Quetzalcoatl (dedication)

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If it moves, eat it.


After proving yourself capable, you can dedicate as a Quetzalcoatl in the Serpents Coils for 50 Mako. To begin the quest, speak with Dr. Joan in the Zephyr labs, and 'check Trisha' at the state park to begin.


Quetzalcoatl (dedication)

Arms: Prismatic Bolt, Rainbow Quills
Tail: Crushing Coils, Tail Smash
Head: Engulf
Skin: Scaled Hide
Torso: Juggernaut

First and foremost, Quetzalcoatl get appeasement through Panoply, increasing trinket gain. Additionally, they can use their Morning Star to strike hard on one enemy while aiding their allies.
Although the most curious part of a Quetzalcoatl is their ability to Devour Whole almost anything, and then get larger with Mass Conversion.

NOTE: Quetzalcoatl's automatically bypass the size hard cap at 20, allowing their size to increase far beyond normal limits without outside influence.

Thematic Information

Followers of the winged serpent are renown for their... appetites. They are after all the herald of the end of all things.