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Fairhaven is full of mutants and outside the safe zone, more often than not, they are quite feral. Most city streets are dominated by eight different forms, but here in NE The City a whole different variety of forms have taken control. Up above in the skies, on the rooftops, and soaring out of holes in the upper stories of buildings are the Shadow Dragons. Powerful enough to not need gangs they often live on their own and dive down to grab their prey so you can't walk these streets without keeping an eye trained upwards, though it is safer during the day as they prefer to hunt at night. Gangs of Male Alley Cats rule here whenever the Shadow Dragons aren't about and since their female counterparts are often hanging out at the nightclub on the other side of the city they are often looking for a piece of tail to pleasure themselves whether that tail can handle their barbed feline cocks or not! The street corners here often have Bunny Girls on them turning tricks for carrots and freecred. Not all Bunny Girls are like that though. Most tend to be more timid and hide from the predators unless they spot a lone male which they will meekly beckon back to their den for a randy night with the rest of the warren. After all rabbits have a compulsion to propogate and multiply! Afterwards if they did not succumb to the Bunny Girl infection they are left weak and worn out on the street too confused and dazed by the night's events to remember clearly where their den was exactly. Perfect for the Vixen Nurses to prey upon, though anyone weak or sick will also fit the bill. The feral Vixen Nurses aren't allowed in the functional hospitals around here, but that doesn't stop them from hanging around, looking to pounce upon those in need who are headed to a hospital. Once they have their "patient" they drag them away and nurse them to health in their own personal way, often with an injection of jizz. The latex infection has spread to this corner of the city as well, but mostly in the form of Latex Snow Leopards perhaps they are better adapted to the cold temperatures here and being feline helps whenever they have to interact with the gangs of cats that dominate this corner of the city. Regardless they are all too eager to spread their latex infection to anyone not strong enough to resist! Someone has to feed these mutants though and the Pink Pandas have taken up that role, walking down the street with their jiggling bountiful breasts full of pink milk they alone are least afraid of the streets which is quite surprising as being of a color that bright they have practically no way to hide. The Pink Pandas are left alone because they offer their milk freely to anyone in need and tend to run the majority of food locations in the area. Working out of wrecked food trucks and shattered diners they don't have the most pleasant of places to eat, but for a feral you take what you can get!


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A map of Fairhaven and its surrounding areas is available

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Major Areas

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  • Old Factory: This place used to be for constructing cars apparently but has fallen into disuse... Or at least thats what the appearance from outside would suggest. There is a small safe zone inside and a barred door that if you pass through it you may find ferals that do not appear on the terminal.
  • Snowed in road: The cold here bites you to the bone and mutants lurk in the snow, but if you go far enough you may dedicate yourself to Fenrir!
  • Techno Safari: What must have once been a roller coaster park is now something of a mix between a Daff Punk music video and a jungle rave! The plants are all dark colors with glowing luminescence weaving through them in bright neon colors and quite a few of them weirdly enough, have speakers blaring their music across the zone. Not only do the plants glow, but the shimmering river does as well, probably because of the stones beneath the surface. The mutants here sure know how to party!
  • Fairhaven Park: A sprawling patchwork of lawns, gardens, meadows, lakes, and paths that go in every direction but straight, a place that was designed for leisure. But now, slowly, lakes have become swamps and lawns have become jungles made of lianas, filling the air with the smell of decay. Mutant plants, Honey Bears, giant bees, If you explore the park deeply enough you may discover Tiashat who is looking to find help to bring to her Hidden Camp.
  • Xanadu Gardens: Originally the eastern part of Fairhaven Park with it's own forest and creek, some insane overgrowth has walled off this section keeping the infectious mutants of fungal and drug-plant persuasions in the gardens. The forest and creek are still there once you get past its fountain, but the rest of the place is now filled with drug producing plants and fungi that are barely related to their counterparts from preP-day. The fountain happens to be a fishing hole if you ever feel like fishing up pond scum, goldfish, or crawfish! But perhaps one should take precautions to not breathe, eat, or linger too long here as you may suffer halucinations, mood swings, and a lack of judgement with prolonged exposure.
  • Zoo: The zoo was once a place to watch exotic creatures from far away in a safe environment, but ever since P-day exotic creatures roam the grounds that you could only wish were far away, luckily if you need a breather the main entrance and the performance area seem to be safe for now. The zoo offers the Kangaroo dedication if you can prove to the Kangaroo God that you are worthy and several zones filled with exotic mutants to experience if you can't avoid them.
  • Prroud Girl Gang Street: Barricaded off in the northeast section of the city is Prroud Girl Gang territory, a gang of feral felines comprised of 3 types of feline mutants own this turf and mark their territory proudly. The romantic vista where teens would go for a romantic view of the city is just up the hill if you can make it that far. If you travel through the former rich residential area you could find the Prroud Girl's den, a decadent nest of felines, filled with their thick scents and intense purring.