Kaiju (dedication)

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Golems of earth on an island in the ocean. Yeah, that will work.


One can dedicate to the Kaiju on the Kaiju Island in the ocean for 50 Mako.


Kaiju (dedication)

Kaiju heed the Call of Gaia, and are thus rewarded for their dedication. They can also take on a Giant Size while giving their enemies a Giant Pound.

NOTE: Kaiju bypass the size hard cap of 20, allowing them to grow to larger sizes than normal without outside influence.

Additional Equipment

Name Description Mako Cost
Big Heart This pin looks like a golden heart. While worn, be it pinned to fur, clothing, or even dangled from a thread, it allows the latent energy of someone who has dedication to the great Kaiju to reach immense sizes even while not actively paying homage. 50

Thematic Information

This dedication represents someone who is empowered by the Earth Itself to combat the nanite-fueled ravages of the land. The power of the earth element grants greater size. This grants increased strength and resilience, but at the cost of mobility. Also, it's quite difficult for a giant monster to accurately hit things smaller than itself.

Form Profile

Kaiju (dedication)

Powers FSMonsterStub.png Organ Sizes
Arms: - Height: ? ? :Mass
Tail: Tail Smash Breasts: ? ? :Breast Size
Groin: - Clits: ? ? :Clit Length
Head: Solar Ray Cocks: ? ? :Cock Length
Legs: - Balls: ? ? :Ball Size
Skin: Thick Hide Cunts: ? ? :Cunt Length
Torso: Density Shift,Gigantic Body Slam,Juggernaut, Gender: ? SayVerb: ?
Flags: ? Supports: Supports Arm Divider Supports Tail Divider
Forms: ?
Description: The Kaiju (dedication)'s