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The Highway Once the busiest travel route of the entire city; now little more than a wasteland of asphalt. Still traveling down this long road leads to many places perfect for exploration and adventure.


This map is currently the best we have short of the Overworld map. It needs to be updated.


Major Areas

Clicking on the small maps will lead to a larger version.

  • Fairhaven: Located in the state of California is the point of first release of the Promethean Nanites, and also the headquarters of Zephyr, who with RSX created the Promethean Nanites in the first place. Fairhaven, along with Woodfield, is the primary location of the Flexible Survival game. The City of Fairhaven is quite large and is also home to many forms of mutants.
  • Aassahke Encampment: Located just outside of town, this small encampment of coyotes that call themselves the Aassahke are related to Coyote only by sharing a similar form. The Namidian dedication point is here along with a very interesting quest which must be completed to access it. If you aren't careful you may walk away with a mate you weren't planning on having!
  • Convention Center: Also located just outside of town, this zone is divided up between the parking lot and the main hall. This place must have been having a Cosplay convention going on when P-day hit or perhaps it just attracted all the mutants here that have strong ties to cosplay? If you search the main hall thoroughly enough you may find a booth with a quest which allows access to the Lunar Touched dedication!
  • The Silver Whip: This establishment is a little further down the highway and offers a place for players to buy and sell items. Looking around the place, though, it is evident that more goes on behind the scenes here for those with the right access. Designed to be a haven for BDSM Enthusiasts, The Silver Whip is certainly a place to go to find a slave, a pet, a master, or a mistress, though the pickup channel will get you more results. Perhaps this would be a good place to meet up to heighten the mood!
  • Cassidy Farm: The next stop on the highway is a farm that allows weary travelers to take a break in their living room on their way down the Highway. Farmhands seem to have more access to the farm though!
  • Little Blessing Acres: Despite the overworld's map suggesting this location can be reached by walking, the only way to access this garden is from the overworld. Unless it connects to Cassidy Farm of course. This garden is merely an access point to a larger farm if you know the right people. Still a garden full of fruits, veggies, and sunflowers might be just the place you are looking to RP in!
  • The Dog Pound: A two story building that screams out danger! From the howls, barks, claw marks, and splintered wood, that is about all you can gather from this place. Truthfully, it's a work in progress and it would be best to check this place out later!
  • Weapon Master: Down this path is a small cottage home to Diya The Weapon Master. If you can get him to deem you worthy you gain access to the Weapon Master dedication point.
  • Dank Caverns: This is an unusual cave system that seems to strangely resemble something feminine. If you look close enough you may find a lake, a catacomb, or even A hatchery filled with eggs in the honeycombed walls. There be vampiric creatures and rock lobsters here!
  • River: Following alongside the Highway for a good ways, it is a little surprising that there is only one place to access the river. The river is thick with ferals, spans a good distance, and reaches quite a few places of it's own.
  • Cat Town: This is a small town and yet it is a haven to those of the feline persuasion. Feline related jobs can be found here and a nice lake to RP at.
  • Corn Maze: It's a maze! With Corn! What more could you want!? Maybe a reward at the end? Of course you have to get past all those ferals hidden in the corn first.
  • Red Fox Building: Hidden in the middle of the Highway, you can find this Zephyr associated building. This building has 3 rooms open to the public. The first 2 rooms seem to be all work, no play. The third room is a recreation room and, judging by the drains, couches, and sex toys, this might just be a fun place to RP!
  • Rolling Hills: The hills are alive with mutants! This zone stretches from the desert to the foothills of the mountains.
  • Arborwatch Manor: Found on the outskirts of the Eastern forest as no more than a bare structure in desperate need of repair, Arborwatch Manor was refurbished and furnished thanks to the efforts of Otto (the current owner) and Jill (a close friend). The structure is two stories tall, although the second floor is still in renovation and thusly off-limits as of the 15th of March, 2017. The estate is constantly under the watchful eye of Harold the housekeeper, who is instructed to defend and maintain it in exchange for calling it his second home. Stop by any time.
  • Maplewood Retreat: A retreat away from the city, this lodge is just beautiful and in such good condition! Just the thing to get away from it all! The lodge also offers accommodations for those who wish to rent a room.
    • Sheephole Valley: Found by travelling through Maplewood Retreat. This valley is home to some strong mutant forms, an unexplained crater, a crumbling watchtower, a cliff, a grassy field, and some mineral pools.
  • Strip Mall: This mall is perfect for a stroll on the town. Inside there is a pancake house, a coffee shop, a vintage theatre, Club Radiance, and... an Arcade.
    • Arcade: This arcade is pretty expensive to enter; however the mutants here are quite unique! This location Houses not just a bunch of arcade machines, but games of skill, games making use of your whole body, and there's even a ball pit!
  • Somnium Arbors: This forest is haunted by a fair amount of mutants hiding within a fog that isn't a fog. It's... really hard to explain. Deep inside, a swirling vortex heightens the mysteries of this forest.
  • Scrublands: One of the few locations where compasses don't work and even a map can fail you. The scrublands go on and on, but if you are persistant and can fight your way past the ferals, you may find that they lead to a few interesting places.
  • East Forest: The area is thick with feral mutants and the forest itself seems to have been infected by the nanites. There is more ahead if you explore deeper inside.
  • Sagan Memorial Observatory: This observatory's telescope no longer works, but the memorial for the Space Shuttle Challenger still appears to be in good condition. Further inside it gets more high tech with drones, holographic screens, and a large black obelisk that hums... Its possible to rent a room and there is also a medical aid station if you need to heal your wounds.
  • Outside Fairhaven: Its the end of the world as we know it! Ok, maybe its just the end of Fairhaven. Out here the nanites grow weaker and weaker as you near the far edge of the bubble. Once you leave death becomes a real possibility, but the road ends with a collapsed bridge just short of leaving the bubble so you should be fine. Along the way to the edge there are still feral mutants, a fortified farm with no entrance, and a road littered with cars turned coffins ever since P-day when the poor souls inside tried to flee.
    • Hank's Munitions: Well it looks like Hank here decided that mutants have all the money and he wants some, but he wants to remain human and isn't stupid. So Hank moved himself right to the edge of the bubble and is selling survival gear to those who are willing to go the distance. Hank's wares are precious things to behold and equip, fully moddable, and even comes with a free upkept mod. Poor bugger wants to remain human, you just have to pity a guy like him.