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You specialize in single-target powers and make every hit count. On single-target powers, your damage is increased by 7.5/15/22.5%, your active statuses and healing are increased by 6/12/18%, enemy dodge resist is lowered by 3/6/9%, and you pierce enemy HPBuffer by 3/6/9%. Cover can not block more than 90/80/70% of the damage of your attacks (and coverers still take the damage). When under the effects of AoEMod, your AoE is not increased. Instead you gain +5% damage per concentrated on all powers. Your accuracy for powers that strike a single target is increased by 5 per concentrated.

Available In Classes

Bounty Hunter 2
Brother's Keeper 1
Commando 1
Fox Magician 2
Fullblade Edgelord 2
Heroic Outlaw 1
Huntress 2
Monster Monarch 1
Sniper 2
Twilight Breaker 2

Available In Roles

Concentrated DPS 2