Weapon Master (dedication)

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Strike with speed and precision.


Seek out Master Diya off the highway if you wish to be trained as a Weapon Master. Costs 50 Mako to dedicate when you have been deemed worthy.


There is no form for the Weapon Master, but they can strike fast and suddenly with Death between Heartbeats, while their Flow like Water Form helps keep them focused and ready.

Weapon Masters can also craft unique, exclusive weapons, but can only equip one at a time.

With the Void Certification Mako item, Weapon Masters will also be able to craft:

Dedicants can talk to Diya after dedication to unlock the Street Samurai class.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Void Certification With this certification, you are able to access some newer recipes from the Weapon Master dedication above and beyond the normal. This represents the speical training acquired to work with the special materials in order to create them. 50

Thematic Information

Not supernatural. Weapon masters learned how to survive in the new world without relying on gods, but just on themselves and their weapons. Swords, pistols or menhirs, it doesn't matter. Fast and deadly, they know how to keep their calm and cool even in the middle of the tempest - or surrounded by horny and mad mutants.