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5? 10? 200! You don't care! The more that come, the more awesome you feel! Every time you take a damaging hit, you gain 5 rounds of 0.5 magnitude (level adjusted) DamageResist and 3 mag DamageImmunity. They stack up to 3/5/7 times.

Available In Classes

Berserker 1
Bounty Hunter 1
Classless 0.4
Frontline Soldier 1
Incorrigible Jerk 1
Midnight Templar 1
Mobster 1
Monster Monarch 1
Statuesque 1
Tousky Party Escort 1
Tukupar Itar 1

Available In Roles

Agent of Chaos 2

RepeatAttack effects hate this. Every hit during the same turn causes more resistance, making a single repeating monster sure to give you the entire stack.