Weapon Master (Quest)

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Seek Master Diya's favor and earn your right to dedicate yourself as the next Weapon Master. This quest does not appear on the quest log.


Follow the highway east of Fairhaven until reaching [Highway]: Through the Countryside, then head south from there to find [Weapon Master]: Inside a Cottage, where Diya lives.

Quest Info

Conversing with Diya will allow you to chat with the retired jaguar warrior. Asking him about a retired warrior, then seeking information on his planned school will prompt Diya to ask you a series of questions. These are a series of morality based questions, with the final verdict of the quest being based on your responses. If Diya is not satisfied with the answers to your questions, he will inform you that things will not work, but you are able to attempt the questions again after 24 hours have passed.

Upon passing the questions, you are required to take Diya's oath, and he will train you. After the initial training period, you will be asked to come back in 72 hours.

After this 72 hour period, you will start the second portion of the quest. Diya will take you out to the woods for training, and has two tests for you. The first is a meditation test under the waterfall. You will be given 3 options, and must prove your determination to Diya. The second portion of the quest sees Diya leaving you in the woods while he tests you to see if you can find him. This will require careful observation using smell and look, and if at any point you go the wrong way, you will fail the quest. Any failure of this quest portion will require another 24 hour wait before you can try again.

After a 48 hour wait after successful completion of part two, your final test will be to simply defeat Diya. Upon doing so, you will be taken to the [Weapon Master]: The Dojo, where you can dedicate for 50 Mako. You will also unlock the class Street Samurai after returning to the cottage and talking to Diya again. You can also purchase the unique Weapon Master schematics by finding the armory hidden in the dojo.

Quest Guide (Spoilers)

For the first round of the quest, the questions that Diya ask you are random each time. Diya is generally looking for selfless and mature answers, focusing on keeping the peace and sparing others. If you still aren't sure, some known questions and answers are below:

  • "You have been tasked with an important, dangerous mission"
-3 )"I will go alone"
  • "You have been approached by a group to carry out a mission for them"
-3 )"I would help anyone in need"
  • "You have been chased by a pack of ferals, all day"
-2 )"My body is mutable enough"
  • "Everyone has flaws. Nobody is perfect."
-4 )"My flaw is being too cuddly"
  • "Different people have different goals."
-2 )"Survival is all that matters"
  • "You are the leader of a team sent on a difficult task."
-3 )"It would be good to know if the others in the team still back me."

The second portion of the quest tests your patience, and then your examination skills. For the meditation portion, no matter what, you must continue to remain in the water till Diya says otherwise. Simply pick the first option over and over till Diya proceeds. It is entirely random how many times you will need to check it. For the second portion, you are lost in a small map, and must find Diya. If you, at any point, move to an area of the forest that is incorrect, you will fail the quest and be subject to the 24 lockout. An incredibly handy tip is you can ```look (north/south/east/west)``` to get the room description of an area without going into it, allowing you to tell which areas will potentially fail you. The first step, also, can be found out by using the command ```smell here``` while in a form that can smell. After that, smell will lead you into the water, but there is a catch. There is something in the room description that you can look at, careful examination of it will help find a better way across. For the third one, you will need to remember that you can look different directions without going there first. One direction will show you where Diya is.

If you still need help:

  1. Starting from [Weapon Master]: In the Forest, smelling will show Diya's tracks going west. Head west to [Weapon Master]: Riverbank
  2. In this area, smell will indicate to go west across the river. Do NOT. You can ```look tree``` to examine the tree and notice a branch. look branch will show you it is the path, to use it, simply use the command branch to reach [Weapon Master]: Across the River
  3. Use look (north/south/west/east) to find out that Diya is waiting for you directly south of you. Heading south will complete this portion of the quest.

The third portion of the quest is simply a fight against Diya himself. At level 60 with a decent set of powers, he shouldn't be much trouble at all. Once he's down, you've unlocked the ability to dedicate to him in the dojo. You can type armory in here to head to the armory, where you can purchase the schematics for the special weapon master equipment.