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Character Details

Given Name: Sparhawk
Birth Year: 1983
Nationality: Flatland (Also known as Midwestern America)
Allegiance: Zephyr
Occupation: Nanite Field Researcher, Street Cleaner
Preferred Strain: Blue Gryphon, with complex integrated mutations.

Characteristics: Gives politeness to those with a veneer of civilization, swift violence to those without. Constantly seeks greater mastery over the nanites that infest nearly everything, starting with the personal stash and moving outward. Since encountering a wide array of allegedly-supernatural patrons, has been applying science to understand them.

Default Appearance

Looking over Sparhawk, hir body is covered in soft crimson-feathered flesh. Hir head is avian, with powerful beak that protrudes in a clean curve. Above, feline ears twitch and turn above hir altered face. Hir body is curvy with a perfect hourglass figure and a plume of brightly-colored feathers around hir neck, hir heavy belly perpetually gravid with a clutch of eggs. Sie has 14 starting at large breasts. The breasts under the first top pair are smaller. Row 2 is average breasts. Row 3 is average breasts. Row 4 is average breasts. Row 5 is average breasts. Row 6 is average breasts. Row 7 is average breasts. Hir arms are slim, yet with a hint of muscles. Halfway between hir elbow and wrist, feathers give way to golden scales, with the hand structured much as a human's would be only with the tips of hir fingers sporting hard, black talons. Hir legs are dramatically altered, with powerful digitigrade legs of leonine musculature, great claws on hir soft crimson-feathered feet-paws. Hir tail is a lush crimson wave of feathers falling behind hir. A private peek would reveal that sie has: Sie has a titanic hidden phoenix cock. Sie has shin bumping sized balls. Sie has a body length vagina. Possesses a curious affinity for gryphons.

There sure is a lot of Sparhawk here. Start at the back: Whatever mutation hirlegs have taken, they are always stretched into three times as many to support a hexatauric shape. Similarly four tails of hir current species sit above the rearmost pair. Saddlebags of brght white silk drape across and clink muffledly with more contents than anyone should reasonably carry. Under those bags is a knee-length skirt (or barding if Spar is feeling less ladylike) going all the way around hir taurparts. Under that, are the slowly migrating patterns of mercury clinging to hir legs. The barding between hir middle and hind legs is bulged outward by a modestly rounder belly. For shoes sie wears a red rubbery coating protecting each paw up to ankle-high.

On the upright part of hir back is a metal backpack with some bits that glow a soft blue and cables that sink straight into hir back. A standard-issue armored vest is tailored to fit around that and is fastened loosely at the front, letting the healing-infused milk constantly beading at hir nipples be close to hand. Clipped to the front of the vest is a battered but unbroken heavy plastic nametag reading "SPARHAWK WALKER" in bold type and "Zephyr Security" underneath.

Hir face is the densest location of mastered mutations. Being a gryphon so long seems to have rubbed off, leaving a heavy raptor's beak on hir face, though inside are a biologically improbable set of fangly teeth. The edges of the beak are sufficiently flexible to transmit the often-benign grin sie usually bears. Above two eyes that match the current shape are six small unblinking red eyes, scattered like jewels on a crown and staring constantly at everything passing by.

Around hir neck is a thick blue collar making occasional clinking noises. Upon closer inspection, the clinking comes from six steel D-rings in the shape of gryphon legs bound into the scalloped edges of the latex collar. The back has a buckle formed like six fox tails. The entire loop is warm to the touch, should one approach that close.

Recent History

The implementation of Nanite Adept represents well Sparhawk's character arc: from the very first moments he was integrating healing milk into his body regardless of what form was inflicted. Greater personal power lead to more stolen mutations, until shi became capable of making the nanites dance into any pattern they have fully experienced in the past.

Through adventures out of town, Spar's become entangled with the struggle against Midnight Shadow, spirit of despair and death. And Coyote, spirit of being a clever bastard. And the pack-type infections of Oregon, becoming a hive mind on hir own, bringing other individuals shi loves into the closest link available.

Were a cure to be found, Sparhawk would decline. By force if necessary. Shi is firmly convinced shi is not a danger to others, and will not trade the power to fly and walk the ocean's floor for anything now presented.


Sparhawk, thoroughly midwestern. Child of the suburban strip mall sprawl, nerd of many interests.
These include Roleplayer and (Boy) Scout, so when a Zephyr patrol found some still entirely human skulking around the parks and shops of a post-civilization city, they recruited him on the spot and the mysterious management forwarded him to the California branch. It didn't take long at all before the skulking survivor was a gryphon with a chain sword and a fascination with the nanites that are slightly safer for Zephyr employees.