Multiplayer Updates/February 2012

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  • Universal Antidote is no longer usable in combat.
  • "Confused" status coded. Causes you to have a chance (modified by magnitude) to use the wrong target for powers -- healing enemies, harming allies, etcetera.


  • Partying AI program added to Rsx's mart. Good for notuser buff type powers.
  • Negative Debuffresistdebuff has a soft cap of undisclosed nature.
  • Hyper Hypos work on kangaroo pets again. Still only for cosmetic effect.
  • Wikibot is smarter: powers like Breast Smash display the bodypart modifiers.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "Web crafting: You can now set a 'tax' on your crafting skill page. This allows others to make items using your skill, with their own material (giving you the taxed amount). Items made in this way WILL HAVE A LIMITED LIFETIME, appx 1 week at 1% tax, 1 month at 25% and 3 months at 100%. Only builder mass, freecred and salvage are taxed. At the moment, crafters have a 1 day cooldown after making something, but you can play around, see what COULD be made by them regardless."
  • Scaled Hide and Cold Blooded HPBuffers got larger.
  • Maximum Length, Maximum Depth and Breast Pump now prevent you from losing the last cock, cunt and pair of breasts respectively.
  • Nasty Insult improved in light of other taunt-type abilities.
  • Nanite Sponge made more sponge-y, can hold more distill points.
  • Nuku softly churrls, "With a defeaning bang and a hissing static of a veritable tsunami of unleashed nanites, Rsx becomes point zero to some sort of tremendous energy burst. Only minutes later, the stunt is repeated over at Zephyr. What was that? What does it mean?!(Level cap increased to 50)"


  • New command: droprange. Type 'droprange 5-29' to drop all items in slots 5 through 29 (inclusive) in your inventory at once. Nobody gets spammed, and you get big piles of freecred!
  • An awesome, crazy new mechanic to preparation powers, like Pounce has been added! Never mind. Carry on.
  • When clicking to use items in the web interface, you no longer have to scroll down and click them again to confirm.


  • When creating new racers, there's now less chance of an equine, and now actual chances at uber-fox or feline. The odds of getting a human are up a bit, too.
    • Feline racers now have a chance to gain speed when they hit a hazard.
  • Marp the marp to the marp! New mini-game added. marp-off! Type 'marp-help' for information!
  • Damagebuff adjusted, now soft caps at 50, 100, and 150. DamageDebuff held to same caps going down. DamageDebuff can not REDUCE your damage below 25%.
  • Racer-buck limit is now HARD capped at 50, meaning you cannot go above it (e.g, 49 daily, but race again for 20 racerbucks and getting 69 in that day)
  • Fishing logic changed; you are now more likely to catch the good stuff.


  • Fishing skill twice as effective at keeping you from hooking things you cannot reel in.
  • Various tweaks to web crafting; the proper salvage amounts should show now.
  • You can no longer die from damaged caused by Cover. You might die a moment after, however.
    • Real effects: you only cover up to two people per round. No more randomly appearing in front of the entire party simultaneously.
  • Scent Blocker added to the elite store.


  • There's another badge added to the nanite presence. Give more freecreds!
  • Link to the forums added to the web interface.
  • +gear/condition allows you to set all your infection vials to 'finder: 1'. This helps to sort infection vials together, even if they came from multiple sources.
    • To do so requires getting the Vial Conditioner from the mall.
  • Passives are now less likely to trigger abilities than active powers.
  • Rage has been revised. You now gain +7 DamageBuff when hit in combat, stacking up to 3/6/9 times.
    • Rage, Outnumbered, and DamageReturn mechanics now only kick in if someone ELSE hits you. No using Fire Dance to get yourself all pissed off!
  • Whispers updated: You can now "+whisper name=message". You can also use it to target multiple people, such as in "+whisper nuku damaged=Where's my money?"
    • This has been aliased to wh, @whisper, @wh, and mumble.
  • Bewitched buffed: it now gives an extra 2/4/6% resistance to enemy statuses applied to you, like a tiny version of Warded.
  • Scavenger buffed: Any debuff you lay on an enemy gives you a slight positive, opposite version applied to yourself, at 5/10/15% magnitude. So if you lay a 10-magnitude DamageDebuff to an enemy, you will get a .5/1/1.5 DamageBuff in return.
  • Health Snack and Energy Snack have had their charge dropped all the way to -100.
  • Medical Hypo (and by extension, Milk) has been significantly buffed.
  • Damagereturn effects cannot throw back more damage than the foe dealt originally.
    • If you have separate physicaldamagereturn and energydamagereturn statuses, the game figures physical first. Then energy does a maximum of (80% minus physical's percent returned).


  • New status: you can apply a status that gives all attacks a chance to apply a second status. For example, Laser Emitting modifier, which is available via +reward.
  • Infuse Blood's upgrades set back to sane and rational numbers.
  • Wastelands area unlocked for web battling.
  • Web salvage missions advance per fight, not per enemy defeated.
  • Tactics - Accuracy and Tactics - Defense given proc effects. Survivalist Leaders lead better now--sometimes.


  • Only players in IC status can use powers. If you are IDL, OOC or JDG you can't affect combats in any way.
  • PREPARE YOUR WALLET FOR IMMEDIATE IMPLOSION! Nanite Presence in Rsx lobby for the level 50 cap.
  • Vote links have been added to the web interface, down at the bottom. Click them to help attract more people to the game!
  • +energyuse command added! It tells you your energy use per round, along with how much you have coming in. Budget yourself better, with science!
  • Chastity Belt added to the elite stores.
  • In unrelated news, you can now lose your virginity as a male in web-based combat.


  • Enveloping Pain will no longer heal the enemies it attacks. Kitsune forest wisps are no longer bipolar.
  • Namidian spirit companion health increased.
  • Spam removal: starting an instance won't show all the powers every mutant inside uses all at once, and Crown of Fire won't constantly complain when there are no secondary targets.
  • Nuku softly churrls, "Debuffclear made smarter in a subtle way. It will try to terminate debuffs with a duration over 2 -first-, then go for anything else."
    • Nuku softly churrls, "Update on that, now checks for -original duration- over 2 and -current- duration over 1."
    • Nuku softly churrls, "Since most toggles/passives strike at duration 1 or 2, it means it will prioritize them lower."
    • Nuku softly churrls, "And also low priority things that are about to fade anyway."
  • Damaged softly churrs, "Monster approval now has 3 ranks of approval. Basic, Average and Advanced, awarding 3, 5 and 10 mako respectively. This is so that staffers can give an extra award to really special monsters, while also allowing them to approve more basic designs without cheapening other's work."
  • Cooldown on expendable items, like Smoke Bomb, now actually prevent you from using them again.
  • New fishing spot: entrance to the river east of Fairhaven.
  • New fighting spot: solo-friendly area with no new species to collect.
  • Alas, poor Zombies! No ass, and now no cock as well!


  • Nuku softly churrls, "TESTING REQUIRED: Any status that ends in 'debuff'(which are generally debuffs) will now 'loop' at the end of their duration, losing magnitude but regaining their duration. Enduring Malice causes the magnitude to decay slower."
    • Nuku softly churrls, "When they run out of duration, they lose 4 mag, then 25% of whatever's left."
    • Nuku softly churrls, "Enduring Malice reduces that 4 by 1 per point."
  • Genesis yips, "Customized Consumables now use the proper cooldowns when used."
  • AI for all minions, whether they be children, Roo pets, crafted drones, or dedication powers, now may have their AI set. Each minion gets half the AI slots you do.


  • The wiki should load a little faster now.
  • Rest now clears debuffs, along with giving energy and lowering your defenses.
  • Recipe modifiers that add statuses, like Fast, had their crafting skill modifiers reduced or removed.
  • Large bug fixed in crafting skill requirements. It's now harder, apparently.
  • Kitsune (dedication) traded sharp claws for the ability to make illusions.
  • Female Husky gained Scratch. Female Husky, I choose you!
  • Damaged softly churrs, "New string parsing, [if size of [player] = 3] Works with > < = !="
  • Pets can have their AI set. While equipped, visit the [1] AI page and scroll to the bottom. Only works for pets that are equipped, mind you.


  • Feesh upgraded. Tremble in terror, you are finished!


  • Male and Female Preferred now make you slide toward a perfect heterosexual match for a mutant who mutates you. That means a Walking Vagina could make you collect twelve penises to match.
  • Minions and Mastermind combat skill significantly changed.
    • Levels in Mastermind no longer boost the rank of summoned minions. The level stated on the power is now what they are summoned as; all minions have had their ranks adjusted accordingly.
    • The bonus from reflected buffs is now +20/40/60%, double its previous values.
      • You must have at least one rank of Mastermind for buffs to reflect at all.
    • Buffs no longer get spread out amongst all minions; each minion gets the full buff.
    • Reflected buffs now stack with unreflected versions. This means they can get more than twice the effect of a well-used Banner, for instance.
  • Kangaroo pets summoned by anyone who is not either an active Kangaroo or a lapsed Kangaroo with the Fake Pouch will not be able to use upgrades in their powers.
    • Kangaroo pet powers are capped at one upgrade per power, regardless of the number shown when examined.
  • The instance maker is ready to go! Head here to give it a try!
  • Namidian and Kitsune pets have been massively overhauled to be more awesome!
  • Reward tokens now show up on the web interface.


  • Magatama now available in the Elite Shop. 25 mako, offer it at the Kitsune shrine for the ability to summon a smaller version of the forest wisp when not actively dedicated. Also, deposit credits for random blessings.
  • Converting salvage down is now less wasteful. Uncommon yields 95/100, rare yields 22/25, and Elite yields 9/10.


  • Damage-over-time effects should now benefit from the 40% cap on resistances.
  • Modifiers that increase damage, like Extra Lethal, now increase secondary damage, like on Rocket Launcher.
  • Percentage-based modifiers, like Cool, now calculated after numerical ones, like Fast. Previously it was alphabetical.
  • Bugfixes for web battling:
    • Web battles will inform you if your inventory is full when you receive an item such as an infection vial.
    • Monsters in web battles no longer linger after the fight is over. For example, friendly NPCs won't invade other battles.
    • Web battles should use your buffs before entry more reliably.
  • Racing minigame is expanding!
  • Salvage Booster's chance of generating rares increased. Nuku softly churrls, "Your chances are / 10 instead of / 100. So 120% becomes 12%."
  • HPBuffer effects, like Protein Shield, now protect you from damage collected via Cover.
  • Tanuki's dedication form picked up Protein Armor and Clever Paws.
  • Rank limitations on charming pets removed. You still can't tame the Ragnarok Beast, but you can tame, for example, a Golden Tousky.
    • However, the charmed monster will not have dedication powers on it.
    • Power upgrades now capped at one per power.
  • Reward tokens for web salvage missions toned down, just a hair. 30+ tokens for one mission was a bit much. Sorry!
  • There is now an option in 'editplayer' to specify that you have a screen reader. For those of you who are blind, or wish to be blind, this makes the overworld map simply be displayed as a list of exits.


  • Race! You can now breed and race mutants for fun and profit. Start with 'help racers'.
  • Assistants in web battles now less likely to sneak away and leave.



  • +pregtime is now a lot more readable.
  • Some zones are now marked as "High Danger". This causes you to *always* pull in backup when in web combat, and allows +1 people to show up. This does stack with any perks that bump up your maximum assistants.
  • The Survivalist camp now opens its doors to everyone, in the name of better commerce!
    • You can still do the questline if you want. Good idea, if you want to experience their unique take on the apocalypse.
    • They've also started selling the Duct Tape Backpack! 20 more slots in your inventory, stacks with other bags, drains 1000 freecred a day.
  • The final wave (for now) of recipes for the mini-factions has been released!
  • Now that things have stabilized, you can read up on all three factions at Category:Crafting Alliances
  • King's Stable has been located near the Farm, bringing back old favorites Centaur Mare and Centaur Stallion, along with introducing Friesian Stallion to the grid!
    • Oh, and there's a boss fight. He's got some new toys for you!


  • Children and other pets should no longer be crushed to 14% health out of combat randomly.
  • Roo pets change: Damaged softly churrs, "Very slight nerf to roo pets. In future, no single stat bonus on them will be able to go over 2x any upgrade for them. So no more, for instance, a priapan orca with +30 damage mag." Damaged softly churrs, "In that example, it would cap at +22"
  • More mods for the ever-growing war between factions!
    • Skunks got more Potent.
    • Rats have begun dabbling in Temporal distortion.
    • The Survivalists are, for the first time ever, properly Directed.
  • Looking forward to beating up Surviving Human Jerks? Donate to the newest mako pool!
  • Now that it works, we can announce salvage missions! In the web interface, look on the right hand side. Kill stuff, win valuable tokens!
  • Equipment sets have been created. Type 'eqset/help' to learn how to set up your own gear.
  • Repeat attacks now do 60% damage on each tick, up from 50%.
  • General Hospital is now a level 44-55 zone.
  • Mako pools now vanish from +poollist after completion. The list no longer goes ever on and on.


  • Recipe Modifiers with active and passive statuses will allow both halves to be applied to a subject. For example, a Fast Banner and a fast Module would work together.
  • Call HQ button on the web interface allows scavenging missions much like those Robert distributes in direct control.
  • The mini factions has once again added to their unique recipes. PickMeUps, Throwing Knives, and Smoke Bomb, were added to The Rats, The Skunks and The Survivalists, respectively.
  • New commands: voteidle and notidle. Allows you to attempt to push someone into IDL status if they are clogging up a combat or AFK when a judge will reward active RP.
  • You no longer need to upgrade child/egg objects~! Battle XP is all they need.


  • Each of the three mini-factions have slightly expanded their inventory, adding 1 new recipe each!
  • Hooked deals its stated damage now, instead of three times as much.
  • Zealously Conserved only reduces skill required by 5, but no longer counts as a mod in terms of skill inflation.
  • Pregnancy progresses slowly while you are offline. If it reaches zero, you will give birth when you next log in.
  • Slurp power added to Female Husky.
  • Bug fixed that was causing people to be spontaneously pregnant with no baby.
  • Repeats got some tweaks, with Forced Milking, Jelly Whip, Prism Storm, and Quad Punch all uptuned a little.
  • Repeatattacks now apply statuses only on the first hit.


  • Size King merit, bundling all the break-size-cap merits into one, now exists!
  • Ultimate Fishing Rod, which is so famous people give you a stipend for holding it, coded but not yet placed.
  • A bug was fixed that made Hard Boss- and Final Boss-rank monsters much easier. They were then made to hit harder and apply statuses harder. Please report on this ongoing fix.
  • Two new merits for the new child system: Matron and Instructor.
  • Skunk faction shop now available, making all three mutually exclusive recipe shops in-game. Contains Liquid Bandage and Attention Deficit Remedy.
  • Six Fingers Inn will now rent their private rooms for 1000 credits a day, down from 10k.
  • String parsing updated: [if (item) possessed by (person name) = (number)] and [if (item) equipped by (person name) = (number)] now work! You can also use <, >, and !=, if you feel like it.


  • Top Tier Crafts merit added.
  • When gaining salvage, a message is now sent to the receiver, even if they're in a different room.
  • You can now 'list forms' to see what forms you have unlocked, even if you're not an adept.
  • Basic Spread now applies spread rating to items.
  • New store! Mall Rats offer some no-trade recipes that will be mutually exclusive with the upcoming Skunk and Survivalist shops.
  • The mall rats have started their own mini-faction, granting access to a unique store with a couple of unique recipes. There will be two other factions (Skunks and Survivalists), and all three will be mutually exclusive; each character can only join ONE of the three. Caution is advised until the other two are put in.
  • Survivalists mini-faction added, and we've discovered what the two released factions offer for schematics so far.


  • Prometheans no longer elitist jerks: Anyone can go through their gates to visit. Overworld point now goes to the center of New Dawn.
  • Mutant Companion recipe coded, sold at New Dawn's Crossroads. Powers and roles reported as follows:
    • "Nuku softly churrls, "Back row 2, Bewitched 2, Cure 3, Small Claws 4, Purr, Snap kick 1, and furry hide 1.""
  • Shield Drone recipe coded, to be added to a future web mission.
    • Nuku softly churrls, "Front Row:3, Endurance:1, Taunting Strikes:3, Juggernaut:4 (DamageResistMag:1.0, Energy:-0.3), Abrasive Hide:1, Solid Frame:1, Stonewall:2 (PhysicalDamageResistDuration:2), Guarding Stance:3 (CoverChance:50), Strike:1"
  • Trashing items via web interface now gives as much freecred as you would get in direct control.
  • As part of the ongoing child changes, they (and other minions) no longer lose levels when you have more than one summoned.
  • +census can now use the 'form' command to check for mastered forms.
  • Children and pets that use NotUser powers (like Evening Song, or Delicious Treat) can now use them on their parents!
    • The magnitude is reduced by 25%, however, when used on you. Full power on other people, though.


  • DamageReturn now has soft caps at 50% and 75%, and a hard cap at 100%.
    • Presuming this works like other mechanics, after 50% each point is worth half, halved again after 75%. You'd need 200 DamageReturn to return 100% of damage dealt, which would be the hard cap.
  • Your 'total' badges (Total Skunk Girl, Total Blue Gryphon, Total Whatever) have vanished! This is not a drill. They're still there, just not clogging your badge list. This post will be updated once there's a good way to view them again.
    • Please do not panic.
      • No, really. Quit that.
        • Sit down and be calm. Please. Don't make us get the hose.
  • Children are changing. This is an ongoing process.
    • You can @force your children to do commands starting in :, ; and ". This means they can act during RP.
    • You may have ONE child or kangaroo pet out. Only one.
    • Having out a child reduces your base action (that is, how much ATB you get per tick) by 30%
      • Having Born Leader cuts this penalty by half, to a 15% penalty.
      • Having Backseat Driver cuts this penalty by a third, to a 20% penalty.
        • Having both means you're only suffering a 10% ATB penalty.
    • New Kangaroo pets must be equipped like normal children. Old ones can be converted, but will function as they have for now.
    • Children can now be trained! Type 'train' in front of Sandra in Zephyr's basement.
      • Fresh outta the womb, children have 1 power: strike. They must use slots for anything else.
      • New children only have 1 slot, but as they gain battle XP in combat they will work up to a maximum of 8 at 2757.68881863023 2758 XP.
        • After combat, all children equipped (not just the active one) gain battle xp, spread out among themselves. This does NOT suck xp away from the player - testing has shown an equipped child gains the same amount (100%) of the XP the player does.
        • Resetting their training sets them back to square one; be careful!
      • Slots can be used either to master a power they have in their mutations, upgrade one of those powers (one upgrade per power), master a role, just like a player would have, or raise the cap on the distills they can use (with no levels spent in distills, they can only use level 1s; one level lets you use 2, then another for 3, then one more for 4).
        • If they have a stronger distill, it acts at the strength they are trained for.
        • Kangaroo pets can only have 3 roles, but children can use all 8 slots for roles, if you so desire.
          • Please don't give a child 8 roles.
    • Now you can panic.
  • Mako pool success stories:
    • Tanuki can now buy a cock count leaf at the usual place.
    • Quarterback role created! Reactive, Mastermind, Fast Loading.
  • Liquid Bandage coded.


  • Web interface tweaks:
    • The web shop interface will now let you know if you do or do not have an AI program.
    • The web crafting interface should now be much smarter about loadout and upkeep.
    • You cannot challenge people more than one level below you in PvP. You can challenge your betters all you want, though.
  • Completing web missions from the MUD should stop spitting out a bunch of HTML, and you'll get the proper command to continue.
  • There are occasional reminders about commending an infection when shifting. By the way, COMMEND MORE CREATURES.
  • The Medicine professional skill now grants +10/20/30% more healing when out of combat.




  • Staff characters can travel without restraint of river or water on the overworld map.
  • You can no longer taunt friendly targets. Phew!
  • notuser abilities (Tears of Life, Delicious Treat, etc) are now smarter about not firing when there are no valid targets.
  • Rooms you have set as your respawn point now say so, instead of asking you to bond there.
  • Training no longer shows crafting options until at least level 15.
  • Energy Snacks have been massively buffed. Also cost more to make.
    • Harder to use in combat, too; longer charge and now has an 8-round cooldown.
  • A mako pool for the Olfactory Sensor was created, then finished like an hour later. Hooray!