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Make it big, make it great!

For the whole world will remember my name..!

Jojo is a nomadic, happy-go-lucky rabbit with his eyes set upon the horizons. He has an unwavering happiness to him, and finds joy and fun in even the smallest things. Childish and whimsical, there is never a dull aspect to Jojo, going above and beyond in everything he does.

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Zephyr: A bunch of braniacs and scientists. As to how much help they are to the entire outbreak, Jojo still questions even now. He's very apprehensive of them and untrusting, though without much else to go has decided to lend the his aid. With the goal to make things better, Zephyr seemed like the first step to take. To him, Zephyr is just a bunch of knowledge geeks.

RSX: A faction Jojo knows little about, though has heard them spoken here and there.

Prometheans: Jojo shares a few of the same ideals and mentalities as Prometheans, though is hesitant to abandon Zephyr for them. Out of all the factions, this one has Jojo's interest and trust more so than the others.

Ferals: Jojo has a very strong distain for ferals in all shapes and forms they come in, and believes that they all should be eradicated. He sees them as a problem above anything else, regarding them as inhumane and all bloodthirsty and all overall unable to normaly communicate.

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Vayne: Jojo's sister that he had met after P-Day. Despite not being born of the same blood, Jojo holds her no less than family in his eyes. He looks up to her more so than others, and would go to the ends of the earth and back for her wellbeing.

Pan: Jojo's brother. Though he had not known Pan for as long as his other siblings, Jojo holds Pan in high regards and has a strong tie with him.

Simenio: Jojo's brother. He cares deeply for Simenio, and finds it his self-proclaimed duty to see him safe and happy.

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Birthday: February 23rd

Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada

Gender: Male

Species: Rabbit

Faction: Zephyr

Group: Paladin

Fun Fact: Has a habit of tapping his foot when nervous and excited.

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Current Dedication: Nanite Adept

Known Dedications


Nanite Adept

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