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You know how to find stuff. Increase cash production by 20/35/50% for combat. Also increases your odds of obtaining salvage. As a curious side effect, your debuffs also drain the power from your foes. Any debuff you lay on an enemy is twisted into a buff that is applied to yourself, without diminishing the effects of the debuff at all. This twisting is done at 10/15/20% magnitude of the original debuff. Whenever an enemy is defeated, the total scavenger rating of all members in the victorious team become a group-wide heal and debuffclear.

Available In Classes

Classless 0.4
Cursed Lover 1
Desk Jockey 1
Drone Master 1
Explosives Expert 1
Midnight Templar 1
Pack Rat 2
Social Agent 1
Tousky Party Escort 1

Available In Roles

Agent of Chaos 2
Debuffer 1
Model Citizen 1
Survivor 2

Stacks with Economics.