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Good Alexandra by lyttathebug

Species: Doberman
Gender: Female
Combat: Yes
Location: Police Station
Must be found?: Yes
Events: Survivor
Bring to Bunker?: Yes
Sex?: Yes
Infectious: No
Endings: Yes

Flag Categories

Flags: Girl, Furry
Bad Alexandra by lyttathebug


Good Alexandra: Alexandra, once a cop for the city, has been transformed into a Doberman woman by the infection. She's remained in uniform, showing her attempt to keep up her duties, wearing a light blue shirt, darker pants and a policeman's hat. She's got a rather normal, human build, but with some traces of canine features, showing especially on her paw-like hands and feet. Her head is fully that of a Doberman Pinscher, with a long muzzle and her short fur has the two-tone black and tan markings of the breed. She has an average sized rack on her under her shirt.

Bad Alexandra: The Doberman female has divested herself of her cop uniform and instead picked up a leather jacket and ripped jeans more suitable for the bad dog she's become. She has a strong, tough physique while still having a womanly figure with an average sized pair of breasts and a firm ass. Her two-tone black and tan fur is a little disheveled and scruffy, especially atop her head where it's been styled into short spikes. No longer restrained by her earlier desires, she's no longer suppressing her lustful urges and can often be seen masturbating or even performing self-cunnilingus. She's found herself a black choker to wear in imitation of a dog collar to further show herself to be your fucktoy pet bitch.


Bad Alexandra

Alexandra is found as an encounter during Outside Exploration. To turn her into the player's bitch, the player must defeat her in combat and either engage in victory sex with her over the course of multiple encounters or engage in none sexual verbal assaults in the same fashion. Alexandra's lust will grow until she submits to the player and stops being a cop. The player brings her back to The Grey Abbey Library. She is available for a variety of sex scenes and has scenes with Fang, Carl, and Korvin as well. Bad Alexandra has specific endings. She can be impregnated, producing Spike along with (unseen) Doberman pups. After her third pregnancy she will grow additional breasts. Her dialog includes comments on a lot of the other NPCs residing at the library.


Bad Alexandra can be told through dialogue to either take contraceptives or to cease taking them. Additionally Alexandria can be made more fertile by having a procedure done by Doctor Medea through her dialogue. Alexandra can be told to take contraceptives up until she has or has surpassed 20 puppies, after this point she will refuse to take them irregardless of the players decision.

McDermott Farm Interactions

After discovering McDermott Farm and meeting the Horsemen Farmhands in the barracks, the player can return to Bad Alexandra and ask her to go a breed a specific person at the farm. Eligible persons are Karel and Isaac, Nelson, and Brutus if he has been tamed. Depending on prior actions she can react differently, such as being sterile causing hostile reactions, fertility treatments causing positive reactions, or if the player is a cuckold she will outright refuse to go to the farm. After the first breeding the player can order her to take an extended stay at the barracks, the player must talk to Anthony before or after this about her staying at the barracks. She can then be taken to the farm where she will remain in the barrack and can be interacted with exactly like she is in the library with the benefit of farm interactions.

Good Alexandra

The player encounters Alexandra in the same way during exploration, but instead chooses to submit rather than fight. To access the good path for her, the player must submit immediately upon your first encounter with her - doing anything else as your first action blocks this path, even on future encounters. Surrendering will open up a dialogue where the player may choose to attempt to befriend her, requiring a charisma check. If successful, Alexandra will tell the player the location of the Police Station. Failure grants a bonus to this check on your next attempt.

From this point, Alexandra offers a number of tasks, which are part of a progressive quest series and others are secondary tasks. Some of the secondary tasks only become available as the quest content is advanced.

Quest Content

These main elements proceed in order and must be completed before advancing to the next.

  1. Supplies: In an effort to attract survivors, Alexandra asks the player to help collect supplies for the Police Station. She asks for six each of Food and Water.
  2. Automatons 1: Alexandra asks the player to investigate Automaton Activity in the vicinity of The Capitol Building. This will prompt a fight with an Automaton. Victory frees Jimmy, who follows you back to the police station. Failure requires you to encounter the event a second time to find the escaped Jimmy and bring him back to the station.
  3. Medical Supplies: Alexandra asks the player for their support in a raid on the City Hospital for Medical supplies. This will lead to a fight with either two Vixen Nurses or a Horny Doctor, with Alexandra fighting the one not selected. Success brings Paula to the Police Station, though the task is considered completed regardless of outcome.
  4. Survivor Group: Having heard stories of survivors, she asks the player to investigate Survivors in the Urban Forest. Searching for the survivors, the player must succeed in a Perception check to locate where they've holed up. After speaking with them, the player tries to convince them to come to the police station, but must succeed on a Charisma check to do so. A bonus is given to this check if the player appears mostly human. Failure here will allow you to return later, but it will reduce the number of survivors the player will be able to save. There's no charisma check needed the second time. The survivors will then begin their trek to the police station, where they will be beset by wolves. The player has the option of fighting the wolves - the more that are defeated, the more survivors that will make it to the Police Station safely.
  5. Automatons 2: Not willing to let the citizens be turned into robots, Alexandra asks for the player's help in further investigating the Automatons in the Capitol. To successfully approach, the player must stealthily avoid the Automaton patrols. Players with the Stealthy feat succeed automatically while those without must make a skill check that receives bonuses from both Intelligence and Perception. Next, the player must scale a wall, requiring a Dexterity check. Failing either skill check provokes a fight with an Automaton and ends the excursion as the player has drawn too much attention. Finally, the player ends up in a confrontation with the Automaton Master Mind. Victory brings the her back to the police station to be put in jail. Loss in this fight results in a Game Over.
  6. Sexy Times: After the successful capture of Master Mind, talking to Alexandra will trigger a sex scene, opening up Good Alexandra to sexual relations with the player.
  7. Map Reward: Discussing tasks with Alexandra will have her show the player a map of the city she's marked with what she's learned about the infected city. This grants the player the City Map Feat. Players who already have this feat instead get a score bonus and are rewarded with impressing Alexandra so she's ready and willing for sex again.
  8. A New Lead: The next time the player nav's back to the Police Station, they will run into an Automaton wandering well out of its usual territory. Discussing this with Alexandra and Jimmy has the player and the doberwoman try interrogating Master Mind again. She lets slip something about a Microchip Factory (a new Capitol Bldg event). Going there has the player face off against two Pewter Consorts, but find no evidence of Automaton activity there.

Secondary Tasks

  • Repairs: Alexandra will also ask the player for help repairing the Police Station. There are four stages to the repairs, each with its own stat check, which can be attempted only once per day. Higher rolls result in more progress being made, reducing the number of days it takes to complete repairs. With a high enough check, a stage may be completed with one action. Players who complete the Survivor event below will get a bonus to their rolls based on the number of survivors in the Police Station. The stat checks are, in order: Stamina, Strength, Dexterity and Perception.
  • Patrol: The player may be asked to Patrol the area, which leads to a random fight. The player may instead elect to keep watch over the Police Station while Alexandra goes on patrol. Patrolling can result in one of the following:
    • a random fight
    • a one-time rescue (+1 population) - only available after the general survivor group is collected
    • a wandering Automaton - only available after one is met while returning to the station.
    • nothing of interest.
  • More Survivors: A day after returning with from the Survivor Group task, the player can speak to Jimmy to trigger this. He will tell the player that he heard from one of the survivors that they had left a note with their intended destination for their missing scouts, should they manage to return. The player may go back to the Urban Forest and search for more survivors. This task is only valid during the same playthrough as the one during which the survivors are rescued.
  • Various Hints: Alexandra will provide a variety of game hints among her tasks. At times, these point towards other NPCs and quests or give the player directions to areas they may not yet have been. She will not give hints to places or NPCs who have already been encountered.


  • Stella, who the player can find with the Eager Dal event in the Red Light District can be brought to the police station as well as The Grey Abbey Library.
  • Good Alexandra has no sex scenes until late into her quest, while bad Alexandra has a large number of sex scenes but little story.
  • Once the Automaton Master Mind is brought to the jail, the player may "interrogate" her.
  • Jimmy and Paula are available for sex after being rescued.
  • Three Unique trophies can be taken from Alexandra while wearing her down including: A bag of assorted pills, a whistle, and finally her badge.
  • Alexandra can dominated and recruited none sexually.
  • As of right now the player may tell Alexandra about Buster and the G-Shep squad and introduce her to them. Further content has yet to be added.