Damage (Combat Skill)

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You do more damage. It's simple, but effective. Increase all damage by 5/10/15%. Includes damage over time effects. When your attacks are evaded, you lower the dodge resistance by 3/6/9%. In addition to that, any HPbuffer on your enemy is pierced for 5/10/20% of the damage you would've dealt. This stacks with the identical effect from the Accuracy Combat Skill. This skill is especially advantageous to big hits, boosting damage ratings over 5 by 1/5th per point of this skill. Repeat powers only benefit from this on the first hit, and only half as much.

Available In Classes

Anarchist 1
Berserker 1
Blood Warrior 1
Bloody Sadist 1
Bounty Hunter 1
Brawler 1
Cheerleader 1
Cihuacoatl Warrior 1
Classless 0.4
Combat Medic 1
Commando 1
Corporal 1
Desk Jockey -1
Explosives Expert 1
Flame Warden 1
Frontline Soldier 1
Fullblade Edgelord 1
Heavy Fighter 1
Hell Raiser 1
Heroic Outlaw 1
Huntress 1
Incorrigible Jerk 1
Midnight Templar 1
Mobster 1
Monster Monarch 2
Monstrosity 1
NanoTuner 1
Nekomancer 1
Plague Doctor 1
Point Man 1
Raccoon Guardian 1
Rainbow Warrior 1
Regen Scrapper 1
Sniper 1.5
Social Agent 1
Stealth Ninja 1
Storm Caller 1
Street Samurai 1
Tail Guard 1
Tormentor 1
Twilight Breaker 1
Wind Blade 1

Available In Roles

Acrobat 1
Active Tank 1
Big Hit 2
Cleric 1
Concentrated DPS 2
Instant DPS 2
Model Citizen 1
Repeat DPS 2
Survivor 1
Vampiric DoT DPS 1

Also, at last report, increases the magnitude of RepeatAttack effects.

The dodge resistance reduction given by this skill lowers how much an enemy avoids when they dodge. To see more about Defense please look at Avoidance. Basically, when an opposite does avoid parts of your attack by dodging, the amount avoided is reduced by 3/6/9%.

  • That is, if you have Damage 3, a 25% miss becomes a 16% miss, a 50% miss becomes a 41% miss, and a 75% miss becomes a 66% miss.