Pursuit of Science

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Pursuit of Science

Quest Giver: Omio
Starting Location: Dry Plains
Starting Event: For The Future
Creator: Kaleem

Flag Restrictions

Pursuit of Science

'Guy' must not be flagged.
'Furry' must not be flagged.
'Hellspawn' must not be flagged.
The player must have seen the event 'For the Future' at the 'Dry Plains' to see Omio and open the Researcher's Studio as a location.
After finding Omio the researcher will begin to ask you to help her with some of her research.
  1. In her first quest Omio will ask you to retrieve 5 vials of wolf cum, four 4 vials of demon seed and 3 pints of dog milk.
  2. In her second quest here will be some kind of disturbance outside of Omio's studio to which you and she will have to fight off five Prairie Dogs trying to attack her crops. Warning - If you possess a Prairie Dog's head after the fight Omio will try to attack you in her anger and confusion.
  3. The third event happens to be a bit different from the previous two in the fact that, instead of doing anything for Omio, you happen to fall asleep on the red head's couch. During your slumber you overhear the researcher talking to somebody named Siegfried.
  4. For her fourth quest Omio wants you to pick up a package for her from someone in the Red Light District area. The event to find the package is called 'Important Treasure'.
This event will lead you through a series of scenes in which you will meet Dan, a iguana police officer, and Greg, his nearly silent partner.
Upon recovering Omio's package you have the option of helping Greg and Dan out by going to the Warehouse District and finding them in the event 'Friendship's Proof'.
  1. After returning to Omio the researcher's fifth assignment leads you gathering up more materials for her in the form of 5 spotted furs - from the Leopardmen in the high rise district - and 3 tainted piece of wool found off of the Rams monsters that come about the start of the event 'New Ewe Store'.
  2. The sixth quest leads you to retrieving a medallion from the Museum for Omio in the event called 'Ouroboros'.
  3. The seventh task Omio has for you is to deliver a case to a hydra at the Warehouse District. The event is called 'Special Delivery'.
  4. Omio's eighth and final quest has the researcher asking you to retrieve a flotsam club from the Beach Plaza and then bringing it back to her. If you do you then have the option of having Omio use the club to make you a much better weapon.
  5. At this part the quest-line is now finished, however, you can complete another event for Omio in the park called 'Dream of a Unicorn' after helping the researcher with her first quest. If you haven't done so already.
Most of Omio's quests will net you rewards of food, water or peach.
Her second quest will find you either knocked unconscious or getting flung into the city and having to fight some Wyverns. You have a 40% chance of not fighting them, however, if you do then you can find two water bottles after the fight, if you possess a Prairie Dog's head. If not you will end up finding peaches on the ground.
If you complete her fifth task you will gain the leopard suit which is a decent set of armor.
If you complete her final task you can get the Organi Rod by giving your flotsam club to Omio. It's a much better weapon all around.

The Quests

Important Treasure

The location of this event is the Red Light District.
This is the event that will start after Omio's 4th assignment when she asks you to retrieve a package for her.
There are ultimately 5 events in all, however, you can see the prelude to this event before helping Omio out by way of seeing a white hooded figure moving around the red light district area.

Friendship's Proof

The location of this event is in the Warehouse District.
This is an event that leads to a series of scenes that you don't have to see, but will help you understand Dan and Greg's relationship. You have to finish the 'Important Treasure' event before you can finish this quest-line.
However, if you finish the 'Important Treasure' event before seeing the other scenes at the Warehouse with Dan and Greg you will miss out on them entirely.


The location of this event is the Museum.

This is the event that opens up after Omio's sixth assignment.
You will have to retrieve the medallion from the museum from a Wolverine Guard. Either by taking on a wolverine's body and head or by fighting the other off for the medallion.
If you chose to fight then you'll have to fight several Cerberus Herms because of the disturbance you made in the Museum.

Special Delivery

The location of this event is the Warehouse District.

This event opens during Omio's seventh task. Basically you just have to deliver a undisclosed case to a hydra captain at the Warehouse District.

Dream of a Unicorn

The location of this event is the Park.

This is a special event in which Omio will be in the park and ask you to take on a Unicorn body so that she can extract blood and other genetic samples from you. :It's basically the only chance to see Omio do something sexy with the player. :D
You gain a unicorn's infection by helping Harold, the bartender at The Palomino, successfully find and locate his friend Kara. You have to save Kara before Harold with share with you his infection.


Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/da4b48cae9196451391e3faf4912bcbd877fdea0/Kaleem%20mcintyre/Pursuit%20of%20Science.i7x