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Removed from game, replaced with Commando


Some say that we're a fallen species. Others manage to prove just that.
Their desire is to have their way with others, regardless of what they want. Where captivators and lovers must woo their chosen suitors, what point is there for this specimen? The chase is itself what they abhor, and so instead they shall simply take it.

Role: Dot/Repeat DPS

Soul Powers

Level 15 Dick Blot Test
Level 25 Iconophallic Euphemism
Level 35 Overcompensate
Level 45 Two Watches

Combat Skills

Level 3 Opportunity
Level 5 Tactician
Level 7 Front Row
Level 8 Tactician
Level 11 Durability
Level 12 Rage
Level 14 Rage
Level 16 Front Row
Level 17 Tactician
Level 18 Health
Level 20 Endurance
Level 22 Opportunity
Level 27 Front Row
Level 28 Durability
Level 29 Flurry
Level 30 Opportunity
Level 35 Durability
Level 39 Endurance
Level 40 Damage
Level 45 Enduring Malice
Level 46 Damage
Level 50 Concentrated
Level 51 Flurry
Level 53 Concentrated
Level 58 Damage
Level 59 Flurry
Concentrated 2
Damage 3
Durability 3
Endurance 2
Enduring Malice 1
Flurry 3
Front Row 3
Health 1
Opportunity 3
Rage 2
Tactician 3
Violator/Extra Notes

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