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In Game History

In character, Sorien was once a middle aged human male from Minneapolis, Minnesota. That changed when the Promethian Nanites were released. Many of his friends... Simply vanished. They may have simply fled, or perhaps something more dire occurred; regardless, he doesn't know what happened. Some though, he dies know. They went feral almost before his eyes, and he doesn't know what their current fates are. His family for the most part are safe, having not been in Minneapolis. His parents and brother, along with one niece fled to the shores of Leech Lake.

In his own case... He did not remain untouched by the nanites. One lonely morning he woke, and simply wasn't male anymore. Now a woman, and apparently significantly younger she looked at her situation and realized that there was simply nothing keeping her where she was. Lonely and depressed, she packed everything she truly found important into a U-Haul trailer and... Drove.

Months passed, and she traveled generally west, usually avoiding places that seemed to be heavily infected, sometimes driving through to see how bad things were. Eventually her winding path took her to the outskirts of Fairhaven, California. Her car made the decision to stay for her by dying, an unnoticed oil leak and a bad sensor leading to her engine locking up.

She was found by Zephyr personnel, who assisted her by getting her now-useless car, trailer and self into Fairhaven, and let her decide what she wanted to do. After encountering RSX personnel, who were rather rude, and some of the Promethean recruiters she decided to stay and work for Zephyr, and maybe make a new life for herself.

Since then, she's been reinfected. Her preferred form is that of an anthro skunk, though she has learned to adapt her form to any creature she's thoroughly been exposed to. Her life is improving, and she's finding some semblance of happiness now... But she misses her lost friends terribly.

Default Description

Looking over Sorien, her body is covered in dark black fur contrasting with pure white down the front, a matching stripe down the back, completely encased now in sexy, skunky fur. Her head is large-muzzled, resembling that of a female skunk's head. Her body is curvaceous and screams, 'female and NEEDS it!' to everyone around. The sight of her body leaves men only wanting to fuck, women in envy, and quite possibly wanting to fuck her as well. She has 4 starting at heavy C cup sized breasts. The breasts under the first top pair are smaller. Row 2 is slender B cup sized breasts. Her arms are thin and feminine, ending in thin clawed skunk paws that slightly resemble human hands. Her legs are shapely and very feminine, ending with large skunk paws. Skunky is the best description for her ass, very tight and shapely, a huge skunk tail growing forth, standing proud. A private peek would reveal that she has: Her groin resembles that of skunk girl. She has a large cleft. With mild effort, it can stretch to 12 inches long and 8 inches around.

In more detail, Sorien stands about five-foot six-inches tall. She keeps her black-and-white fur well groomed, and generally wears little in the lines of clothing- being as her natural weaponry would be useless at best and horribly embarrassing at worst if she wore pants or a skirt. As she's pretty much given up on the concept of body modesty, she's usually unclothed aside from a gunbelt (that may be abandoned soon) and her shoulderbag; everything she needs is generally within.

Associates and Companions

In her new life Sorien has been making friends quickly. One of the first was Apostasy, and shi remains close. Others include Sevenish, the often-absent Monk-become Skunk Beast Vanilla, Salandra, Sparhawk and many others. She's grown very close to Ferox and Taggart, and even closer to REDACTED; the three have a friendship based on a conflict that is still not fully resolved.

Real Life

Out of character, Sorien is Michael Heinsohn of Minneapolis. Sorien is the usual name he uses for online Avatars of himself, and he is just as middle aged as Sorien-the-character. He is a longtime gamer and conventioner, and has been a part of science fiction, fantasy, comic, gaming and furry fandom since the early 1980's He is also Sorien on FurryMUCK and Tapestries, and the character Sable on Altered Realities MUCK.