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Quirks are similar to Merits in that they give you certain characteristics that differentiate your character from others, but they are not currently chosen at character gen. They can often be be magical or technological(gadgets) as well as a mutant ability, making them open to many kinds of characters. To select your quirks, go down one floor and north twice from Zephyr Lobby. They can currently be bought at any time if you have the prerequisites(if any), but many will not stack.

All players begin with 10 quirk points. Additional points may be bought for Mako, starting at 10 mako for the first and multiplying in cost by 2 until each point costs 100 mako, up to an additional 10 quirk points(cost would be 10, 20, 40, 80, and 100 onwards until you have 20 quirk points total at max).

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Quirk Description Tags Requires Excludes
Animal Kin(Quirk) Animals that are similar to what you appear as (say a rabbit-person and an actual rabbit) can both understand you and be understood by you. Those watching you see you making noises and motions as the animal would, unless this is magic or technological in origin (in which case magic glows or speaking into a microphone are far more likely). This cannot be a natural quirk, alas. This does not make the animal any more friendly towards you, but they are less likely to bolt if you announce your benign intent clearly. Note that This does not elevate the animal(s) to human intell[e]igence. IE even if an animal saw a sign you want to know about, it wouldn't be able to tell you what was on it, because it could not read, nor would it even know what a sign is. NA NA NA
Animal Person(Quirk) You love animals. Not mutants, actual animals. Turns out they like you too. Maybe you smell nice, or you just have a nice gentle demeanor they aren't threatened by, or maybe you are a sublimate alpha they bow towards. Either way, they tend to heed your words and actions as best as they can, not knowing English. There are limits to this. Animals prize their health and safety above any temporary friendship they may forge with you. Social NA NA
Audio Mimic(Quirk) Your vocal chords are a thing of legend. You can imitate sounds you've heard before, possibly even words spoken by other people, if you've heard them say those things. When making a Deceit roll to avoid being noticed in your mimicry, you gain a +1 to the result of the roll. Social NA NA
Battery Swap(Quirk) Oh no, you or someone else's technological quirk is out of juice? You have the answer! You can get the power out of another technological quirk, yours or some other willing agent, and drain its power to refuel the target quirk. How handy! If you have a battery item, you can drop/trash one to serve as the source of power. Meta NA NA
Bloodhound(Quirk) Almost certainly a mutant trick, your sense of smell is quite a thing to behold. You can make proficiency checks based on your sense of scent like anyone else would things they can see. This will surely come in hand while tracking things, but there are so many other places it may give you the leg up to win by a nose. Sensory NA NA
Cat Eyes(Quirk) Warning, may not involve felines at all. You can see in darkness quite well. Well, not complete darkness. Gloomy and dim light seems like perfectly fine light to you, but complete darkness is still completely dark. While viewing the world when it's this dark, it is quite difficult, basically impossible, to discern colors. Darn rods. Sensory NA NA
Cheetah Sprint(Quirk) You are capable of tremendous sprints, but they are short and leave you winded. You can double your speed (or +100% if you already were doubled or more, turning x2 to x3) for as many seconds as your fortitude divided by 5. After a sprint, you cannot sprint again for an hour, and are a little winded in general but it isn't so bad unless you do something else stressful. NA NA NA
Constant Brood(Quirk) You are pregnant. You are always pregnant. Your belly is round, your belly button pressed out, your walk modified. No matter how close or far away from your next actual birth, you appear to be in the third trimester of development. How curious. Maybe this will engender sympathy in others? No assurances. NA NA NA
Countermagic(Quirk) You have learned how to counter magic. Is it a mutation quirk, or a quick spell of your own, or even some strange quantum device that shatters magic or natural magic resiliance, your call. Either way, you can focus on a magic power to cancel it, but only one at a time. Extremely powerful magics (say things above Quirk level), may be lessened instead of canceled. NA NA NA
Curler(Quirk) When danger looms, you have an answer. Curling into a ball, growing a shell of metal, or otherwise enhancing your defenses, you become almost invulnerable to direct harm. Pity you can't do much other than talk muffedly while you're doing this. Hope no one hurls you into a volcano while you're doing this. NA NA NA
Darkvision(Quirk) Your cat eyes even work in pitch darkness. Shame it's still in shades of grey. You do not emit any light of your own (barring other quirks/abilities), you simply can see even in purest of darkness, minus supernatural chicanery. Sensory Cat Eyes NA
Disquieting Feature(Quirk) You can pull your skin off, or cause your bones to protrude, or squirt blood from your eyes, or some other ghastly feature that leaves others unnerved. This gives your Intimidation rolls a +1 to their result, and is also a fantastic party trick! NA NA NA
Doing It My Way(Quirk) You have a favorite way of doing things, your way. Your stubborn streak manifests in a +1 to Willpower check results. If someone tries to influence you and fails, you are immediately aware of it. NA NA NA
Eagle-Eyed(Quirk) Your vision is quite good, specifically over long distances. Treat anything as if it were half as far away as it is for how hard it is to pick out details and examine it or notice movement and otherwise deal with visual data. Sensory NA NA
Echolocation(Quirk) With a firm click of your tongue, you can hear how it bounces off objects around you, giving a crude sense of what size and objects are around you and how they are moving. This can be more than enough to navigate even with your eyes closed, or in the dark. Sensory NA NA
Egg Layer(Quirk) You can lay eggs. No, not the fertile kind. Your eggs are suitable to be cooked and/or eaten. How they taste is up to you, but should remain consistent. Such eggs are perfectly edible for just about any critter that enjoys some meat on its plate (which is actually basically every animal ever). NA NA NA
Elastic Body(Quirk) How stretchy you are. You can fit into spaces twice as small as others(+100% if you already have a double, making it x2 to x3 to x4, rather than x2 to x4 to x6). You can also bend around and through things in interesting ways. Just think of the positions you can manage! Let me get my camera... NA NA NA
Extinguisher(Quirk) You can make fires go out. Maybe you have fire retardant sneezes or you just roll onto it and stomp it out. Whatever your means, you're good at it. This also makes you slightly resistant to heat and flames. This enhances fire production (doubling its output). You can put out about a small bonfire with six seconds of efforts, with the time needed dropping in half for each fire production quirk you have (or anything that enhances it). NA NA NA
Feather Step(Quirk) You barely seem to touch the ground as you dance from place to place. On failing floors, you know just where to step, and you never seem to trip over trip wires and similar traps. If there's a wrong place you step, you just seem to avoid it naturally, how uncanny! NA NA NA
Fire Production(Quirk) You can make fire without any extra tools. Maybe you breathe fire or maybe you have a built in lighter. Either way, you can create a small fire for whatever use you may have for such a thing. It is as strong as a lighter, but doubles in intensity with each other fire producing quirk you have. NA NA NA
Fire Shaper(Quirk) You can't create fire (but it does count as a quirk that doubles the effectiveness of fire production), but you can shape fire, making it follow your motions and thoughts to dance through the air at your whim. It's very pretty, and can even be used in a utilitarian way as you can control exactly where a fire is and thus control where the heat goes. You can only shape fire about as strong as a lighter, but this doubles for every fire production quirk you have (anything that enhances fire production). NA NA NA
Gentle Speech(Quirk) You know how to calm people down. Be it with soft words, or firm ones, when you talk, people seem to relax a little. This can help diffuse tense situations and calm riled nerves. What a good friend you are. NA NA NA
Gymnast(Quirk) You know how to swing from things, spin, land on your feet and other feats of acrobatics. Some say you were born for it, with barely a bone in your body from the way you twirl and flow so gracefully. Your Acrobatics roll results are increased by 1 and you move with a natural grace that's hard to argue. Though this quirk was certainly possessed naturally before P day, it's much more likely to be a mutant power these days. How long did you practice those moves? Skill NA NA
Hitchhiker(Quirk) You always have a towel. Always. One standard size, absorbent, towel. Treat it well, and it will serve you in kind. NA NA NA
Hysterical Strength(Quirk) When things are at their worst, you are at your best. Especially when someone is in danger (which may include you at times, but other people tend to work better, especially people you care about), you are prone to fits of manic strength. In such a situation, you may increase the value of a strength check by 2, but become tired the moment the danger passes and cannot become hysterical without first resting. NA NA NA
Intimate Hunch(Quirk) By a strange mutant sense or just trained psychology, you can discern the wants of a person with some time spent interacting with them without directly coming out and asking. Do they prefer being top or bottom? Do they have a fetish? Gay, Straight, Bi? Ace? You can figure it out without asking uncomfortable questions, given a little time. Skill NA NA
Jumper(Quirk) You are very good at jumping, be it through powerful leaping legs, mechanical assistance, or otherwise. This functions as the Super Jump Nanomagic. If you have super jump as well, increase the result of your Strength check by 1 when performing super jumps. NA NA NA
Malleable Limb(Quirk) One of your limbs (you should note which in the quirk) is strangely malleable. In nanite-dense environments, you can alter it into different shapes. This is not a perfectly precise thing, as if your body were made of soft clay. How curious... NA NA NA
Mostly Harmless(Quirk) Something about you just seems... harmless. Is it a pheromone, your way of talking, how you look? Up to you, either way, most things are fine assuming you're entirely harmless, even if they would otherwise be agitated at your presence, provided you don't do things to prove their hosility warranted. Social NA NA
Nanite Builder(Quirk) You love gathering and carefully using builder nanites. Any time you are called on to expend a given amount of nanites in a scene, you can spend 10% less with the same effect, allowing you to keep hold of more precious builder nanites! NA NA NA
Nanite Leech(Quirk) You fiend. You can draw nanites from others for your own ends. On the positive, the one being leeched has to be willing. The target becomes weakened for 1d4 hours each, with the effect being worse for each mutant quirk they have (and they must be at least 50% mutant quirked for this to work on them) but one of your mutant powers gets better (increase numbers by 50%, be creative, soup it up) for half of the least amount of time rolled. Meta NA NA
Nanite Lifebuilder(Quirk) So you're outside a bubble, but you need to help someone out with functions you don't have access to out there. What do you do? Throw more nanites at it! You can expend 1 million builder nanites to perform an action that would normally require the assistance of a nanite server (such as heavy medical nanomagic). Each person/target requires their own expenditure. Skill NA NA
Natural Camo(Quirk) It may not be natural at all. Maybe you have a fancy suit, or a spell, or it's all a mutant trick, or you carry around paints. Either way, you're really good at fitting in, gaining a +1 to stealth for every 10 seconds you can remain still. Once this reaches +10, it instead becomes a +1 to the result of the roll. NA NA NA
Natural Medicine(Quirk) Natural instinct or detailed learning has tought you what plants can help soothe what ailments. You are a stash of medical knowledge. Given a supply of local herbs, you can treat problems even outside the bubble, making you quite valuable on long distance treks. It also grants you a +1 to medicine check results when you have access to wild herbs to choose from. NA NA NA
Offensive Odor(Quirk) You may or may not smell just fine as a default, but you can emit a foul odor on command, like a skunk's musk or pepper spray that causes immediate and sharp sensory trauma to others nearby. NA NA NA
Optimist(Quirk) Always look on the bright side. You're good at that. Even when the world seems to be trying to convince you to give up. You are resistant to fear and dread effects that might have others quaking in their boots, and some people may just enjoy having you around to spread some cheer. On the other hand, some people don't like being around those who are 'too happy' all the time. NA NA NA
Organized Agent(Quirk) You keep everything nice and tidy and ready to use. When you reach into a backpack for something, you know exactly where it is and don't need to shuffle for it. Which of your pouches has the thing you need? You remember. You always remember, because you always put things where they belong! If something moves something of yours out of place, you are immediately aware of it even if you aren't watching the event happen, provided you are within 100 feet. NA RSX Operative NA
Padded Feet(Quirk) You can walk very quietly, be it with a spell, good sneakers, practice, or literal pads on your feet. When it comes to moving quietly, increase your Stealth roll results by 1. NA NA NA
Perfect Prey(Quirk) There is something about you. You smell good. You taste good? You move like an injured animal when you want to. Whatever it is, predators can't help but get excited at the idea of chasing you down as soon as possible. On the positive, you could steer danger away from other people. You just have to not get taken out yourself... It's a tough life you have chosen. NA NA NA
Phoenix Feather(Quirk) You shed feathers once in a while, but only a few are special, still burning with your god-given magic. Assuming you are _actively_ dedicated to phoenix, you may, once a day, pluck a feather free and bequeath it to another. If they are badly wounded within 24 hours, the feather ignites, along with the one holding it, but they rise from the ashes, restored and renewed. Their equipment is unharmed by this and is worn or held by their reborn form. This quirk MUST be magic. If it is set as anything else, ignore it. It's magic. 100% magic. NA Phoenix dedication NA
Photographic Memory(Quirk) Well, it's all in there. It's another thing to dredge it out, which depends wildly on the origin of the power and you, as a person. Maybe you can walk yourself through a day from the start, or you're just that damn good at dates, or you carry a tablet everywhere you take constant notes in, or that fuzzy mutant brain of yours isn't JUST for show. Either way, you remember a lot. Note, this may not help OOC, so, you know, log things to consult your poor player who doesn't have this quirk, poor thing. If you forget something during an adventure, you may, once per scene, ask the GM to remind you and they must, that once, assuming you did hear the answer to the question before. NA NA NA
Pouched(Quirk) You have a pouch. This could be a cunningly disguised worn pouch (technology) or a strange inhuman feature (mutant), or even a strange portal you can reach into (magic) to store your things. In either event, it is typically harder to steal from this pouch than a worn bag or backpack, and it's waterproof! How handy is that?! NA NA NA
Powerful Teats(Quirk) Milk usually comes out as quickly as the thing nursing draws it out. Not your teats! You produce at the rate you desire, damn the desires of those who may, or may not even be there, attached. You can propel your milk up to a rate of 1/20th your daily production a minute, to a maximum of 17 gallons [64.35 liters] a minute (Maximum of a garden hose). NA NA NA
Prestidigitation(Quirk) You can perform minor tricks, creating tiny obviously fake objects or coloring things or warming or cooling things or soiling or cleaning things. Things warmed or cooled will return to normal on their own while colored and fake things will fade in about a minute. Cleaned or soiled things remain clean or soiled. This is a magic quirk. NA Shrine Maiden, Puzzler, Loki, Coyote, Tanuki, or Kitsune dedication NA
Quirk Sense(Quirk) You are capable of noticing a particular origin of quirk, which you should note in this quirk. When quirks like it are used around you, you are immediately aware of it, even if you may not know which quirk is being used. If the quirk is in your sensory range, you can try to examine it to learn more far more easily than someone without this quirk. Unlike most quirks, you may want this quirk more than once to detect other origins of quirks. The origin of THIS quirk is HOW you sense things, not WHAT you sense. Sensory NA NA
Rambler(Quirk) During stressful times, you sometimes launch into energetic dialogue. A pity the other party happens to also be you. Talking to yourself is oddly effective for coping, and doing so allows you to increase a Willpower check by 1. NA NA NA
Rapid Runner(Quirk) You are a speedy thing. Perhaps you practiced extensively? Want an exact figure? Look up the fastest speeds for humans, and multiply it by your running proficiency averaged with 100%. (So say Running 20 = 20 + 100 (120) / 2 = 60% human top speed). This quirk increases your percentage by 10. This speed can and should be used elsewhere when things refer to how fast you move. How long you can run is a function of endurance, another thing entirely. Technological versions of this are likely to be a bike, skateboard, or other mobility device. NA NA NA
Roller(Quirk) You can roll around, curled in a ball. How curious. If you are also a curler (rpinfo curler), you become armored, but _not_ invulnerable. Consider it as if you were wearing decent armor that can lessen harm, but not negate it. Either way, you can move about twice as quickly as you normally would. If you have other travel movements that promise double speed, they stack additively(+100%, +200%, +300%, etc), rather than multiplying(2x, 4x, 8x) NA NA NA
Sensory Implant(Quirk) You can, with a touch (and maybe an injection, depending on how you do), get a hook on a willing friend's vision and/or hearing. Whichever sense(s) they share with you, you can project onto, though they know when you do so. This allows you to speak silently to them if you have control of their hearing, or appear as an image in their sight. Are you ready to spy?! You can only have one person you are getting this input from at a time. This cannot be a natural quirk, what would that even be? Don't do that. sensory NA NA
Sensual Healing(Quirk) O It doesn't have to be sexy, but it could be. Either way, through touches and intimacy, you can effect healing on injuries. Provided the target is not suffering a long term malady (such as a disease or genetic disorder or something that couldn't otherwise be chased way by repairing broken/dead cells), you can restore them to working order fairly quickly. NA NA NA
Short Sleeper(Quirk) You can get along with just a few hours of sleep without a problem, or perhaps you take quick cat naps through the day, but never any true 'sleep' periods. Either way, it's much easier for you to get your needed sleep in than it is for most others. Handy! NA NA NA
Soft Bodied(Quirk) You're a little squishy. People love hugging you! Your flesh is pliant to a point, making you great at squeezing into places about twice as small as others and you take sudden blunt trauma better than most. Whether or not you are also made of ooze we leave up to you. NA NA NA
Speed Reader(Quirk) There is a limit to how fast humans can read... until you get fancy. Nanite trickery in the brain(mutant), otherworldly investment(magic), or even recording and reading devices(technology) can all let you read faster, allowing you to consume the information present about three times as fast as others, with comprehension. This is not a natural quirk, as natural speed reading basically always comes at a cost of comprehension. NA NA NA
Spider Climb(Quirk) Your ability to climb is quite remarkable! Your +1 from sticky palms applies at all times, even ceilings. While on ceilings, you move very slowly (50% normal climbing speed), but there you are, dangling from the ceiling. The DC increase for a wall angling towards you is decreased by 2. NA Sticky Palms quirk NA
Stage Magic(Quirk) What fancy little tricks you have there. Where did that coin come from?! Did you draw the 6 of spades? I knew you did. You're all such a great audience! Come back in fifteen minutes when I'll saw this lady in half! This is typically a natural quirk, but you could _cheat_ with magic, which would allow for a bit of actual reality warping, but keep in mind they should remain largely harmless acts to amaze and bedazzle. Magic or natural, this is professional levels of misdirection and illusion that will have them laboring to pick the right card. Skill NA NA
Sticky Palms(Quirk) With effort, you can cling to walls. This increases your Climbing check results by 1, and may let you ascend walls that are simply too slick for others to even attempt. It does not allow/assist climbing walls that lean back towards yourself or more in angle, which rules out ceilings. NA NA NA
Superb Geography(Quirk) At some point you idled the day away studying maps and it just never left you. Maybe you have them literally uploaded to your NICE? We're not sure, but you seem to know where everything is. If it's on a map, you know where it is and where you are in relation to it. Getting lost? for chumps! Does not work at all underground or in buildings, alas. NA NA NA
Tailored Milk(Quirk) Your maternal instincts just cannot be denied. After twenty seconds of nursing, your milk adapts to whatever is doing the nursing, producing perfectly nutritious milk specifically balanced for the needs of that drinker. Different nipples/teats can adjust to different drinkers at the same time. Anyone suffering from any vitamin or mineral deficiency will find it solved quickly with you around. NA NA NA
Tireless Lover(Quirk) You never get sore. You never get chafed. You could go all day long. Of course, you only produce swimmers so quickly, so your timer works as always it did, but you can keep right on making love for as long as you don't literally pass out of sleep deprivation. Make sure the lady is alright with this, unless you two have that kind of relationship going on. I won't judge, out loud. NA NA NA
Tutor(Quirk) You are just so good at breaking down complicated concepts into bite-size portions for easier mental digestion. You are a teacher and proud of it. Explaining hard things to people willing to learn is what you do. Social NA NA
Warm(Quirk) You are just as the name suggests, warm. You emit heat. This could be due to a dense coat of fur, a high metabolism, or many other possibilities. Your presence can be a comfort, especially in cold places. Cuddle up, I serve as an emergency blanket! While you can withstand cold better, you are very uncomfortable while doing so. Cuddling may be a mutual benefit! NA NA NA
Well-Known Parent(Quirk) Nearly everyone knows you by now, or at least of you. With how many children you have running around it is almost impossible that someone's not run into one of your brood, leading you to be referred as one or more of your children's father/mother than by your actual name, even more so by people who are, to you, seemingly strangers. Social NA NA

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