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This guide is still a Work In Progress. If you can edit the wiki, feel free to make this guide better!

Think this guide is too long? Wanting something a bit more compact? Check out the Newbie FAQ!

Don't know how MU*s work? Have no idea what to do? Too shy to ask around the channels? Then this guide is FOR YOU! Yes, YOU! Absolute newcomer!

First off, whenever you see text like this, it means it's a game command, something you're supposed to type and send to the game.

Of extreme, absolute, total and ball busting importance: READ! This cannot be emphasized enough, but you REALLY, REALLY need to READ and PAY ATTENTION to things!

And remember, this is a multiplayer game focused on COOPERATION. This means that most of the community there is willing to interact with you in a positive way. No need to be shy!


MU* client?

Other than using the Direct Control link on the web, you can also connect to the game via a MU client. Two of the lighter ones are BeipMU and PotatoMU, as, even on Windows, they require no installation to run. You can check other clients to use on this other page.

In any MU client, connecting to the game world is easy. Most will ask you to add a world. The address is, the port is 2000. If your client supports encryption, the encrypted port is 2002. Once you click to connect, you'll be greeted with the login screen.

Making your character

The first thing the page will ask you for is to select a faction. It will affect your starting location and some NPC (Non-Player Character) interactions. Don't worry, you won't lose anything by choosing one faction over another. In the end, it acts mostly as choosing your starting point and who got your character up and running, so to speak.


While the other starting perks are pretty self explanatory, prepackage deserves extra attention. Once you finish your character and log into the game (direct control), you will have to use the prepackage command. You can use it at any time after you created your character.


For your first character, you may want to skip this completely, save for these: Adapted Metabolism – Better healing effects Adaptative Immunities – Resistance to debuffs (bad statuses) Nanite Fueled – Increases your damage Nanite Reinforced – Increased defense These flaws will actually help you out, giving you combat advantages! The downside is that every combat turn you will use Builder Nanites to keep these effects ongoing. Builder Nanites are easy to acquire and are also relatively cheap (less than 1 cred per nanite), but you may run low on them early on, so do keep that in mind. You can jump to this part to know how to get more of these nanites.

Now, choose your starting gender. Don't worry, unless you later pick some specific perks, your gender will be subject to change a lot.

All ready? Then hit Submit!


Perks are very important extras that help you define your character better, as well as give some very useful bonuses! You do not need to spend them all right away, you can save them for later!

The ones that a new player will most probably want on his/her new character as soon as possible:

  • At Least One Penis/At Least One Vagina/Always Herm – These perks will ensure that the character never loses the respective genitals, herms always having at least one penis and one vagina. These perks will NOT prevent the character from gaining extra genitals. This means that if you have At Least One Penis and get infections from a female form, say a Female Husky, you WILL get breasts AND a vagina.
  • No Penis/No Vagina/No Genitals – These perks, on the other hand, will ensure that your character NEVER grows the selected genitals. No Vagina characters will NEVER grow vaginas or breasts (unless they have the Breasts perk). No Penis will NEVER get penises or balls.

Without any of the above perks, your character's gender will be determined by the mutations s/he currently has.

Pay extra attention to the perks that give infection resistances! For a first character, it would be better to not get any of these right away! Explore the game first, learn the ropes, then get the resistances! No need to be afraid of transforming, you can always get another form back, even a human's!

I don't want to live with this perk anymore!

Mistakes happen, and luckily, every player can remove a perk from their characters. This is a two step procedure to do so. First, log in via Direct Control. Type +jnote. It will list your perks. Now, type +mako/perknuke number, where number is the number of the perk as listed with the +jnote command. Say the perk you want to get rid of is number 3. +mako/perknuke 3. Poof, like magic, it's gone! All nukes done in the first week are free. Afterwards, you have two free nukes. Finally, after you spend those, every perk nuked will cost 1 mako per point up to a max of 5 for one perk.

Long and Short Descriptions

Unless you plan on having a character without anything to make it unique, you will want to give it a nice description. Do note that how your body looks like is always determined by what mutations you have, but it doesn't mean that every skunk mutant looks exactly the same!

First, you'll want to set a short description first. You can do that via web, under Personal->Settings[1], or via editplayer command on direct control (editplayer; n; 8). This description appears whenever someone glances the room. It's not meant to be overly long, since it's the "first impression" of your character!

Next up is the long description. Just like the short description, you can set it under the Personal->Settings page or with editplayer option 2. This one is what people will see once they look at you, and this is where you want to make your character really special! Go wild!

A neat trick for descriptions is that you can also change the colors of the text! Here's how you do it:

What to write How it will show
His ^forest^green shirt ^normal^is very pretty! His green shirt is very pretty!
Those ^14^light blue eyes^normal^ have a ^5^supernatural^normal^ thing to them. Those light blue eyes have a supernatural thing to them.

As you can see, everything after the ^color^ will be shown with the new color, unless changed again. The 16 colors are (light/dark):

  • 15 - white / 16 - black
  • 7 - gray (normal) / 8 - dark gray
  • 14 - cyan/6 - aqua
  • 12 - blue/4 - navy
  • 9 - red/1 - crimson
  • 13 - magenta/5 - purple
  • 11 - yellow/3 - brown
  • 10 - green/2 - forest

All set? Then let's dive right into the actual game!

Basic Stuff 101

Okay, now you got your brand new character ready! You really should login through Direct Connection and see how the game actually looks (hint: lots of text). Some commands that can be used towards something: pull






The Beginning tm.

The first thing you will notice is that there is a room description right off the bat! And also two Warnings. If you want to make those warnings disappear right away, skip to this part. Notice how things are separated? Here is the rundown:

  • [Area name] Room name
  • Room description
  • --Contents of Room name--
  • Players: Actual players and their [current status]
  • Things: NPCs or other stuff

That's a ton of info, ain't it? In your first room, take your time to either check or talk to the Things listed. A whiteboard and a Requisitions Clerk. You don't need to type out the full name (most of the time), so check clerk or check board will suffice! Read what each has to offer and reply accordingly, you can do it on your own, I believe in you!

Starting equipment

Done? You're in doubt what to answer to the Clerk, whether you should start with the pistol and medkit or the chainsword? Worry not! Either is a good help at the start and you can always buy the other stuff later. The medkit isn't single use, you equip it and you can use it during combat as many times as you need to! The chain sword helps deal more damage. In either case, you can buy the other items anyway, and around level 10 you may not be using those items too much. Done now, right? Of course you are! Wait, you want to know how to equip it? You skipped the clerk teaching you to, didn't you? Don't lie, you did it! I'm a nice person, so I'll teach you!

Now that you got the items, you can type i, inv or inventory to see your inventory! Any time it looks too cluttered, you can i sort, inv sort to sort it out alphabetically! Okay, if you use itemnumber, you will equip it. Say the medkit is the first item listed. Use 1 will try and use it. Being an equipment, you'll equip it. On the other hand, simply typing i itemnumber, as in, i 1, i 2, will show the description of the item in said slot. Neat, huh?

How do you remove it, now? If you type eq or +gear, you'll see what you currently have equipped, again with numbers. Type remove itemnumber and poof! Unequipped! Like magic! If you're not sure what one equipped item is or does, you can type load itemnumber to see its description. Now that you are fully equipped (not really, but you're good enough to go), it's time to go out and explore the world!

Can I get the other stuff?

As a matter of fact, yes you can! In any room without a shop, type list items
Items you can buy anytime
. It'll show a couple of basic equipment you can take for yourself at a relatively low price. To buy, just type buy full item name.

On second thought, hold on just a minute and only go to the next room! If you're either RSX or Zephyr, the next room you go into will have more NPCs. One of them will give you a Tutorial – Basic Crafting quest!

Your first quest!

Which NPC should you talk to? Well, half the fun is finding out stuff! check and talk to each NPC, you may have to speak more than once, many NPCs actually do give different messages if you bother them enough! It's always a nice idea to talk or check at least three times, for good measure.

Get the quest and follow the instructions. This time, don't skip anything, pay attention! Also, when you craft, DO NOT equip the item yet! Finish the quest before equipping it! And always keep in mind: talk to the same NPC more than once, always! If you do everything right, you will receive 10 thousand creds plus some armor!

As a Promethean (Prommie)

If you've started out as a prommie, things are bit farther away than starting as Zephyr or RSX. To get your first crafting quest, you will have to move in the following directions: south





west Assuming you were inside the Medical Hut when you started, you will end up in the Roundhouse, in a room with a NPC named Eric the Crafter.

There you go, now you have two weapons, an extra armor and 10.000 creds! But before you head out and fight the nasty and naughty ferals, a word from our advertisers!

Transformations and You

Transformations are a big part of the game. It is by getting infections that you gain access to other powers, hence the importance of not being completely immune to them right from the start if you're a new player! Infections happen in 7 different parts of the body:

  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Ass
  • Groin
  • Torso
  • Head
  • Skin

Each infected part may or may not give you access to one or more powers. You can check your current infections with the mut command. Either mut alone or mut me will do the trick. Even more amazing, you can type mut playername to see other players' mutations! We'll get on more details about it later.

If you got the Prepackage during character creation, you can choose a form to infect you right from the start, typing the command prepackage. The choices are limited to your starting location (you can spend mako to increase the number of choices), you can either pick one or choose at random. This will allow you to already have a small selection of powers from the start. There are well over 500 forms spread around the game, each having wildly different sizes and appearances. Some are based on real animals, some are more fantastic looking, some are a mix, others are nightmare fuel, so there is a big chance that you'll find something for your tastes!

If you didn't pick a perk to set your gender, it'll be defined by your genitals (or lack of). You can be listed either as male, female, herm or neuter.

Organ sizes

Other than changing the way each part of your body looks like, infections can also change the sizes of your genitals, something you can see with size, breast or groin commands. If you type the command and a target, it'll show the target's sizes, like size enemy.

Part Soft cap Related perks
Breasts 4 Just One, Many Breasted
Breast Size 16 Heavy Breasted, Size King, Compact Breasts, Small Breasted, Passing Grade Chest
Clits None Just One
Clit Length None None
Cunts None Just One
Cunt Depth 18 Modest Vagina
Cocks None Just One
Cock Length 18 Modest Cock
Balls None No balls, Never Drop a Ball
Ball Size 20 Tanuki Grade, Compact Balls, Humble Balls, Prized Jewels

It's very important to note that infection resistance/immunity will also protect your organs from changing sizes. Having either the Looks Human or Look Native will NOT block your genitals from changing sizes!

Unless you take Sexually Stable perk, which permanently locks your genitals into what you currently have when you take it, you can still change them by taking some pills that you can buy over [The Mall]: Lisa's Blissful House. You can also check the Web's Shop link.

Other than these, you will can also shrink and grow the overall size, or height of the character. This can go from less than a foot (size 1) to damn over 100 feet, with the right perks and dedications. Organ sizes are related to the owner's own size.

This sounds fun! I want to get infected!

So, how do you get infections? Let's start with the most common type: Combat!


Every enemy attack that hits you and deals at least 3 damage has a chance of infecting a random part of your body. The chance is random, you could receive over 100 attacks and not get any infection, or you could start getting infections every other attack that hits you! Losing a combat (or submitting to an enemy) may trigger a defeat message. The enemy will have some fun with you and most of the time will cause an infection on you!

Infection Vials

An old example of vials, before they were all colleced in the nisd command. In order: Number on the inventory, Name, Level and Quantity

You can buy vials from various shops around the game. These vials are player supplied, which means you are indirectly buying from someone else, which means anyone can get them. It's important to have a Basic Nanite Collector or better equipped, otherwise you won't get any infection vials.

Once you have that equipped, the Research proficiency is what actually dictates the chance of a vial dropping from a defeated enemy. With about 20 points, the chances are something around 20%, while 30 seems to bump it close to 50%, maybe higher. Once you find some vials, you can type nisd or vials to view them. Consuming a vial will target a random body part to transform. To target specific parts for transformation, you will need to get a Nanite Hypo, which can be acquired in the Token Store (Token Redemption on the web page), Up and East from the Zephyr Lobby.

Coyote Players, aka Yotes

Some players follow the Coyote dedication, usually called yotes by other players. Their powers allow them to transform other players into forms that they have mastered. Some can even change only specific parts of your body, or even just your size or number of genitals! 07-24-2017 UPDATE - Coyotes need to spend battery charge to transform other players that do NOT have the form mastered. If the target player also has the form mastered, it consumes energy, the same used for combat powers, from the Coyote

NPC “Interaction”

And by interaction of course it means fucking them. This is an adult game with a focus on this, so obviously you can do that! You can have some hot times with a few select NPCs, and most of them pass their infections on to you once you do that. Possibly the most well known are Obsidian, a female shadow dragon, and her special friend, Violet, a hermaphrodite blue gryphon. Having sex with them is the easiest way of getting infected (and mastering!) those two forms.

Form Mastery? Did I get stronger?

No. I know, what a bummer. Or a misnomer. Either way, mastering a form gives you two things:

  1. A small money prize (either 1, 2 or 3 thousand creds);
  2. Access to it with dedications.

Every dedication costs mako, and some, like Coyote and Nanite Adept, use their list of mastered forms to change others or themselves, respectively. You can check which forms you have mastered with listforms or list forms. Even if you don't plan on getting any dedication, mastering forms is a quick and easy (sometimes) way to get a few extra bucks, which is incredibly useful early in the game!

A whole new world to explore!

Look at you! All geared up and full of knowledge to explore the world! I'm so proud of you! Here, sweetie, don't forget your map! And your cartographer! Let me explain how to use them:

  • map – This is a simple command that will list the nearby exits.
  • cart – Now this baby is a lot more useful. It will show you your current room (marked with an X, somewhere in the middle) and all the nearby rooms AND their exits, labeling them! Do note that you will need a monospaced font (all characters having the same spacing, like Courier New or Liberation Mono) to get a proper map.

Hey, this direction is colored differently!

While out there exploring, you will notice some directions in yellow, gray, white or purple color.

  • Yellow colored directions mean that you're about to enter a safe place. No enemies to be found, you can rest and catch your breath here without a problem.
  • Gray colored directions indicate that you're entering a place with enemies, but you're too strong for whatever they are, and thus you will not be ambushed.
  • White colored directions means you're going into a place where enemies are about your level.
  • Magenta (light purple, pink) colored directions are the worst. It means that place is a high level area, and chances are you'll be beaten pretty quick if you dare step there.

Finding, knowing and avoiding enemies

Important notice: The game received an update around December 31 2016 where it did away with random combat. The only way to get into a fight is by manually using the search command!

An example of the output provided by the +haz command. Notice that the Overlevel under Spawning means the character's level is too high to find any enemies.

If you've already stepped outside a bit, you may have noticed the message (Your hazard monitor emits a <sound>. If you type +haz, you'll know whether the area has any enemies and the levels they may spawn. If you're not sure what you may encounter on the next room, you can also type +haz direction, like +haz e or +haz n. That is a very useful trick to avoid bad times with overpowered enemies! On the lower end of the window you will notice two acronyms, DN and PH, probably DN-0 and PH-0. These are the difficulty settings you currently have. Here is the explanation of what they mean and the three ways to change them.

  • DN, Danger Rating – This means how hard the enemies you encounter will be. Can be changed in game with the command web #difficultylevel [-1 to 4], for instance, web #difficultylevel -1 for the easiest level.
  • PH, Pheromones – Enemy quantity, how many extra enemies you may find during each combat. Can be changed in game with the command web #difficultyquantity [-1 to 4]

You can also find Danger and Pheromone technician npcs over the 1st floor above either Zephyr or RSX lobbies. Talking to them will allow you to change the levels. Last but not least, you can change the difficulties anytime with the web interface. Look on the right, under your Level and EXP, you'll see two sliding bars: Enemy Level and Enemy Quantity.

This is what +haz shows whenever you're in an area without enemies.

On the RSX and Zephyr upper floor, you will also notice a Terminal. This is one of the most useful things in the game. Type terminal and you will get a list of all the places that are more or less suitable to your current level! If you type terminal form name, like terminal shadow dragon, the terminal will list all the places that shadow dragons appear as ferals that you can fight!

Mentor - When you're too strong

Enemies won't appear at all if you are too strong for them to handle! In game terms, this means that if you are more than 3 levels above the maximum of the area, you'll find no enemies, no matter how many times you search. For instance, if an area's max level is 10, enemies will still appear up to level 12, but if the character searching is level 13, he or she will find nothing. To see the maximum level of the area, type +haz, it'll show up after RECOMMENDED TRAINING LEVEL: minlvl - maxlvl.

But fret not! There is one command to help you out with this, mentor. Typing mentor followed by a number will set your level to that number, so long as it's under your current real level. Say you're level 28, you can mentor to any level up to 28. If you type mentor -1, you'll be brought back to your real level!

How do I get to this place?

There are another two very useful commands for exploration:

  • atrace – Area tracing, the name that appears in [brackets] when you look at a room. Say you need to find your way to The Mall. You simply type atrace the mall and wait for the results. If you're not getting any results, check for typos.
  • rtrace – Room tracing, the use is similar to atrace, but it looks for a room instead of an area, the name after the [brackets]. Say the room you need to find is named bathroom, type rtrace bathroom.

Combat Fighting – HYYAAA!

So out exploring you went and you suddenly got ambushed! Woe is upon you! Actually, woe is upon your enemies, for you are a player! And they're nothing but computer generated enemies! Time to draw some blood (not yours, theirs, of course).

IMPORTANT – There is an in-depth guide to combat, much better than this section! Check it by clicking anywhere in this line! You can even skip this section and just read that guide instead!

Starting Combat

If you're looking to pick a fight with some enemies, you may want to go check the terminal for a list of areas around your level range. You can check it for free on the second floor hub of the Zephyr and RSX lobbies.

Use atrace to get directions to that area. Once you're there, you should see a message something like "Your hazard monitor emits a cautionary chirp. (+haz)" Use the command search to spend one patrol point and get fighting!

Do keep in mind that you have to be in the level range to keep summoning mobs: you can use the command mentor (number) to temporarily lower your level.

NOTE: Certain level ranges mean different things for the area alert.

A cautionary chirp means you're in the level range for that area.

A soothing ding means that area does not spawn any mobs.

An alarming buzz means you're too low level for this area.

DebuffMag? HPBuffer? What the hell do all those things even mean???

Luckily, there's a page that already explains a good deal of those jumbled words.

ATB – Understading how the hell things work

The game's combat works more or less based on turns. Every power has a Charge time and a Cooldown time, measured in rounds. Every 1000 points means a full round, so you'll often see values like 5200, 6700, etc. Some powers have a charge of 0 or a negative number, like -100. This means the power fires instantly. Actions with a charge of -750 or lower will not take a turn and allow you to use another power afterwards! Once you've selected to use a power, the game will process stuff until your power acts out, usually being your turn again afterwards. Shorter charges tend to mean that you act more often in combat.

Health and Energy

Health is self explanatory. If it reaches 0, you are defeated. Game over, make another character (not really! More detail below). For the first 5 levels, your health will slowly regenerate during battle to make things slightly easier on you, but after that you're on your own.

Energy is what you use to active most items and powers. You automatically recover a bit every turn, usually 1. Unlike health, it does not increase as you level up. There is one perk and some class abilities that increase it. If run out of energy during a fight and can't perform any of your actions or powers, you can use "rest" to get some energy back. If you're out of energy *and* rest is on cooldown, you can "pass" to skip a round and get some energy back; try to manage your energy levels better to avoid having to do this. For example, if you have mastered a power (see below) that uses a lot of energy, you could level it up and then upgrade it with Energy Conserving to use 25% less energy.


There are a lot of different powers, first thing you should know is the difference between passive powers, toggled and normal ones. Passives are powers that you always benefit from. Static bonuses that stay with your character in and out of combat. Toggled powers have an energy cost. This cost, however, deducts from your maximum energy. The power Juggernaut, for instance, costs 1 energy. If you have a maximum of 100 energy and activate the power, while the power is active, your maximum energy will be 99. These powers can be (de)activated outside of combat too, but that will trigger their cooldown. Normal powers are powers that you use and wait for the result to play out, dealing damage, healing damage, etc. If you type rpinfo name of the power, you will get a window showing all the power does and even what you can upgrade!

Power Upgrades

An August update in the game made powers more flexible (ha!), allowing players to upgrade them much like one upgrades items. Type upgrade to get a list of commands and how to properly upgrade your powers. But here's a quick rundown:

  • To get upgrades, you have to visit the Dojo in New Dawn. The fastest way is by typing upgrade dojo.
  • Once you get an upgrade, to slot it in a power, type upgrade powername=full name of the upgrade. For instance, if you're upgrading Jellied Hide with extra regen, you'll type upgrade jellied hide=regen status enhancement
  • Simply typing upgrade will show all your mastered powers and any upgrades they have installed, if any.

Check the main page about power upgrades for more information. (red link, but the page exists. Go figure...)

Alright alright, but what powers should I have?

Once again, do take a look at this guide for real in-depth combat information.

For starters, you DEFINITELY should master either Lactaid or Deep Healing. They are mutually exclusive, so you can only have either, but they both act the same: instant healing. During earlier levels, you will probably fight lone most of the time, so having Raking Claws, Rending Claws and Flamethrower can help you dish some damage by yourself. Do note that these powers are Damage Over Time, DOT, they will keep causing damage for some rounds after you use them. As you gain access to more areas and more transformations, you will also start to see different powers. Always check them with rpinfo, see which ones interest you most and master the ones that work best with you!

Round 1 – FIGHT!

Okay, onto combat proper now! Once it's your turn, the game'll show you:

  • Your enemies' health
  • Your health
  • Your energy
  • Your powers/items

Your powers appear in white. If any power appears in gray, they'll also have a number in (parenthesis). This means the power is on cooldown and it will take that many rounds until you can use it again. To use a power, you can either type use power name on x, power name, or the first letters of the power. Here are some examples: use flamethrower on 1


flam on 1


In any of the above examples, your character will attempt to use the Flamethrower power. Notice that on two examples there was an extra on 1. This was the target. Most of the time, enemies are numbered to make it easier to target them, since it's common to fight more than one enemy with the same name. You can also set a target with target enemy, target 1, target prime. This way, whenever you use a power, you will automatically target that enemy, unless you override it with use power on target. Once it dies, you won't automatically select a new target, so your powers will randomly target enemies. If you try to use a power that is on cooldown, the game will force you to wait until it's ready to use and then use. In battles where you're just trying to get infected and need to spend most of your rounds doing nothing, this is useful. When you actually need to beat the enemy, this can end up being the reason you get defeated, so pay attention!

Can't I just leave it doing stuff for me?

If you're too bored to keep your eyes in combat, you can also use the auto command to let the game take actions in your stead. Auto on will turn it on, and auto off will turn it off. Simple and straightforward!

Oh my god, I keep getting my ass handed! I suck at combat!

This is common occurrence, but fret not! Try changing powers, mastering different ones with different modifiers. Maybe you were relying too much on a power that nobody uses, because it is too weak. Maybe you are forgetting to use some of your equipment. Maybe you're fighting more than what you can take, who knows! Combat is part of the game, but not the only way to get exp or creds!

Losing is FUN!

No, it isn't. But not all is lost! When you lose, you have two options:

  1. Type respawn and be sent back to your bonded place (if you haven't set one, it'll be your starting place).
  2. Type hero revive to get full health and energy back and get ready to kick the ass of whoever just kicked yours! You have a limit to how many times you can revive this way (4 per day, 5 with a perk).

Do note that every time you fall in combat, you will suffer temporary wounds. These reduce your maximum health, but they go away with time, so long as you're out of combat. You can also spend mako to get rid of them instantly!

My items suck! Where can I get better stuff?

Crafting. Seriously, the only way to get better combat items is by crafting. Ask around the Science channel for good weapon/modifier combinations. Do notice that the very best things are very expensive!

Partying with a PARTY!

There is a good thing about being part of a party while fighting in the game, that being that EXP and Freecred rewards are not divided. Here's an example:

Your character is at level 25 and is fighting a level 25 feral;
Fighting alone, you get 100 exp and 100 creds per feral beaten;
You join a group, all of you are level 25 and fight that same level 25 feral;
EACH character will receive 100 exp and 100 creds after beating it.

See the advantage? The same feral is worth more if there is more people around. Not only that, fighting is significantly easier with more people and tend to be shorter.

Finding a party can be easy, you just need to announce what you're looking for in the LFG channel. lfg I'm looking for a group to help me at area XYZ will print that message on the channel and people may either page you or ask for more info on the channel.

Do note, however, that even if you somehow manage to party with an alt, neither character will earn rewards. - So no lone wolfing there, get social!

I got into a party! Now what?

First, it's good to understand some commands and what they do.

  • pjoin player - Will join the player's party. You will immediately teleport to the other player's location.
  • pmode open/invite/closed - Sets the mode to join the party. When open, anyone that pjoins you will immediately join your party.
  • pleave - Makes you leave the party. You won't be teleported anywhere.
  • pkick - Kicks a player out of the party.
  • pleader playername - Sets another player as the leader of the party. This can be used by any party member. This is mostly used to avoid leaving the party motionless in situations where the leader left for some reason.
  • partymentor # - where # is a number. This will mentor (set the level) of the entire party to #. This number can only go as high as the member with the highest level. Players that are not that high will be set to 2 levels under.
  • pauto - Sets every player to auto combat. Useful when someone goes AFK while it's their turn.

Professions and Duties, because even after the apocalypse, shit needs to work

The nanite apocalypse happened and all the shelters turned out to be a carefully controlled- wait, scratch that, wrong game! Just because everything went to shit doesn't mean your only hopes of money and experience are stuck to murdering your enemies and pillaging their corpses. You can also do work that helps others!

In some specific places, like Eureka, Haretown, Cat Town and Clairmont (those red links should be blue, the pages exist), you can find rooms that have a green text, X job available. Each job uses one or more different proficiencies.

Actually learning a profession

You can pick up to 6 professions right from the start, but do note that you have to spend mako to get rid of them!

To learn a profession, simply type buy full profession name in any room without a shop. For instance, say you want to get Field Archaeologist, you type buy Field Archaeologist (case insensitive). Getting a profession will increase its listed proficiencies by 10 points, up to a maximum of 30. Do take a look at what each proficiency does to help you plan better what you'll want to start off with!

The message that there are available jobs only appears of you have at least 1 point trained in the proficiency. The best way to get a head start is by choosing your professions.

Wait, where and how can I work again?

Once you are in the proper room AND you have at least one point in the used proficiency, you'll see a green message like X Job Available. Type sa list to get the full list of jobs available there.

To actually do it, type sa full name of the job. And by full name, it really is the full name as it appear, case insensitive. Say the job name is The Art of Massage. You'll have to type sa the art of massage to do it!

This will spend a number of patrol points and instantly net you experience and freecreds!

2017 JULY UPDATE - Now you can also do social actions via the web page! Just check the Social Actions link in the left corner. Keep in mind that you still need direct connection to train up your jobs.


After you've worked enough on a particular job, you can train to level it up! Type SA train, the type the name of the job. If you don't have enough job experience (unrelated to your normal experience), the game will tell you how much you still need to get before leveling the job.

When you level up a job, you open up new social actions which usually require you to spend more patrol points, but also give out better rewards on a per point basis!


At any time, you can type duty to bring up a number of duties that your character can undertake. Do note that taking one reduces your maximum patrol points while active, from 60 to 48.

Unlike professions, these only roll once per day, no matter where you are. Also, unlike professions, these actually make a small difference to the game world, being a plot point for judged Roleplaying scenes. They also get easier as they come closer to 100% maintenance. While the freecred reward is high, one shouldn't try going for a duty with high difficulty (DC) without the proper skill.

You can check the main page of duties for more information, like being a professional at them.

Roleplaying – Time to put on your robes and wizard hat!

You've killed your fair share of ferals, you've worked yourself to the bone, now you need to find a nice place and some company!

Letting people know about your kinks

There are two ways of doing this, and you can do both at your leisure: WI and Kinks.

Managing your kinks is easier via the web, and you can find the link under the Character section. If you want to check someone else's kinks, just use the command kinks playername, like kinks bob.

WI, or What Is

The game has this very neat thing called a wi profile. As soon as you start the game with direct connection you'll be bugged to define yours nearly every minute. You can get the rid of the message adding a single thing before taking your time.

List of flags as shown by typing wi #flags

wi #flags Will give you a list of all the available flags that you can add to your profile. If you want to know what each of them means, you can either type wi #whatis flag or wi #whatisall, this second command will list all flags and what they mean.

Now that you got an idea of the flags, you can either #set or #add them. Do not that #set erases whatever you had before and overwrites with the new flags. You will probably want to use #add and #rmm instead.

  • To add a flag, simply type wi #add flag. Do note that you need to use the short name. So, if you want to add Submissive, you use sub. Hypnosis is hns and so on. You can add more than one by separating them with commas, like wi #add dom, fb, vag, lat
  • If you want to state that you're not into something, you can use !, as in wi #add !vhd. This will add a not-vore (hard) flag to your profile, for instance.
  • Don't want a flag anymore? wi #rmm flag! The same rules for #add apply.

You can see other players' wi profile by typing wi playername, even if they are offline. If you type wi alone, it'll list the profiles of all the players in the room.

It's possible to add or remove more than one tag with a single line of command. Just put a space between the flags. Like this: wi #add fur fea sp kem sp.

Custom tags

It's possible to add custom tags at the end of your wi profile. Do note that there is a limit of 30 characters you can use. This custom tag also cannot be searched for. To do it, type wi #custom The thing you want to add.

Top and bottom

Unlike most other places, regarding the game flags, top denominates who is the giving partner and bottom is the receiving. One can be the dominant partner and also be the one on the receiving end. Dom/sub, Master/slave still apply normally, do check each flag description to be sure!

Adding more depth

Notice how some players' wi have a [D]? That means they have a detailed profile. You can check it with wi #detail playername.

A detailed profiled allows you to rank the flags from 5 (highest, love) to 1 (lowest, never). Adding and removing detailed flags is very similar to the simple ones. wi #add level=flag. The levels are:

  1. Hate / Never doing it
  2. Dislike
  3. Neutral
  4. Like
  5. Love

wi #add 4=vag will add the vaginal flag under the Like. Note that you can add the same flag to different levels, the game will list it under both. Say you wi #add 5=vag and wi #add 4=vag, it'll show on both Love and Like levels. To remove a flag from a level, just use #rmm instead of #add.

Just like the normal flags, you can also add or remove various flags in a single level by separating them with spaces. wi #add 5=mic mac sp sex

Kinks, when you need more details

You may also note that the kinks command lists way more stuff, somewhat similar to F-List. However, setting it in game can be somewhat frustrating, so it's really recommended that you use the website for that.

To use the command in-game, check kinks #help for the general idea. Here's an example of its usage:

  • kinks #akink submissive g=L r=N detail=I love being subby!

It will set your submissive kink as Love for giving (meaning, you're the sub) and No as receiving (the other player). The detail part is optional and is a text you can set to explain or just add more flair.

Where/How can I find people?

If you're looking for something specific, you have two options:

  1. Make a call for it in the Pickup channel. It could be either a short message like "I'm a sub looking for someone to dominate me." or something more elaborate, "Big bad wolf wants to devour innocent bystanders, page for info!". Really, your imagination is the limit on how you decide to advertise it.
  2. wi #find flags To look for players with specific flags. Say you want to find another player that has both Dominant and Master flags, wi #find dom, mst. It will give you a list of all currently online players that have those flags. You can then page them and see if they'd like something.
  3. +looking Will list all online players that have set their looking message. This is equivalent to a passive ad, since it's not openly announced.

Other players may not always be up for or comfortable with what you are. You will get some No's, just like in real life, and that is okay, cheer up! Just behave and treat others well, be understanding! Always remember proper roleplaying etiquette (help etiquette)!

But where does roleplay actually happens?

Roleplay, by default, is what happens in a room with two or more characters. It can be any room of the game. Every 15 minutes, the game will check for roleplay activity and reward active players with Freecreds, EXP and salvage if the room has a source! Every interaction there that is not OOC (Out Of Character) happens IC (In Character), which are the say, pose and spoof commands, more about them below.

You can also roleplay via pages, though this will net you no mechanical rewards. You can page-pose with page playername=:pose action. Since pages are also the way to send private messages to other players, most don't usually take these interactions as 'canon', but it's up to each to determine that!

Hot Spots?

You may notice that every midnight, server time, the Market channel announces a new RP Hotspot. This is an area where the rewards for roleplaying (xp, creds and tokens) are increased.

To see the current area, use the command +bounty

Role out!

So you find a partner or two, found a nice place to roleplay, now it's time for the real action! Here are the commands you'll need to use and what they'll show on game. For the purposes of this section, assume your character is named John.

Command What you type What appears on screen
say say It's hot in here! John says, "It's hot in here!"
pose pose looked back and sighed. John looked back and sighed.
spoof spoof Things were getting chilly between the wolf and the ferals Things were getting chilly between the wolf and the ferals.

And remember to check help etiquette, it teaches this and also gives some useful info regarding when to pose.

Missed something another person said? Need a reminder? Worry not! Just type pot and you will get the last actions that happened on that room! There is a limit of 100 poses that get logged, and every pose that happened over 12 hours ago will be erased.

Every 15 minutes, the game will tick and check for RP activity, rewarding players with experience and freecreds. If the players are in a room with a salvage source, they'll also receive a number of said salvage.

How about some very private stuff?

Feeling the need to make things get really private, just you and someone else? Don't want inteprid explorers finding the room you were in and potting your deeds? Don't want to leave a trace over your rented room? Well, luckily, there is one thing that exists to help you on that!

+room name of the room! You can type that over any place and you will immediately create a separate room that can only be accessed by msummoning people or people in your party! The room will disappear as soon as the creator leaves it.


Like any good RPG, you will eventually level up once you get enough experience! However, to level up here, you also need to spend freecreds. Bummer, but that's the price for training.

There are three ways to level up:

  • Up to level 30, by default, you will level up as soon as you hit 150% exp and have enough creds to pay for the level up.
  • On the web, once you have enough exp, you can click on the Level Up button on the right side.
  • Through direct connection, you can train level on the Zephyr and RSX lobbies.

Once you level up, a lot of other training costs will increase as well. On the other hand, you will also earn more exp and freecreds from social actions and roleplaying!

Leveling past 30

Once you reach level 30, you'll notice something new on the web, where you see your level, and also on your sheet. These vials that you need to drink are Boss Infection Vials. You get these vials on so called Prime hunts, which is usually a group (the bigger, the better) fighting the prime ferals.

For these, having the Prime Collector perk is a godsend, as it gives you an extra boss vial.

From the game, how start a Prime fight (you can check that anytime with help prime. Also, modified to better reflect reality):

  1. Take a PSAS from the elite shop and set it up in the area you want to hunt. If the area already has a PSAS(Look at a terminal), you can skip this step. Pretty much every area already has one installed. No need to bother with this step.
  2. Secure a Prime Specimen Primer from the requisition shop (Token Store).
  3. Make sure you have 12 infection vials of the beast you want to hunt.
  4. Go to the area.
  5. Use the primer, it will prompt you for what monster in the area you want to challenge, and take your 12 vials and a fuckton of some freecred.
    1. An alternative is using the command primer: primer infection name, the infection name is as shown on +haz. So, if the area has Perfect soldiers (genetically superior human infection), primer perfect soldier is how to do it. It'll skip all the prompts and summon the boss right away.
  6. Survive the fight! Beat the shit out of the prime and run away from the rest!
  7. Enjoy your boss infection vial, creds, bonus-xp, and a shiny new badge!

Quick FAQ for Prime Hunting and Boss Vials

Question Answer
At what levels do I need to drink the vials? You only need to drink vials at levels 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 and 55
What does filtering a vial do? It turns the boss vial into a generic one, also setting its level to the closest multiple of 5. A lvl 48 vial will be set to 50, a lvl 51 will be set to 50.
What are Generic Boss Vials? These are boss vials that have been filtered. They won't infect you with any form, but still count for leveling up.
Do I need to filter a vial before drinking it? No. You can drink an unfiltered vial (Boss Infection Vial: Feral name) and it will count, so long as it is within the proper level.
What use is there for an unfiltered boss vial? You can use it to immediately master the form it carries. You can also use it to Epic a power, if the form has said power.
What level the vial needs to be to be effective? For leveling purposes, the vial needs to be within 5 levels of yours. At level 30, a level 25 boss vial will work just as well as a lvl 35 vial.
Drinking vials before the proper levels does anything? No. Using a boss vial when you're not in the proper level (a multiple of 5) is a total waste.
Where should I go to hunt primes? Check the terminal at Zephyr or RSX's first upper floor (it's listed among the things in the room). The primes will always be summoned at the highest level of the area. Summoning a prime at Nightclub (10-28), for instance, will summon a lvl 28 prime.
Is there a minimum number of people required to summon a prime? No. But it's highly recommended to fight with a large group, both to make it easier and to have more people gaining the vials!
The Non-Violent Progress perk gives me a vial when it procs? No. It gives the effect of drinking a generic vial of the appropriate level.

But I want to be a pacifist! What do?

Luckily, there are two ways to acquire those vials without (direct) bloodshed.

  • Buy from other players, usually 2 reward tokens per vial. Try the Auction channel;
  • Have the Non-Violent Progress perk and roleplay as usual.
  • Have a Duty. Once a day, it'll automatically roll and reward you with a lot of freecred and exp and, if you need boss vials, it will also grant such credit.
    • In the case of a duty, you can also duty push if you have 40 patrol points available. It'll instantly eat the patrol and do another duty roll, with all the rewards.
    • You can also choose to become a duty professional, in which case, your patrol will be severely limited, but you'll have a 1/8 chance per RP tick to trigger a free duty push.

Do note that, on the Non-Violent Progress, there is a chance that you will get the effect of having used a boss vial (or 2, if you're really lucky). According to the dev, that chance is initially 1 in 20, or 5% per RP tick. After a few remorts (read below), you can buy an edge, Advanced Peace, that doubles the effects of these lucky ticks.

After you reach the cap

Hitting level 60 means you're at the top! Still, even a mountain top could use a stair to make it higher, right? In any case, you can opt to remort. What is that? You get back to level 1, and receive 100 + (remort number * 10) reward tokens (which is 110 tokens on the first remort). You also receive a remort point -- these can be kept to gain 1% bonus to all attributes (mostly attack and health) per point kept (to a max of 25%), or can be spent to buy edges. You can spend points buying edges and still get that high bonus, though it will take time.

Reward Tokens

By now, you probably noticed that the game has more than just creds, common money, being used. Reward tokens are the second most used and useful currency. You need these for things like:

  • Leveling up proficiencies past 11
  • Buying Prime Specimen Primers and other useful stuff

So, how do you get some? Other than remorting, this is how you can get some tokens:

  • Completing Daily missions. These are "Go to area X and beat 100 ferals", to put it bluntly. When you type quest, you will see how much % reward you'll get once you finish the mission. The base reward, 0%, is 4 tokens, and it can go as high as 400%, 20 tokens.
  • Completing Scavenging web missions. There is a button on the right panel that reads "Scavenging Mission". It's very similar to the daily mission, but doing web combat advances it faster than direct connection combat. The reward is random 3-6 tokens.
  • Crafting Bounty. The very last thingy on the right panel is this. You need to craft (or comission) said item with said modifiers. Once you have it in your inventory, just click Claim Bounty. You'll get 3 reward tokens plus the amount of freecreds stated. You can only turn in ONCE per bounty. While you only get the tokens every 18 hours, you can still claim the bounty for every different craft it asks and receive the freecred prize.

Channels: Where to talk what

Commands that work against any channel name

command does this
KeepAlive #off Stop receiving messages from the targeted channel (E.G. KeepAlive)
Pickup #on Start receiving messages from the targeted channel (E.G. pickup)
pub #last Get the (default number) of last messages sent on a given channel.
pickup #last 30 Get the 30 (or fill in a number) most recent messages sent on a given channel.
KeepAlive #list Show the FULL list of channels, not just the highlights beneath.

Highlight: most used / frequent channels

Channel Description
Public General chat
Newbie Most game related questions should be asked here
LFG Looking for Group, when you need to find more players for combat stuff
Pickup This is where you look for people to roleplay with! Advertise what you're looking for or what you offer! The worst that can happen is dead silence!
Science The place to discuss game mechanics and find the best builds
Naughty Sexy chats and scenes, where you show off your sexy abilities!
Auction Stuff for sale, make bids! This is the general Trading channel.
Links All links go here. Just point people in other channels there if need be.
... newbie #list - Show the FULL list of channels, not just the highlights in this table.

The following channels are used to broadcast events. Players can't send messages there:

Channel Description
Update Whenever the game gets an update, it gets broadcast here.
RP This channel is used to broadcast Judged roleplay scenes, it is NOT used to find people to RP with (that's pickup)!
Market Crafting bounties and combat bounties are posted here.

Recap of some incredibly useful commands

  • web #difficultylevel [-1 to 4] and web #difficultyquantity [-1 to 4] - To change the difficulty of ferals and how many each combat will find, respectively.
  • web #help – will give you a list of other web commands that you can do while in direct control. Web #mission can let you do the missions without opening the site!
  • size, groin, breast – Checks your own size if used alone, can also check for a target's body size, player or not. Discreet, nobody will ever know when you use it!
  • look, l – Can be used to look at yourself with me. Alone, will look at the room. Can also look at some objects and players, though looking at a player will let them know you're looking at them!
  • i, inv, inventory – Your inventory, backpack, bag of holding. Your non-equipped items go here. You can sort (i sort) it and also use a number to see the description of the item.
  • eq, +gear – Your currently equipped items, how much loadout and upkeep each costs and what you have left. Coupling the command with a number will attempt to equip the item from your inventory!
  • Load – this command allows you to view the description of your equipped items. load 1, load 2, load 3.
  • ooc – Use this to speak out of character
  • page – Page is how you send private messages to other players. Here's how you use it: page playername=Hello there. You can also use : right after the = to make it a page-pose. You will also want to set a different color to your page messages to make them out easier in the middle of all the text, use page #color colorname (red, blue, green, cyan, yellow, gray, white)
  • help – Sometimes you just need some immediate help right on the game.
  • +vote – Liked roleplaying with someone? +vote playername!
  • info – This is what you use to get all the information of a power, proficiency, skill or item! info thingname. Do note that not all items have their rpinfo.
  • +retire – Deletes your current character. It will ask for confirmation before actually doing it. If the char is still low level, once confirmed, it will be immediately deleted. Higher level chars will require you to +retire again after 24h to delete for good.
  • tport – Instant teleport! You can get a list of places to teleport to with tport #public.
  • home – This will immediately teleport you back to your home/spawning point.
  • nanite – Shows a list of possible uses of your builder nanites.
  • salvage – Shows your current stock of salvage.
  • drop – Use this to drop, discard, delete, get rid of, do away with inventory items. It will prompt with Y or N if you want to trash the item. drop 1; drop 22; drop 53
  • sheet or score – This will show the complete character sheet. Includes health, energy, exp, creds, class, tokens, mako, hero points, patrol points, wounds, proficiencies, skills, powers and professions (to only see the top part, add #top to the command)
  • test item=modifier #makers – This is useful when you're looking for which characters can craft what. Bounties change every 3 hours and finding who can make a Quick Nanite Entangler can be time consuming. Instead, just use the command with #maker at the end. In this example, test nanite entangler=quick #makers will list everyone you can comission to craft one!
  • +bounty - Check the current market bounties (crafting and special feral) as well as the current RP hotspot.

Random bits and bobs

  • Sarah the Husky asked you to find a non alpha male husky? -> rtrace 2nd street 3500
  • Need a basic nanite collector? -> list items ; buy basic nanite collector