SE Quadrant of The City

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This is currently an older map of all Fairhaven and needs to be updated.

A map of Fairhaven and its surrounding areas is available

Fairhaven Map.png

Major Areas

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  • Curvy Gym: Curvy Gym was originally intended by Zephyr as a way for its agents to work out and get more in shape, but someone gave up on that rather quickly. A large hole in the wall leads directly to Sloppy Seconds another Zephyr run facility focused on feeding its agents, possibly feeding them more than their own good! Two things should be noted here, first Zephyr allows their agents to fight here so technically there are no ferals here and secondly the food was all created using cum and milk using the chef's nanomagic.
  • Living Museum External: Before P-day far the Living Museum was famous for its animatronic attractions for the children and thus gained its name for their almost living appearance. Now what is left of it lies to the southeast of Zephyr filled with mutants. It was a place for the animatronics inside to bring life to the the bones of the past, but now the life inside has turned the anaimatronics into the bones of the past.
    • Living Museum Internal: The interior of the museum is remarkably intact considering the awfully large prehistoric ferals that roam around here. Perhaps a few of them worked here back in the day when the museum gave tours, brought understanding to adults, and amazement to children. That must be it as things are just too tidy, you haven't seen one puddle of sperm since you left the street!
    • Living Museum Burial Mound: Its surprising that burial mounds were discovered here in the city on such a scale, right beside the museum no less, but here they are. Venturing inside will lead you to face feral mutants you may wish were dead and buried, but they are quite alive and there is something chilling about this place. At the bottom the reason becomes clear when you discover the Anubis Servant dedication point.
  • Parking Garage Two: Parking Garage Two is one of those places in Fairhaven that the sight of it gives you a fair idea of how things happened on P-day. So many cars here parked in such a way that its clear they were trying to escape, others strewn about or crushed by some of the larger ferals that lurk in the garage.
  • Secret Lair: Hidden beneath Westlies Exotic Species and Consorts is a secret lair where the ferals are quicker to defend their territory than the ones up above. Down here they grow tobacco in an unorthodox way, have a little fun on the side, enjoy their hot spring, and take care of their children. If you go past the trapdoor with fourteen seperate locks you may find the most dangerous mutant in Fairhaven, Emilie the Abyss Lioness, a boss in her own right!
  • Latex Toy Factory:Delving deeper into the factory is dangerous as the workers all of a latex nature capture intruders and use them for their latest experiments, turning them into toys! Though the fact that the latex is sentient and mass producing itself to turn everyone it can into a sex toy is creepy, the largest threat may be the Boss of a Polyethylene Dragon at the end of the conveyor belt!