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Nanomagic adds additional powers to a character as innate powers. They do not occupy a mastery slot and may be upgraded as any innate power can at a cost of 5 mako per level but they may not be epiced. A character may have four basic level powers and then add additional higher levels powers.

Each character chooses their first basic level nanomagic after purchasing the NICE unit (Nanite Interface Control Enhancer). After this Additional powers require either the Nanomagic Transferance Facilitator which allows the user to learn a power from another character that already knows the particular nanomagic in question or the Tutoring Loading Downloading Runtime which allows a player to learn any Advanced nanomagic they qualify for without needing to find another that already possesses it.

To see the Nanomagics ordered by discipline go to the Nanomagic Disciplines Ladder.
To see a greater explanation of Nanomagics, go to the Nanomagics Explained page.

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