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The Azure Hidden Camp is safe place located in a clearing surrounded by massive trees and dense foliage. Inside the clearing is a landing pad, a medical cabin, a small shop in the common tent and a training area. there are two notable figures within the camp. Tiashat a 12 foot draconic humanoid with both large wings and a saddle on her back and Desmos... Well he is kinda hard to look at right now, but he is useful for accessing the University. Talking with Tiashat reveals that the Azure Claw is a group running the camp, looking to bring peace to the city.


This map needs to be updated.

Major Areas

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  • Bozeman South Park: A conifer jungle surrounds the hidden camp in the area formerly known as Bozeman South Park. Violent storms and dense cover overhead prevent you from seeing the sky above. Time is meaningless here and the rain above is somehow filtered into a fine mist that descends upon you as you explore this jungle. If you dare to enter this jungle be wary of feral wyverns, wurms, and wyrms that can pop out of seemingly nowhere in the dense undergrowth that quickly surrounds daring explorers. A swamp is hinted at to the south but currently there is no way to access it.
  • Bozeman University: This campus has seen better days with the cafeteria now a lake, the dorms now used for nests filled with eggs, and whatever else used to be here has been replaced with a crater and a tree so gigantic that its roots branching out above your head are as thick as trees themselves. Did I mention the dinosaur like ferals that roam what used to be a university for learning?