NW Quadrant of The City

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The more dangerous parts of the NW Quadrant in The City are home to the usual Female Huskys looking for sex or to bring back new members of the pack for their Alphas, Blue Gryphons encouraging passerbys to drink their milk because, "It is good for you!", wandering Skunk Beasts trashing the place, bouncing Rubber Balls, Skunk Girls hunting for a skunk beast to dominate them, an occasional Latex Fox hoping to show someone else the joys of latex, and Raccoon Guys sifting through the trash and wreckage for anything they can call treasure! Around December Christmas Skunk Chicks also appear in the area though noone knows where they hide out the rest of the year. These are just the usual sources of danger though, if you take a wrong turn or accidentally enter a dark room without looking... Lets just say that you could end up lurking where you fell... Looking for your next victim!


This is currently an older map of all Fairhaven and needs to be updated.

A map of Fairhaven and its surrounding areas is available

Fairhaven Map.png

Major Areas

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  • Sewers:
  • Grassland: Some of the mutant guards for New Dawn are a bit overeager to defend their new home or maybe they are still having trouble controlling themselves around others and thats why they are ouside of New Dawn and not in it. If you can get past them then this path connects New Dawn and Fairhaven together.
  • Circus: The giant tent still stands somewhat with rips here and there, the bleachers are riddled with cobwebs, trash blows in the wind across the ruined fairway, the ferris wheel is still erect yet unmoving, the carnival games lie smashed and scattered, and scurrying mutants rove about hidden in the ruins of childhood dreams.
  • Alley: Fairhaven has many alleys, but this one in particular seems to be overrun by canine mutants although you may find a stray vulpine here and there. In addition to that this alley kind of sneaks into the safe area around Zephyr Tower so it is something for residents of the safe zone to be careful of. If you can get past the mutants a bunch of ruined buildings line this alley there is a gun shop with a hidden shelter, a corner store, an antique shop, a taco barn, a coffee shop, and a clothing store.
  • Petshop Of Cuteness: Cutey's Pet Shop has certainly seen better days, pet shop supplies litter the shop and mutants roam the aisles freely. Its probably best to not confuse this small Mom and Pop pet shop with the far more dangerous one across the street. Surprisingly there are more types of ferals roaming this place than the larger one across the way, though the ones here tend to be cuter.
  • Pet Shop of Horrors: This corporate chain pet store was probably once close to wiping out the mom and pop competition across the street, but P-day changed all that eliminating both competitors at once. A locked room in the back can be accessed with the right code and a certain cage in this shop looks most likely to help with that. In the basement of the shop if you can figure how to get that far is a potted plant. If you mess with it you will fight a boss and find out why this is called the pet shop of horrors and not its original name of PetCo!