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Basic Information

Company Logo

Zephyr, in partnership with RSX, was one of the companies involved in the creation of the Promethean Nanites. Zephyr is headquartered in Fairhaven, California, and is no longer in operational partnership with RSX.


The layout of Zephyr Inc. facility in Fairhaven, California. (Click for full size maps)

Map Zephyr Basement.png Map Zephyr Ground Floor.png Map Zephyr Second Floor.png Map Zephyr Third Floor.png Map Zephyr Top Floor.png

Working Enviroment

We here at Zephyr Incorporated remain dedicated to a harassment free workplace. Employees are reminded to respect the personal space of others. Though studies show that exposure to local PV can induce some, mild, behavioral change(See footnote), all Zephyr Incorporated employees are expected to keep the workplace free of all harassing behavior. Harassment based on a person's race, species, creed, sexuality, lack of sexuality, excess of sexuality, extra or lack of limbs, or other physical 'difference', will not be tolerated, and you will be disciplined(See chapter 11, Disciplinary Actions).

Work Related Duties

As a field agent, you will be assigned a wide variety of duties. You are an elite member of our newest division. Wear your name badge with pride, it's your first line of defense. As a field agent, you are authorized to carry all equipment rated for field use, provided your Zephyr Resource Index is sufficient. Using our, patented(see footnote), Instant Delivery In Operation Technology, we can have needed equipment in your hands almost before you request them!

So, you stepped outside. A lot has changed. Though the life as we once knew it has come to an end, Zephyr Incorporated has a bright plan for the future ahead of us, and that's where you come in. Not everyone was lucky enough to become a Zephyr Incorporated Field Agent like you. Prometheus Mutant Specimens(PMS) will attempt to hinder company progress and limit our profitability. You are authorized to combat company losses by any means necessary. Don't feel bad, they represent an immediate danger to your person. We value our employees, and want you to have a healthy, safe, employment with the company.(Want Life insurance, see Chapter 12, Benefits)

You may have heard from other field agents that our lessons in PMS behavior used to be more hands on. We have determined that, due to an unending commitment for your safety, these classes would be halted. Any rumor of accident is to be ignored as libelous PMS slander.

As a field agent, your primary task, when not directly engaged in company business, is the control of PMS numbers, and the constant exploration and re-evaluation of resources. The economy of the city is constantly changing, and you are our eyes, ears, and long reaching hands. For your protection, a terminal has been placed just outside our luxury Wellness Center(See Chapter 12, Benefits). Please examine this terminal before exiting the premises. It will contain helpful suggestions to patrol routes, tailored to your skills and rated competency levels.

Views of other Factions/Groups

Survivalists The Survivalists are one of our greatest clients. You should endeavor to see to their continued business with us. Our trade of supplies and technologies in a powerful synergy. Exercise caution when employing your PV enhanced sexual attractiveness on Survivalists. Their workplace etiquette leaves something to be desired, and we should extend to them a harassment free environment.

Prometheans A rival firm. You will often find them interfering with your PMS population control duties. Practice extreme caution. They are better armed and trained than your average PMS. They are also masters of propaganda and will attempt to hire you away from us. Be warned, they do not have half the benefits we offer. They have no retirement plan, and their living conditions are sub par. You're already signed on with the winners, don't be deceived. If you should see Zephyr Technology equipment in their hands, do not be alarmed. Zephyr Incorporated is an equal opportunity company despite nay sayers, and welcomes all business.

N.U.T.S. A local army base has become a solid client. Sure, they're all PMS, but they're buying and don't get in the way of agent activity. They've got their heads on straight, good people. If you need assistance and you're near their outpost in the city, they are a reliable source of supplies.

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