Multiplayer Updates/June 2012

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  • Talk script can now be used in string parsing. You all should be very afraid.
  • There were some other mysterious updates. Scary mysterious.


  • pose #color command added, so you can view poses in all the colors of the rainbow.
    • This accepts all forms of ANSI color. See 'page #color' for details.
  • Power Regulator added to the elite store for 200 mako.
  • Wasteland Warrior-level subscribers now get 120% charge from a mako battery.
  • Monster submissions are now reviewed first-come, first-serve, as opposed to being kept in an alphabetical list.
  • The Always Be Prepared perk no longer excludes Feral Mode characters, giving them just a little more wiggle room.


  • Whoops, knew something got overlooked. Talakai Essence in the elite store for 50 mako.
  • Nanite Area Controller added to the elite store for 25 mako.
  • Damaged softly churrs, "The 'nanite' status on a player now adjusts how much it costs to shift themselves and others (positive nanite makes things easier/cheaper, negative makes them harder/more expensive). Note: a -100 nanite mag will make you unable to shift (using nanite type shifting)."


  • Damn, it's been too quiet lately. Thankfully, someone decided to clean the pool.
  • Instant Drawing recipe mod created and put up for sale at Jack's.
  • This game is too hard to read. Let's fix that, too:
    • The +rpinfo for powers now has an easier-to-read format. Like "Has a 100% chance of inflicting KnockDown at a magnitude of 1" easier.
    • Almost all mods now have a much more comprehensive list of their effects on both active and passive abilities, and clearly distinguish which are enemy, and which are ally. There's been some rebalancing across the board, too. This will be more useful in the future, now that any four of these can be easily changed.
  • Area Module now has a little +10% status magnitude. This is to make up for the fact that people might otherwise already have the effect, so you're never wasting your time.
  • Backstabbing and Invisible mods added to the elite token shop (the pregnancy quest one) for about 150 or 100 tokens, depending on your skills.


  • +pjsearch and +pj #ooc commands added for player judges.
  • The spawn rate of ferals at the Woodfield Library has been increased.


  • @paste now uses the @npaste command. Most importantly, it now supports '.abort' in the editor.
  • Outpost Equipment: Garage now for sale in the elite store for 50 mako.
  • Nanite Condenser removed from the global store, given that it's totally useless these days.
  • AI: Dead now for sale at RSX's program store.
  • Acidic Backlash, another offensive adaption coded.
  • Castaway profession coded. Survival, Installation, Intimidation. Apparently being alone so long made you kind of terrifying to look at, talk to, or smell.
  • Ovulation Period merit coded. Handy for people who want to play baby roulette.
  • The scent-marking mechanics have been tightened up, and should accept partial matches now.


  • There's a new town somewhere in the mountain area. It has hares in it!
  • Buying perks, as long as you're still on your first 20 points, no longer costs XP.
  • Triage buffed, now granting 5 StatusBoost (with upgrades of 2.5) along with its healing boost.




  • Field Archaelogist profession coded: Legends, Research, Sports.
  • Cock Slap slightly tweaked again. It now has a 20% chance of an accuracy debuff, which can be trained up to 100% with both upgrades. You can no longer train the Confused chance, though.
  • Confused status overhauled. Now it acts as if you 'miss' by the magnitude of the debuff. So if you are 15% confused, and hit an enemy at 25% deflection, they're only taking 60% of the hit, instead of 75%.
    • Maximum dodge is still 75%.
    • Confused status can be cleansed off by debuffclear effects now, as well.
  • The ability to give a knockdownresist debuff now exists. At most, you can knock someone down 50% harder than normal.
  • Transfixing Gaze tweaked. It now has a charge of -1000, making it truly instant.
  • Heavy Melee recipe coded and put into Jack's Hardware.
  • Portable Flamethrower and Chainsaw recipes coded but unplaced.
  • Duplicating and Automated recipe mods coded but unplaced.




  • Promethean ferals can now be infected with things.
  • Web salvage missions can now be longer than 100 points. Sorry about the mix-up.
  • All Natural no longer gives +10% to distill effects. It's official, staff hates all naturals!
    • Aw, just fooling ya. Yeah, that change is still there, but now distills work at one level higher (to a max of 4). All-Natural players no longer need to use any distill higher than 3.
      • If an All-Natural has a level 4 in an item, the next time it's used it should auto-downgrade to 3.
      • DISCLAIMER: Summons not been adjusted yet. Your drones should stay as they are until these updates say otherwise. Never mind, they work on summons now.
        • But NOT on children and Roo pets.
  • Three new professions added:
    • Field Archaeologist: Legends, Research, Sports.
    • Blackmailer: Academics, Design, Intimidation.
    • Campus Security: Academics, Security, Intimidation.


  • It's Casual Friday. Let it all hang out!
    • Deep Healing and Lactaid were redesigned. Both are now a little stronger, have very slightly less cooldown, and take a little longer to charge. They both also take a little longer to cool down if you have especially large balls or breasts. Their upgrades are mostly unchanged, save for the loss of the cooldown upgrade.
    • Cock Slap redesigned. Having a larger cock now causes more aggro and has a chance of confusing enemies, but also takes more energy to swing around. Upgrades upgraded, but the penetration upgrade is gone. You can, however, buff the confusion chance.
    • Breast Smash now works similarly to cock slap, only it causes cooldown debuffs instead of confusion.
    • Chock Milk retooled, as well. Slightly longer charge and cooldown, slightly stronger heal, 2 more energy cost, upgrades upgraded, and now takes more energy if you have too many boobs and longer to recharge if your breasts are huge.
    • Nurse got a much longer cooldown, lost its raw healing amount, and now takes longer to recharge (and costs more energy) if you have sizable breasts. All upgrades not RegenMag (which went down by .5) were considerably buffed, however.
    • Love Box completely redesigned. It's now a 3-stacking energy damage attack with an energybreak debuff attached. How long it lasts, and how much it takes out of you, is based on how long it takes someone to go through the whole thing (how deep you are).
  • Blowhard was found to be way too strong for a mutant power. Its damage has been dropped to compensate.
  • Debuffs and confusion are now affected by half of your deflection. 50% deflection now means -25% on the magnitude; 75% deflection means -37.5% magnitude.
  • When trying to inflict statuses that have less than 100% chance of hitting, dodge resist is lowered by 25%. This means that if you get 0% deflection, you have an extra 25% chance to inflict the status. 25% deflection means no bonus, 50% deflection means -25%, and 75% deflection means -50% chance.
  • Dumping builder vials into equipment is now faster, and will have a better idea of how much difference it made when you use big batches at once.
  • Two new roles:
    • Trap Setter: Opportunity, Accuracy, Enduring Malice.
    • Battlefield Strategist: Opportunity, Accuracy, Tactician.


  • Having a subscription level of Survivalist or higher now allows Feral mode characters to spend XP on creds.
  • The 'party' command now tells you who in your party is botting.
  • The tick timer output now shows game load.
  • You can now use 'shrug' or 'shrugoff' as synonyms of 'buffclear'. Good for the Kingdom of Loathing players out there.


  • 'buffclear' command added; typing it by itself will demonstrate its use. Allows players to 'shrug off' buffs they do not wish to have active.
  • Crafted pets now receive all the perks of the modifiers used in their construction.
    • Unnamed crafted pets will now use their first modifier to determine their name until you give them a real one.


  • Color codes can no longer be used in custom mako titles; this is restricted to wizards.
  • Renamed powers can now be referred to by their new name when you try to 'use' them in combat.
  • Deflection should no longer reduce damage by more than it's supposed to.
  • Fennec now cares about the Tail Divider.
  • Induce Phantasm coded, and put on Nekomata head.
    • Oh hey, someone found a stock of Nekomata vials, and put them up in the elite store.
  • The debuffresistdebuffduration (phew!) on Slip Beneath's upgrades was extended to meet proper budget.
  • +cookie and +tomato commands added to reward or penalize staff. 'help staff' for details!


  • Botting rules adjusted. See 'help botting' to see how!
    • In short, there's a mode to state that, yes, you're botting. Use it if you are!
    • 'botmode here' shows you all botting people in the room.
  • The starting room of an instance is now random.
  • Maternal Love, Protective Pouch, and Gouging Claws have been adjusted to be Nanite-immune. That is, they don't care about how many nanites are in an area, and work fine anywhere. On the flip side, they don't work better in nanite-rich areas.
    • Expect more powers to work like this soon.
  • You know what? Let's buff Gouging Claws a little while we're at it.
  • Eagle Eyes merit added.


  • Web salvage missions had their maps repaired; this should hopefully get rid of that problem with 1-turn salvage missions.
  • Environmental effects, utilizing that new Nanite status, have been put into areas with too many (Hotel Oblivion) or too few (Wastelands) nanites about.
  • The following nanomagics have been overhauled to take advantage of the Nanite status:
  • The 'trace' command should stop accidentally sucking energy, creds, or giving badges it shouldn't.
  • Robot Master role added. Damage, Enduring Minions, Technical.
  • The Technical combat skill now applied to equipment-type pets (such as drones).


  • Equipped pets used by All Natural players now get some extra little buffs.
  • Thunderous buffed slightly.
  • New status 'Nanite' coded. It affects the damage and mag of a power's statuses that is a 'Mutant Power'. Positive will increase damage/mag by a percentage, negative (or debuff) will decrease them.
  • High danger zones no longer result in extra assistants in web battles.
    • Yes, you always get at least one, though.
  • New combat skill: Opportunity! Every attack hurts enemies, even if it didn't before.
  • What the hell is a Quetzalcoatl?
  • Supernatural Vial Distribution License added to the elite store. Allows the owner of a dedication to start putting the boss vial version of their dedication's form in the token or elite shop at their leisure.
    • Coincidentally, you can now buy Quetzalcoatl boss vials from the elite store for 10 mako.


  • Telepathic Nanomagic now has an in-game effect. Boost the accuracy and defense of an ally, but not yourself; warn them of danger!
  • Data Nanomagic also now has an effect. It will cause you to gain a little more XP and find a little less electronic salvage when applied to yourself.
  • Electric Nanomagic tuned down a little for being too great.
  • Furry Hide adjusted; can no longer train water or head adaptation, but there's a little bit of cold and water resistance by default.
  • Web missions should be a little bigger now.
  • Doomsday Prepper profession created. Computer, Economics, Survival.


  • Distillery Expert, the profession, added. Underworld, Academics, Installation.
  • Fiddling with the talk script editor on the site now defaults to Story Mode.
  • Hooked now works properly on fishing.
  • Web salvage missions now have an 18-hour cooldown, just like real ones.
  • The output of 'list perks' now only shows ones you have any reason to care about. 'list perks all' shows the whole list.
  • Strike Leader role added. Sacrificial Flurry, Accuracy, Enduring Minions


  • Using a hero point to revive in a web combat now properly re-performs a startaction, bringing all your buffs and kids back into readiness.
  • There is now a craft tutorial for every faction. Check your local workshops!
  • Mothering Instinct given to Kangaroo and Ashen Matriarch infections.
  • Patchwork infections (such as the old *-infected RSX/Zephyr agents) are back! They have all the infections they'd normally have, plus a little more from their weird mtuations.
  • There are now a few badges given out for getting lots of commendations on your critters. Write more!
  • You now get a web notice when a mail is sent your way.
  • Data Nanomagic now exists. Advanced form of techno; lets you read hard drives with the power of your mind!
  • Distillation Creator added to the elite stores for 50 mako. Costs 1 mako (or 100% battery charge) to empty it, but it is not consumed when used to create a distill. 10 loadout, 3 upkeep.
  • The pricing on subscription items have been redued. Hiker/Survivalist/Wasteland Warrior are now 10/30/60 mako, or 50/150/300 tokens for a month.



  • Another (tiny) event added to Downtown in story mode.
  • Piercing distillation massively buffed to bring it in line with original intent.
  • Improved now improves penetration a little.
  • Jagged buffed.
  • Repeating buffed buffed.
  • Optimized tweaked slightly.
  • Silent coded.
  • Uncertain Gender coded.
  • Telepathic Nanomagic coded. It does not have a power yet, sorry.
  • Tutoring Loading Downloading Runtime coded, added to the token shop for 400 tokens. Allows you to get an advanced nanomagic!
    • Yes, you can still leech advanced nanomagics from others. There's a badge for doing it the hard way, though.
  • Nanotech Medbot added to the token store for 100 tokens.
  • The mall instances got smaller. Holy cow!


  • Duration on Field of Dread buffed significantly, hopefully keeping its stacks from ever falling off.
  • Weak Breeding coded.
  • You can now save and load sets of AI for different situations. Check 'list ai' and 'loadai' from inside the MUD!
  • Instances now give an additional token reward, based upon their size.
  • Internal Penis coded.