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Do note that these are commands regarding the Single Player version of the game. For the multiplayer version, check this page.

Navigation/Search Commands

Being a text-based game, the player's actions must be typed in as commands. A player's basic movement and search options are listed in the command line. Typically, movement is performed according to compass directions, up or down, or in or out. Directional movement can be done using abbreviations (e.g. NW for northwest or D for down). A player's search and navigation options will be listed as well (in parentheses).

The search/travel commands are as follows:

  • Navigate (nav) - Nav <location> takes you to a location you have previously visited. If no location is given, it will give you a list of locations you can navigate to.
  • Scavenge (scav) - Searching for food/water in the nearby city.
  • Explore - Looks around your current location for any other areas of note. This is how you open up new places to visit. It is also possible to encounter events while exploring. If an area has its own Hunting Area, it may have its own set of events unique to that zone rather than the general ones for the Outside area. While exploring, there is also a chance of encountering a random monster specific to the hunting area.
  • Hunt - Hunt <location/event/monster> will have to search the immediate area for your intended target. Hunting a monster increases your chance to find it, if its in the area, but you may come across a different monster before you are able to track down your prey, necessitating you fight it instead and try again on your next turn.

The odds of success while searching can be increased by various feats and is influenced by Perception. Use of any of these commands comes with the risk of encountering a random monster in the area.

Item Commands

The items found by players can be interacted with in various ways, including:

  • Use - Eats edible items and drinks drinkable items. Equips items that are weapons/equipment. Otherwise 'uses' general items, such as medkits.
  • Eat and Drink - Consume edible/potable items.
  • Get or Take - Attempts to pick up an item.
  • Get All or Take All - Picks up everything you can grab in the room.
  • Inventory (Inv) - Lists all items in your inventory. If the item is equipped, it has a (wielded) tag next to it. Other tags may appear in specific situations.
  • Drop - Puts an item on the ground.
  • Dropall - Drops all items from inventory. Can be used to specify all items of one type.
  • Junk/Trash - Trashes an item from your inventory. Warning, this is permanent (except for undo).
  • Junkall/Trashall - Trashes all of one item type from your inventory. Warning, this is permanent (except for undo).
  • Microwave - Microwaves an item when it's possible.

Item and NPC Commands

There are numerous other people (NPCs) in the game that the player can meet and interact with. Some of these commands are general and can be used on both objects and people, while others are obviously specific only to people.

  • Look - Look at a given person/item/room. This provides description and may also provide clues on what you can do with him/her/it. Look watch allows to you see how much time remains in the game as well as what time of day it is. Look me will let you look yourself over, getting both your appearance and general status.
  • Smell - Yes, you can smell stuff. While this is mainly for game flavour, a few smells contain clues. Including NPCs, be sure to take a whiff .)
  • Talk - Talk to a given NPC. This is one of the two main ways to start interacting with NPCs. Conversations may contain clues, quests, hints or false leads, or may just provide colourful background information.
  • Fuck - Fuck <name> will have you offer to have sex with a given NPC. This is the other main way to interact with NPCs. Many of the characters out there are at least partially infected and are feeling the lustful effects just like the player is. Many are quite willing to have some fun with a friendly fellow, though some may ask for a favour first or may infect the player in doing so.
  • Give - Will give an item to a character, but only if that character wants it. Example: 'Give food to Rod'

Other Commands

  • Help - Brings up the in-game help.
  • Stats - Lists the following: Strength/Dexterity/Stamina/Charisma/Perception/Intelligence/Humanity/Morale/HP/Libido/Hunger/Thirst/Level/XP/Feats.
  • Look me - Look at yourself, seeing your stats as well as your appearance.
  • View status - Prints the information visible in the status bar at the top of the screen including sanity, libido, amount of currency and time until rescue to make this information more readily accessible to those using screen reading software.
  • Iwannacheat - Brings up the cheat menu from which a player can gain additional feats (including Automatic survival), control Vor/ub settings and perform several other tasks. Note that using many options in the cheat menu has a negative affect on the player's score.
  • Undo - Undoes all effects of the last command entered. All commands, including looking at yourself or failed commands are counted. The undo history can go back about 8 steps at most.
  • save - Saves the game to a save file, note that these save files are incompatible across different versions of the game, for saving across multiple versions use of Savewords is recommended.
  • Restore - Loads a given save file.
  • rest - Rests for one turn. Some hp is restored provided the player isn't playing in noheal mode where only healing items such as medkits restore hp.
  • Givein - Give in to your infection and allow it to start taking over. Lose 20 humanity/turn. Can be aborted by using the 'givein' command again.
  • Play on - Turn off the rescue, essentially giving the game unlimited time. Be warned, this cannot be undone, so survival endings will be impossible to obtain.
  • End now - Cause the end of the game to occur early. This does not work in unlimited time modes, such as when play on has been used.
  • Wait off/on - Toggles whether the game will continue to provide text or use more requests for keyboard input to continue (more).
  • Clear off/on - Toggles whether the game will clear the screen periodically. Some clears are required and won't be turned off.
  • Auto Attack - Allows you to adjust your auto attack preference if you have the Instinctive Combat feat.
  • Shift <infection> - Unlocked through the Shifting quest. Allows for permanent stat boosts based on infection specified and powerful self-species reassignment.