Felinoid Companion

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Felinoid Companion

Species: Felinoid
Gender: male
Level: 6
Dexterity: 15
Damage: 9
Event Location: Park
Event Name: Injured Felinoid*
Sex With Pet?: True
Infection Strain: Felinoid
Target Gender: NONE

Flag Categories

Flags: Guy, Furry


The golden Felinoid that you rescued is lean and powerful as it stalks along besides you eagerly, obviously one of the most powerful allies you could have as you try to survive in the city. Of course it still doesn't seem to have recovered completely from its ordeal, and is thus more then content to let you take the lead in combat and in your travels around the city. Of course you can't help but wonder just how the large cat sees you and why it bothers following you around. Whether it sees you more as a friend or companion, or as a potential mate...


The taming of the Felinoid companion is a multi-step process which is only opened up if you successfully free the trapped Felinoid during the first part (Strange Fruit) of the Rare Item Quest for Nermine. After that, you must still tame the beast.

You may encounter the freed Felinoid again during the 'Injured Felinoid' event in the Park, where it will either require the Expert Medic feat or the complete use of a medkit to help heal its injuries.

Encountering the 'Injured Felinoid' event again will have the creature try to fight you to prove its dominance. Successfully defeating it will tame the creature, allowing you to take it as a companion.


  • Sex with the Felinoid companion is infectious with the Felinoid strain. The Felinoid companion will only have sex with female characters or with players who have a pure Felinoid infection across their whole body.
  • The Felinoid companion and Alpha Fang will have occasional mini-scenes of growling at one another.
  • The Felinoid companion is helpful during some scavenging events that involve negotiating, providing an intimidation factor to improve your odds of success while he is your active pet.
  • The Felinoid companion has ending interactions with a Felinoid player. There are numerous combinations of endings available with the Felinoid companion involving combinations of a Felinoid player, a Feral Wolf player and Alpha Fang. If the player lacks a either of the given infections, dominance is decided based on the Felinoid companion's level and how frequently sexed Alpha Fang has been. There are also ending interactions available with Sven under some of these combinations.
  • The Felinoid companion has a special scene while your companion when the Lovers Bench event in the Park is encountered for the second time.


Github: https://github.com/Nuku/Flexible-Survival/blob/e8f7b44f2c9c9e0239ae0a7fa749f80077fd5d73/Sarokcat/Felinoid%20Companion.i7x