Arcane Horror

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Arcane Horror

Some scoff and call them cultists, others riot while screaming of bloody abominations, still others consider them scholars delving into matters best left buried, but ultimately the Arcane Horror is what one makes of it. When you commit to channeling the void, it changes you for both better, and worse. What you do with your malicious afflictions is up to you and you alone.

This is a dedication-linked class. You can either dedicate to Eldritch Spawn or purchase the class for freecred at the dedication point to obtain it. Using Wasteland Warrior to dedicate to Eldritch Spawn for free will not grant the class.

Soul Powers

Level 10 Irascible Tendrils
Level 15 Defiled Blood
Level 25 Degeneration
Level 35 Dissonant Chorus
Level 40 Dreadnaut
Level 45 Fathomless Depths
Bewitched 1
Durability 1
Enduring Malice 1
Opportunity 2
Reactive 1
Regenerating 2
Tactician 1
Warded 1
Arcane Horror/Extra Notes

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