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This agent is presumed dead after an unforeseen clash with a supernatural force. No further details will be disclosed.


Born and raised in eastern Europe, Octavlian Dimitrov Petrov-Sokolov was born to a modest middle-class family that owned a small workshop in town, Otto's upbringing was actually quite uneventful. His youth was spent helping his father managing and working for the family business, all the while following through on his dream to become an engineer. Mathematics, physics, technical mechanics and electronics were always a strong suit of his, following through each with high grades, he nearly saw himself finally achieve his dream with a doctorate in engineering, but was cut down mere months away from his goal by the events that transpired in February of 2008.

Many years had passed since his awakening, and many grievances were had over the loss of his old life, his family, his friends, his future, everything. During the darkest months of his life, he struggled to adapt, falling victim to many mutant aggressors and manipulators that promised an easy solution, or a distraction from his sorrows. While he refuses to go into detail of his ordeal, he gladly shares how he had managed to eventually douse his grievances by latching onto his old passions. With all the new equipment and resources at his disposal, seemingly endless potential granted by the very nanites that'd uprooted his life, he made a slow but steady recovery, finally putting his past behind him, where it belonged. Eventually, he would adopt a new name, and start a new life with the organization that played the biggest role in his recovery, RSX Solutions.

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Zephyr: He distrusts them with a passion, considering them far too shady for his liking. He is always wary of Zephyrian agents.

RSX: Xenophobes, since his departure from their organization, he has grown to treat them with a great deal of disdain.

Prometheans: Considers them psuedo-ferals and is generally not too accommodating towards those who zealously try to spread their infections.

Survivors: As grey as grey can be. He judges them at face value, watching and listening before making a final verdict.

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Otts small.jpg

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Birthday: May 16th, 1988

Place of Birth: ???

Gender: Male

Primary Form: Coyote

Faction: Prometheans

Primary Combat Role: Hell Raiser (Buffer, Big Hitter, Damage over Time)

Primary Defense: Damage Resistance, Vampirism

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Character Traits


> Honest

> Kind / Sensitive

> Educated

> Entertaining

> Easygoing

> Playful / Quirky / Sassy


> Snobby

> Bossy

> Dim

> Boastful

> Clingy


> Self-Victimizing / Pity Partying

> Zealotry/Fanaticism

> Intrusive/Probing

> Deceptive/Manipulative

Adventure Preferences

> Exploration

> Combat

> Social Development

ERP Info

Generally open to most kinds of ERP.

Typically Dominant.

Rarely into bottoming. For other details, check the Wi.


Prefers IC RP over page or channel RP.

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