time of year! Buckets of candy are given out and you are implored to pick a door. Behind each door are sexual fiends waiting to trick you or treat you, depending on where you put your candy.
    • Dea's Domain: Upon entering this house your senses are overwhelmed as clouds of darkness roll in, showing you only what the owner wishes you to see. Telveran, a butler of the feminine persuasion urges you to stay and enjoy dinner and perhaps the night. Further exploration reveals a milking machine and a locked bedroom upstairs.
    • The Mall: The mall rats withstood the changes of the Promethean Nanite Virus better than most mutants and because of that even though there are many malls, there is only one The Mall and they run it! They have set up the mall with some electricity and a decent supply of water and are slowly working on clearing all the debris, though they could use some help with a few quests. Within the mall shops abound, there is a Mall Rat dedication point, the Mall Rats (Crafting Alliance), and access to both the Mall's Maintenance and the Sewers, both of which have a bit of a mutant problem.
      • Mall Maintenance: Beneath The Mall are the Sewers and Mall Maintenance which both have a bit of a feral infestation. If you can get past the infestation in Mall Maintenance, the Embers have nested down here and obey their governing Matriarch. Its a bit marshy down here but the embers are nice and if you complete a few quests for them you might even be invited back to their nest!
  • NE Quadrant Safe Zones:
    • Old Bunker: This bunker is locked up tight. Odds are someone owns it and wants it kept private.
    • McKinley Manor: The McKinley Manor is a fully restored Georgian style mansion, current residence of Joannah and her friends and family. It's a little bit away from the rest of Fairhaven, located to the north of the city. A large and well kept mansion, considering the times and circumstances, and held in good condition by the occupants.
    • Skunk Beast Technologies: Narwen/Skunk Beast Technologies is a small spin-off from Zephyr with three employees, a skunk beast by the name of Narwen, Angus the coyote, and a poodle named Manny Lebowski, funded by the lab on the condition that it be spun off as far away as possible. The building features a shop full of dangerous weaponry, rooms for rent, a sterile sample analysis room with a cock milker, and a private area for the owners.
    • Children of the Darkness: This is someone's main base, but it seems rather empty except for a few computers and a cryptic message.
    • Hidden Camp: Hidden in Fairhaven Park is a way to get to the Hidden Camp, Bozeman University, and Bozeman South Park, but only the hidden camp itself is safe and you have to get through the mutants in the park before you can obtain passage there.
    • Mother's Milk Saloon: This is far more than a saloon as it features a restaurant/bar with a large stage, it has rooms for rent, a spa that is more for massages and breeding, a pretty kinky shower area, and a breeding basement with stocks, shackles, and other nefarious toys!
    • Police Station: Run by Vari and Razz, the Fairhaven Police Station does its best to keep the city streets clean of mutants despite the ever growing number of them. With interrogation rooms, cells, and a shooting range this is the best police station still standing in this ruined city.
    • Dr. Arak'Thans Office and Surgery: Dr. Arak seems to have kept his business running despite the hardships in keeping supplies stocked in this day and age. This might be because of his choice to allow upcoming doctors or others with interests in medicine to view his opertaions. Since he also lives in his office its enough to make you wonder if he may even sacrifice to keep his business running to help people.
    • The Sliced Loaf: The Sliced Loaf is a lovely bakery capitalizing on its fresh from the oven products with a cafe. The aroma, pleasant setting, and seating designed for most forms create an atmosphere ideal for a date. On the second floor is a much more private room with a large net hammock and an outside patio overlooking the garden below among other things.
    • Office Building: A commercial office space restored to house a labratory, testing room, dormitories, and a helipad. The testing room houses a king-sized four-post bed, sex toys, is ready for bondage, and cameras sending their footage directly to the labratory. The Office Building also has a shop for players to sell their various goods and there are rooms for rent in the dormitories.
    • The Scarlet Rose: The Sisterhood of the Scarlet Rose is run by a group known as The Claw and their establishment resembles something out of a 1970's cabaret club, housing a great hall with a stage and a bar, a milk bar, a spa, and a lot of private rooms belonging to the owners. Tramontane the Stormbringer offers a quest which unlocks a shrine hidden inside the Scarlet Rose where you can dedicate yourself to Tormunga, The bartender James Akins mixes drinks that give mutations, and Basium runs the ticket booth. Also located inside is a shop, a milker, and a place to rent rooms.
    • La Maison d'Etre: A former college dormitory currently being renovated by Selyra into a safe place to live in these troubled times, the name itself La Maison d'Etre is a play on the words of 'raison d'etre' and 'maison', which mean 'reason to be' and 'home'. Inside there are rooms to rent, an indoor pool,a meditation room, a maternity ward, a black room, a yard you can train in, and a counseling center where you can go boxing! Please read the rules on the Placard when you enter.
    • Chandler Hospital: Chandler's Hospital once a place for saving lives constantly day in and day out is now more of a bastion for human survival hosting a refuge camp as the need for hospitals has dwindled since the nanites heal everything short of outright murder or near total decimation of the body nowadays. If you assist the people working here enough they may give you access to their Survivalist_Leader dedication point, but there is also a shop hidden away for those who creep in the shadows to access Survivalists_(Crafting_Alliance). This location is ideal for a scene involving a hospital as the rooms and the beds seem to be kept in good condition, but if you prefer theres that refugee camp on the front lawn too.
    • Old Bunker: In the remnants of an old suburban housing development's bushes and rubble lies a set of stairs lies a bunker locked tight with a large steel door and a keypad. Not much else gives a clue of what goes on here, but this is probably private property.
    • Mechanists Guild: The Mechanists Guild's entrance is open to the public, but the rest of the building is for their eyes only. In the entrance there is a counter to sell the wares that rest on racks on every wall and in the display cases that create aisles down the length of the shop. Long blades, handheld firearms, reinforced clothing, sensory gear, and more are sold here, all with a craftsmanship and attention to detail that clearly denote a mastery of creation, but please bring cash as they don't extend credit!
  • SW Quadrant Safe Zones:
    • Haven: An office building that now covers a bunch of needs from a class room, to an employee lounge, to an exam room, and of course a private room with a bed. If the exam room wasn't furnished beyond the needs for a school one might wonder if this was a very creepy school...
    • Department Store: A pack has taken over this department store, but they are a little cagey about giving information as to who runs the pack and what the name of the pack is, but on the plus side they seem friendly and they keep the place well defended from ferals. Many Goo Salamanders, a Parasitic Plant nurse, and a Feral Wolfess or two can be seen running about the place though most appear to be female. There is a lot to explore about the place if you look closely, for instance they somehow seem to have a wet bar with Pre-Pday sodas!
    • Old School: Somewhere on the west side of Fairhaven is the Old School, territory of the Matriarchs, complete with a gymnasium, classrooms, cafeteria, market district, a lab, and training areas. These are lovely and detailed locations worthy of a closer look and perhaps a scene! There are rumors of a breeding chamber, a goo girl farm, and a harem, but as interesting as those rooms sound they are only rumors, and if they weren't do you really think people in the know would blab about it?
    • Citadel: The Citadel appears to be a massive work in progress, but who knows if it will ever finish as they don't let just anyone in. Massive fence and gates already seem complete, but they are currently building foundations for their walls. Inside these defenses the base looks a bit like a M.A.S.H Unit with all the tents, but without the surgical bits.
    • Norse Temple: It costs 1000 Freecred to enter the Norse Temple, but inside you can dedicate to Odin and with a bit of quick thinking to Loki as well! Peter Smith a Clockwork Fox keeps the place an the artifacts stored here clean.
    • Empty Lot: You may or not see something special.
    • Beach Bum: So the beach bum isn't really a location, but he does hang out in the same place all the time. His old beat up VW Bus is parked behind him and ready to go to the beach for any reason. Really just talk to him he doesn't care why you want to go, you are just his latest excuse to head to the beach!
  • SE Quadrant Safe Zones:
    • N.U.T.S.: A small outpost set up just beside the entrance to the highway reinforced with sandbags, barbed wire, and human sized squirrels with automated weaponry that seem eager to open fire on anything suspicious moving around. The lobby inside has a locked first aid cabinet, a terminal, is furnished with couches, and some stiff looking folding chairs. The group that runs this place probably has a section in the back just for their members.
    • Silver Fang Radio Station: Its a small place, but quite active with a security guard sleeping on duty and a pair of human twins dishing out coffee from their small coffee shop. Further inside is a Rec room with four minirooms walled off with glass to keep the nanites outside. It might have prevented nanites from getting in if someone wanted to live in these glass rooms without a kitchen, or food storage area, or food even...
    • Living Museum Research Wing: Deep inside of the Living Museum is the research wing and strangely the ferals in the area seem to avoid it. This is the staff only area and inside of it can be found the computers, artifacts, and the loading dock. Someone set up camp here and seems to be doing quite well, though its a wonder where they went.
    • Carnal Pleasures Casino: If theres one thing you can guarantee since P-day, its the fact that depravity thrives in harsh times and casinos are one of the most depraved places around. This casino oddly enough doesn't have any slot machine or game tables, but the room upstairs hints that they have other ways to place bets.
    • Apophis Research Center: Most of the research center is closed off and private, but there is one room available for the public. Inside one would find a round room with walls appearing to be obsidian broken only by 4 additional doorways marked with ancient designs, yet a pool of water lies in the center of the room just beneath the surface, illuminating the room. Surrounding the pool are three large sofas, it kind of makes you wonder what scene might have been happening in the pool.
    • AWOL Bar and Grill: The AWOl Bar and Grill is as close to a bar from Pre-Pday as you can get these days, albeit with a smaller clientele. Besides the booze, a 70-inch flatscreen TV is suspended from the left corner of the room for playing DVDs, a few refurbished pin ball machines, and their delicious steak are reasons to hang out in this joint. There are rumors of a Hidden Laboratory around here with a Death Sworn (dedication) point.
    • Latex Toy Factory: The Latex Toy Factory makes a ton of sexually themed toys of all types and sizes, though judging from its latest experimental products it has started leaning towards living toys? Their latest products eagerly await your test run and eventual approval and if you look around you may find a pair of Dildodos that will try to entertain you even further! Something about this place isn't quite right though... Delving deeper might be dangerous it sounds like there might be ferals back there!
    • Cozy Cottage: Judging by the photos around this cozy little home, this place belongs to Sascha the Collie and Lovey the Cow. Judging by the look of the place its been years since anyone was last here though, its's really too bad as this home was made with so much detail, a beauty long forgotten. There is a scarecrow in the garden that can take a real beating, perfect for boxing, and in the attic there is a chest for storing one's stuff, but as anyone can access it, there's no telling if it will still be there when you need it again, perhaps its best to use it as a charity box for those in need who might stumble upon it?
    • Arogya Clinic: This clinic closed when the outbreak started, but eventually was reopened to help those in need. Most of the work done here seems to be focused on the shop in front. This shop sells many items such as Mojo which surpasses viagra in its sexual properties, Compatibility Charms to help partners so far different in size that assistance is needed, and Darwin's Pass which allows people of the same gender a chance to breed.
    • Nu-Theta Site 0017:
    • DrakkanGuard: Inside an office building to the south east are the ruins of Drakkanguard, only accessible by a tunnel subtly hidden in the collapse of the front of the building. The doorways surrounding this former front lobby are all filled with rubble to prevent entry and the stairwell is in the process of being reconstructed. In the corner is a campsite with a matress, a wok over the firepit, a homemade grill, padlocked boxes and atop them is a series of photographs.
    • Athapaskian Community Hall: Word of mouth with the few sane locals around here points to an old corner store being the Athapaskian community Hall. Looking around just reveals a scavenged and empty garage and store front, a rooftop, and what seems to be someone's room. Apparently there was an attempt to form a new government at this site, but as the leader has not been seen in years who knows what might have happened to this group.
    • Surrogate Brotherhood ruins: The Surrogate Brotherhood's main headquarters were once located here, but now all that remains of the HQ is rubble and shattered glass. Sadly a crew consisting of a malicious wolf armed with laser weaponry, a small army of drones, and a dragon capable of assuming a titanic size were decidedly too overwhelming for the brotherhood to handle, forcing them to flee as their HQ was toppled to the ground behind them. The group has successfully moved on to become a core part of the city of Glenstock, while the attackers are still at large somewhere around Fairhaven.
    • Cat Cabal: The Cat Cabal group is long defunct, but their old hangout still exists. At first glance their common room looks like an old junkies crib and the kitchen is barely functional albeit with a milking machine, but the attic is spotless. Despite the group's inactivity it seems others still come here to conduct business with each other.
    • Public Library: The Public Library is still a source of knowledge, despite the nanite's desire to nibble away at everything for resources to make more nanites, and most of the written works here are intact thanks to the research into paper preservation and others being digitized in time, but the library is still far different than it was before P-day. Skunk girls have banded together for self preservation, taking up residence here and though they maintain the library they have added a medical wing and also research Skunks (Crafting Alliance) technology and ways to handle/defend against skunk beasts despite their inherent detrimental attraction to one another. In addition to all this the Library is a quest hub and also offers Recursion (dedication) for those who want to ease into becoming Nanite Adepts!
    • Westlies Exotic Species and Consorts: The entrance to this love den is safe, but if you have no desire to fight then enjoy this room and stay away from the stairs leading to the cave below. To those who visit it regularly it is called the Kangaroo's court, here ferals that have been seduced by the owner hang out in bliss, drinking, and smoking tobacco. The ferals seem to enjoy having an alpha or someone to tell them what to do and the girl at the counter suggests that the owner is willing to part with them for a price.