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Species: Human, Female Husky
Changes species?: Yes
Gender: Female
Location: Park
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Womanfruittree
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: Yes
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


This nervous woman is still dressed in her damaged military attire, though she has managed to find some bandages to wrap her ankle with. She also seems to have relaxed somewhat though due to the safety of the bunker, and has acquired a small pile of books from the library outside she seems to be happily reading through.


To meet Coleen, the player must first find the Military Presence event in Outside Exploration three times and witness the Paratrooper drop. Afterward, the player can find Coleen by searching for Womanfruittree in the Parks hunting ground. If the player chooses to help her from her predicament, she will be brought back to the bunker.

Coleen is initially uninfected and not available for sex. This can change depending on how you interact with Sarah. If Sarah is turned into your sex pet, Coleen will become infected as well and fall into depravity, allowing the player to have sex with her. Sex with her infects the player with Alpha Husky.

To turn Coleen into an Alpha you need to keep transforming her, but at the point when she asks if you'll be her master refuse. This makes her into 'Coleen the Stray'. You then need to have sex with her while being female. At that point, she should ask if you want to be a slutty husky as well. If you agree, she'll become the alpha female and will be infecting you with Female Husky.


  • Coleen picks up the Female Husky infection from Sarah. If Sarah is not present in the bunker, she wont be infected.
  • If infected, Coleen has sex scenes with Vanessa, Meredith and Sarah. Otherwise, she keeps her distance from them and speaks to them only briefly.