Multiplayer Updates/July 2011

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  • Woodfield overworld map added
  • Consignment Shop added in Prommie lands
  • Home renovation kit added to Jack's hardware. Allows you to redesc rooms.
  • Can "home" more then once an hour. It will cost 100*levelscale freecred to do it while on cooldown
  • Help convert added (helpfile is new, command is old)
  • Pack Loyalty, Leap and Quill Wag significantly changed
  • Effects duration is no longer refreshed by powers/items with weaker mag. (Skins/armor weren't descaling when mentored down)
  • Knockdown is now affected by dodgeresist
  • Flame Bearer now gives its salvage bonus to uncommon instance chance and +pj salvage checks
  • +request has new categories, and lost some ones that made no sense
  • +census faction added
  • The pet summon AI bug is laid to rest.


  • Nanite presence has appeared in Point Zero. Scientists are accepting donations to research it.
  • New item, Nanite Funnel causes you to share your infections with the target victim."
  • DoTs are now much more reliably removed when the critter dies."
  • Strategist role added
  • Folks who are OOC or IDL set will NOT receive +pj rewards
  • Infection lab volunteer opportunities fixed
  • +haz now reports if there's a PSAS unit in the area.
  • +lotto is now functional"
  • Uber Fox dedication added
  • Wi flags added: No Combat, Science, Submissive, Dominant



  • New mutant powers: Perplex, Terrible Pun, Trivia (dunno if placed)
  • Arena Champion role added
  • Ian The Shark has higher bets available
  • The web page now obeys private areas.
  • Funnels no longer give total badges


  • AoE Powers that use Breasts as its AoE modifier have had the base AoE increased to 2.
  • Powers that use Cocks as its AoE modifier may work the same way. Testing needed.
  • Promothean church is partially open (nonbosses).
  • AoE on non-AOE powers is now AOE+2 targets.
  • Health Snack recipe created (not placed)
  • Disabled quest/xp/creds/rewards for parties over 8. (Pets don't count)


  • Freecred rewards from earning badges is now capped at 5000 each.
  • Overworld locations can now be jumped to directly by using their respective #.


  • Nanopacks are now available in the Mako Store to increase your inventory capacity. They require a small but constant supply of Mako Batteries to maintain functionality.
  • There is now an interface for buying and selling mako from other players. +mako/list to see what offers are currently available, and +mako/buy or +mako/sell to set your own. Note that you can only have one (of each?) up at a time.


  • Items can no longer be created using more than one of a single modifier.
  • Items can be used in web combat.
  • Clicking the question mark next to powers in web combat now works.
  • +Reward funnels fixed for caps.
  • Fast fixed.
  • Many new craft modifiers entered, but not yet placed.
  • Several new web missions to play!
  • Negative Energymod now scales mildly with level to keep it competitive with the scaling recovery rates.
  • +Census freecred shows new info.
  • Web: Using web combat resets your idle time.
  • Web: Web fights should now do turns correctly.
  • Web: Using the travel button on the page now costs 2 patrols, instead of draining your patrols to 0.
  • Parthenogenesis Enabler, Nanite Carnal Equalizer and Nanopacks added to mako shop
  • Mako batteries now come in packs of 4, by popular demand
  • Wiki now has a new URL, +url is updated.
  • Breast Pump now resists breast size reduction when going human
  • Consignment shop listings appearance improved.
  • Infection vials should now, again, give badges


  • Erotic Dance power created and added to Busty Succubus, Zombie Stripper and Knockout Mouse.
  • Tutor command now displays who among your students is online, and a total count of your students.
  • Nanite Adept shift command now sorts available forms by sex.
  • Marketing Kit, 3 mako item, allows you to scrawl a message in a room. Lasts one week.
  • Rogue role added.
  • Terminal now highlights creatures you have the Total badge for.
  • Nanite Buffer recipe added to Jack's Hardware.
  • Various creatures listed as sexually neutral had unnecessary bits trimmed, including Harbinger Lynx, Masked Angel, Rabid Squirrel, and Raised Pharaoh.
  • The "0" mutation is no longer transferable via Nanite Funnel.
  • Items that raise hp (such as Health Snack) are now level-scaled.
  • Supernova has its Upgrade options tweaked.


  • Giant Size power created, associated with the Kaiju dedication that is allegedly available on Monster Island in the ocean.
  • +mako/cred command now sells to the current highest +mako/buy bidder, rather than for a flat amount. The bid amount is visible in +mako.
  • Royal Delight DebuffClear buffed to bring it in line with the other DebuffClear powers.
  • +lotto no longer limits the number of tickets you can buy.
  • New help files added: HELP GIVE, HELP PLAYER SHOPS.
  • 'smell here' no longer detects dark objects.


  • New power type! +HP: Allows a power to recover health, without the AI treating it as a healing effect (allowing energy recovery powers to have AI scripting distinct from true heals).


  • String parsing changed: [if stat of player] changed to [if stat of [player]] to prevent misparsing of words like 'closer' as 'c[loser]'. Creature database updated to the new syntax by Damaged.
  • Virgin added to character creation as a 0-point perk. Eliminated upon pregnancy check; associated badges added for the various consequences that ensue.
  • Monotreme Activator introduced; a drug that causes the imbiber to store impregnations as eggs, allowing for multiple simultaneous gestations.


  • Damaged: Hotel Oblivion is fixed. It will no longer set your danger/pheromone levels too high. Players that had this bug have been fixed too.
  • Hinoserm: Fixed an issue in server code that caused the game to crash repeatedly. This was due to running into stack space limits from a recursive MPI program.
    • "Cron" inherited a system limit from an unknown proccess after a crash forced the server to restart. As a result it set the stack limit to 4000.
      • > grsec: From denied resource overstep by requesting 8790016 for RLIMIT_STACK against limit 8388608 for /home/nuku/fs/game/protomuck[protomuck:1559]
  • New option in editplayer to suppress the 'glance' action automatically firing with each move.
  • Pronoun substitution string parsing overhauled.
  • Ability to master and upgrade powers added to web interface under SKILLS.
  • Uber Fox dedication powers Forgetful Nibble and Lustful Musk received several improvements.