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Species: Female Husky
Gender: Female
Location: The Grey Abbey
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Husky Pack
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry


A thin woman, with husky fur, a lolling tongue, and paws. There are white scar lines down her side where the huskies slashed her, and she has the slit of one of the feral bitches, just waiting to be filled. Her red collar stands out, with its leash ring on the back and the nameplate on front. She is having trouble with the husky instincts, but looks dominant for now, even wearing a red shirt and a pair of jeans.


Sarah is found during the Husky Pack event in Outside Exploration. She's about to be made into another Husky bitch when the player has the opportunity to intervene. The player will fight three Female Huskies and an Alpha Husky. After defeating them, the player brings Sarah back to the bunker and patches her up with a medkit.


  • Sarah, so long as she maintains her humanity, can turn medkit parts into usable medkits.
  • Having sex with Sarah will cause her to rapidly lose her humanity and devolve into a breeding bitch.
  • Colleen mirrors Sarah's fall into depravity, transforming into a Husky as well. Making Sarah your pet is the only way to have sex with Colleen.

Alternatively, if the player speaks to Sarah about managing her urges, she will ask for some Libido Suppressant to help her stay in control. This can be found in the hospital, either through events or as loot dropped by Jaguar orderlies. When the player has brought her one vial, she'll ask for another five. Giving these to Sarah earns the dog whisperer feat and means will neither transform, nor infect Colleen. Sarah will also be quick to put Fang in his place should he be attempting the moves on her if she's remained untransformed, and a special ending message about the post infection activities of the transformed, but still clear minded Sarah will be added to the ending montage. You may still have sex with her but she will refuse vaginal as she does not want to become pregnant.